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Creditcard Online Casino India

As with all online payment methods and particularly with online gambling, credit cards come extremely handy. If you are wondering if you can use a credit card at casino India, then the answer is yes. A credit card allows you to have an easy gambling experience where you don’t have to keep worrying about the money flow – with many creditcard online casino India providers around, it’s one of the most popular choices.

When you’re making an online casino credit card deposit in India, you must understand the basics of the movement of your money. In the gambling industry, casinos  need you to make more deposits, and as a player, you would want to find a convenient method to make these deposits to keep the money flowing. A creditcard online casino India provider fits right here, allowing you to enable all the bonuses that are offered to you. Credit cards have a history of saving you from tough situations while also being widely accepted.

Pros and Cons of Using a Credit Card Online

Pro and Con
  • Faster Deposits
  • Greater Credit Limits
  • Encryption backed Safety
  • Enticing Rewards and Bonuses
  • Widely Accepted
  • Late fees and interest can be applied if you’re not careful

Making a Payment with Credit Card

Gambling with Creditcard Online Casino India providers is no different from using a Debit Card or any other kind of payment. It is pretty normal and functions the same as every other method. However, there are few doubts that arise on how can you use a credit card at casino India and whether there’s a scope for fraud while using them.

To clear the doubts, we are giving you a detailed version of how to make payments through creditcard online casino India:

  • You will have to find the casinos which accept credit cards. Most of the casinos accept credit cards knowing that players won’t have a lot of money in debit.
  • Check the casino bonuses offered and their compatibility with credit card payment. After that, you have to create a casino account and complete the identity verification process required by the operator. Next, choose the deposit option and click on the ‘pay’ option to get to the landing page.
  • Choose the amount that you want to deposit by entering the same amount. Following that, enter the credentials as well till you reach the landing page.
  • Enter the OTP into the required field and make the payment. Your deposit through credit card is done, and now you’re all set to gamble.

Best way to deposit money in an online casino with a credit card

Average Waiting Time for Deposits and Payouts 

The time taken for a transaction is usually not just dependent on the payment gateway. It depends on the time that you have adopted and also the creditcard online casino India providers that you have deposited the money in. Some casinos take more time in reflecting the payment while some casinos take lesser time. All the deposits are usually reflected within minutes of an online casino credit card deposit India, so that you can start gambling immediately after making a deposit or at least in a maximum of 24 hours.

The real struggle starts with the withdrawals to credit cards. They take an incredibly terrible turn because not all creditcard online casino India providers allow you to withdraw to credit cards. Even if they are, it takes around 3-7 days for the withdrawal to get reflected on your card. If you are in an emergency, you can make an appeal to the concerned operator so that he can quicken your process. With queries regarding the pending requests and delays, you can call them for assistance.

The Basic Verification Requirements

The need for verifying the user before making a deposit/withdrawal by an operator is understandable. As a creditcard online casino India operator, there is a need for them to check the authenticity of your identity to make sure that you’re not fooling them by using multiple identities. As it also involves real money, they don’t want to take risks in the longer term, which is why they have a long list of boxes to tick.

Here is the list of verification details that Creditcards will ask you to fill:

  • In order to get a credit card, you need to have a decent credit score. The obtainment of a credit card involves a few steps. The first step is the regular registration and verification process needed for a particular credit card service.
  • Before doing this, you need to remember that a credit card service will impact your entire credit profile. Be careful in choosing the one. Do intense research on all the credit providers and choose the best that suits your needs.
  • The verification process will need you to fill all the information, including the Name, Mobile Number, Email Address and Date of Birth. After filling all the details, click next to proceed to the actual process.
  • In this process, you have to fill further details like the PAN Number, the Residence information and the Annual Income. After filling them, you can save them from getting into the next step.
  • The next step of verification is the KYC process. You need to present the details as – the Educational qualifications, the Employer’s details, the Nationality and the Aadhar card. After this, you can check let the bank check your credentials for eligibility and issue the card.

The History of Credit Cards 

The first use of credit cards happened during the 1920s, back in the United States. Individual firms like the Hotel Chains and the Oil Companies started issuing the credit cards to the customers allowing them to purchase products with credit at their company outlets. Following their usage, the first credit card has been invented to be used at multiple establishments, as it was invented by the Diner’s Club.Inc, back in 1950. Known as the travel and entertainment type, this was duplicated by the American Express Company in 1958.

This way, the credit card company charges the cardholders on their annual bills on a periodic basis – with a monthly subscription fee. Many cooperating merchants have followed the same method and started procuring more credit cards. The merchants in the world paid a service charge to the credit card issuer in 4-7% of the billings. A much later innovation is the bank credit system where the bank credits the merchants with sales slips and assembles the billing charges at the end period of the cardholder – who is asked to clear the credit in monthly instalments with carrying charges and interests.

Credit Cards vs Other Payment Types 

With the advancement in today’s world, many services like e-Wallets have grown and started enticing a huge number of gamblers. Credit cards take the edge of these gamblers who don’t want to use debit cards. In comparison, Credit Cards can allow users to make significant deposits that players can’t usually afford. You can also avail their reward programs which accrue you to discounts and other perks like the frequent flyer miles.

Credit cards come with an electronic record-keeping that makes tracking of spendings, easy. There are times when you might get hit with an unexpected loss in gambling and credit cards can be quicker solutions in such cases. By using the credit cards to make deposits responsibly, at creditcard online casino India providers you can also build your credit history, which qualifies you for financial benefits and better interests.

Talking about disadvantages, credit cards enable overspending. Even when you know that you shouldn’t gamble anymore, they might provoke you to place more wagers landing you in huge debts. Using credit is easy, but the interest and fees that come with it are difficult to pay.

Credit cards are also known to carry unique dangers where the numbers can be copied. So, you should only use them with creditcard online casino India providers who are reputed and trustable. In case if you are carrying a balance on the credit card every month, the charges will rack up. Don’t treat them as gateways for additional debt and be careful about using them with specific operators.

As a player, you’ll want to be looking for an online casino credit card deposit India that serves you the best. However, the casinos have equipped various payment methods already that it is difficult to pick one among them. So when you’re choosing an operator, make sure that the operator knows how to distinguish themselves from other operators through selective payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Entropay, Ecocard, Paynearme, Citadel, Bitcoin, Instadebit, Bankwire, etc.

The online gambling world is extremely competitive, and it is important to understand the need for security when it comes to payments. It’s because of the electronic recording; all the credit cards have strong security features that protect you from fraudulent activities at the creditcard online casino India site. Elements like a 3 digit CVV number and other measures like 128bit SSL encryption increase the overall security of a credit card payment.

Credit Cards had a history with few scams, but because of this, all the banks are now increasing their security measures for their clientele. They have even introduced new features like ‘SafeKey’ to make things work and ensure the cardholder, a safe transaction. As a result, you can use any of the credit cards to make deposits with a creditcard at online casino India providers as it is one of the most popular and most conventional methods used for making deposits at a creditcard online casino India.

Credit Card FAQ

When you are considering using credit cards for online betting, you might have several questions, including Can you use Credit Card at casino India. Here are the answers for some of the most frequently asked questions:

Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

Answer: Most of the creditcard online casino India providers won’t ask you to use the same deposit and withdrawal method. It is not necessary to use the credit card for withdrawal; you can always choose a debit account as well. If you have two different accounts for depositing money and for withdrawing money, you can consecutively assign them. However, most of the operators will reflect your earnings to the same account from which you have deposited unless you make a request.

Why does an operator block my account?

Answer: There are many reasons for which a creditcard online casino India will block your account. In case if you have failed to prove to them that you are above 18, they can exempt you from their portal. Another reason for blocking is abusing the free bonuses from multiple accounts, as they are offered by the sportsbooks and casinos. In order to assure the transparent functioning, they have regular and systematic checks that prevent the users from exploiting them.

Can I get a credit card bonus?

Answer: Now that we’ve answered the question of “can you use credit card at casino India?”, you may have wondered whether a credit card bonus was available. Every operator offers different kinds of bonuses, and most of them depend on the operator terms and conditions. So when you’re opting to make a deposit using your credit card, you will automatically be subjected to the specific bonuses that they offer. You can offer extra bonuses from knowing their bonus history and establishing patterns.

Will there be restrictions on any payment methods?

Answer: The restrictions imposed on the payment methods during the payments are usually operator specific. If you have chosen a payment method like a credit card, you will be given a credit limit as a restriction. You should be mindful of the credit limit before you plan your gambling strategy.

What should I look into when I am deciding on a specific payment operator?

Answer: Whenever you’re making some payment, you should keep in mind that you are using your own money no matter in what form. You should take a deeper look into the operator and know all their security features before you trust them. In case you have speculations about them, check their certifications and licensing for trouble-free experience.

Alternative Ways to Pay Without a Credit Card

In case you are looking to deposit from a credit card and can’t access one, you can also sign up on Neteller. Using, you can make a deposit as it acts as an e-Wallet that loads funds to your account using the credit/debit card. It directly pushes the funds to your casino account, and when you want to cash out, you can have all your winnings from the casino sent to your Neteller account and onto the bank account. E-wallets are faster compared to the traditional methods, and therefore, you can avail speedy payouts with them.

Caution! How to Safely Use a Credit Card When Gambling 

India has more than 24.5 million credit cards, and the number is growing day by day, due to which many punters wonder whether you can use a credit card at casinos in India. With the digital revolution, India is slowly turning into a cashless economy. However, as Peter Parker said, great power comes with greater responsibilities. Here are few tips on how to make good use of credit card deposits at online casinos:

  1. Pay Bills in Full: Some treat credit cards like cash loans. Don’t do that. Use your credit card for deposits only when you are able to pay the money back in 30-60 days to soar your credit score up!
  2. Set up Deposit alerts: Don’t swipe blindly. Set up mobile alerts whenever you have deposited on a creditcard online casino India. This way, you will have a record of how you’re actually spending apart from your other charges.
  3. Keep Spending 20-30%: Do not use a credit card to its full limit. Keep the spending to 20-30% as credit utilization is also taken into consideration while deciding your credit score.
  4. Check your credit score: Keep on checking your score to know how you’re doing. Your score should always be in green, and you should know what you’re pointing out when there is a decline.
  5. Prepare for calamities: Prepare yourself for facing the consequences when your card is lost or misused. In unfortunate events, by acting quickly, you can’t fall victim to the frauds.
  6. Check unrecognized charges: Few websites are known for stealing your credit card information and using it imposing unrecognized charges on you. As a result, you have to check all the transactions to make sure that you can report something to the bank.
  7. Trust someone close with your details: Don’t hide your credit card information from your family unless you have a reason to. If others know them, it will be helpful to you in unfortunate situations as banks keep sending overdue charges of passed people to the family members.
  8. The right card at right situations: Different types of credit cards should be used for different situations. Make sure that your type can be used for online casinos, given it supports shopping.

Our Expert Conclusion

Credit cards are among the best and the most popular option used for deposits and withdrawals among punters at creditcard online casino India providers. It is a service that lets you deposit even when you’re running low on the cash. With only fewer restrictions, it is extremely versatile and handy. By constantly reminding yourself that your credit is not a loan, you can use them wisely not only to earn decent winnings on creditcard online casino India but also to build your credit profile, providing a double benefit.

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