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For any punter old or young with varying degrees of expertise, payment is an integral part of their gambling experience. The popularity of checks and its merger with this technological world gave birth to eCheck Online Casino India. It is not difficult to decipher why the use of eChecks are becoming more prevalent these days with Online casino eCheck India.

Punters and operators both have realized the potential of using eChecks to make and receive their payments, resulting in many eCheck Online Casino India. At its very core, eCheck is very similar to its paper counterpart. The only difference that makes this an eCheck and not a regular check is the presence of the term ‘electronic’ in front of its name. This means you get all the features of your tests but instead of using paper eCheck uses an electronic format of it. Every process involving eCheck is digitalized.

No payment is perfect, keeping that in mind our experts have devised the pros and cons list of Online casino eCheck India for your quick reference:

Pro and Con
  • Fast processing time
  • Reduces labour fees
  • Some operators only use eChecks
  • Susceptible to online attacks
  • Prone to computer-related trouble

Making a Payment With eChecks

If you decide to use eCheck Online Casino India for your payments you first need to know precisely how to use eChecks. Using eChecks is not very different from using your regular checks. All the Authorization steps are done online. Keeping that fact in our minds, our experts have devised this step by step guide to help you in making your first payment through eChecks:

Step 1: The first step is gaining authorization. As a punter, you will have to either fill out the online form yourself, or you can authorize your operator to do that for you.

Step 2: Next step involves you filling out your details in the form that we mentioned. After choosing eCheck Online Casino India, you will be redirected to the bank’s website. There you will have to enter details.

Step 3: After you have completed all the formalities from your side now is the time for your bank to verify certain things. Your bank will check your details. They will reference your details with the ones they have to determine the authenticity of your eCheck.

Step 4: After the verification process is done from your bank’s, your payment is almost made. All you have to do is wait for 2-3 working days, and just like that, your payment is made. 

Average Waiting Time for Deposits and Payout

Average waiting period for your eCheck to complete your payment on eCheck Online Casino India can be reasonably long. Our experts have noticed that it takes about 2-3 working days for the payment to reflect on your operators’ account. So, if you are looking for instantaneous transactions it’s better to check out popular e-Wallets such as PayPal or your traditional debit or credit cards.

Another problem which comes with using eChecks is that you will not be able to withdraw. That’s because operators do not support any withdrawals made with the use of eChecks. You will have to use a different payment service provider to handle your withdrawal.

Additionally, you will have to coordinate with the customer service representative of the eCheck Online Casino India in case they do not have the option of eChecks. You can also know the real-time status of your eCheck if your bank supports that feature. Since we are dealing with the bank directly so if you face any issues you will have to talk to their customer service. 

Verification Requirements

When you are choosing a payment service to handle your gambling needs, you need to ensure that it’s secure. One of the ways of ensuring safety is by comparing the necessary requirements to obtain eCheck casino deposit India. Our experts have gone through the verification requirements of the casino with eCheck India, and the steps are listed below:

Step 1: eChecks are very similar to regular checks. You have to have a bank account to issue your eCheck.

Step 2: Now that you have a bank account to your name, you need to see whether they have the facility of eChecks or not.

Step 3: Next step involves you to choose the option of eChecks when you are making your payment by filling the form.

Step 4: Now that you have filled the form, the only thing left to do is wait for 2-3 working days for your eCheck to process by your bank.

The History of eChecks

It is tough to pinpoint the exact time when checks were first announced. The very first instance of eChecks being legalized can be traced back to the year of 2003. It was in this year that the United States of America had passed the check clearing for the 21st-century act (check 21). This act allowed the bank to initiate a widespread process of issuing and clearing electronic versions of checks. Having reduced the time taken in physical verification, eChecks came as a boon for everyone. For the very first time, they had a faster alternative to checks.

The integration of eChecks into the daily lives of people, however, took some time. In the year 2012 it was seen that almost one in every six checks which were deposited in any given bank account were eChecks.

EChecks were responsible behind close to twenty-three million online transactions in the year of 2013. This factor alone gives us a clear picture of the way eChecks were received throughout the world. It was also noted that about 80% of all the businesses globally have either already made a shift to electronic checks or are in the process of shifting to reduce the overall operational cost of their respective companies. The popularity of eChecks has resulted in even more Online casino eCheck India.

How Does it Compare Against Other Transaction Types

Comparing the payment providers which are available before selecting your preferred payment option is very important. The comparison will give you critical highlights of every payment option in question and will help you in making a much more calculated decision. To help punters like you decide our experts have compared eChecks with other prevalent online payment services like e-wallets, debit and credit cards.

eCheck casino deposit India is slower in terms of its transaction speed. The deposits will take 2-3 days with eChecks, but e-Wallets can do the same thing in between 2-24 hours. Security of your payment, however, is eChecks prime selling point. It shares its secure 128bit SSL channels with the same server which handles government transactions, debit and credit card transactions; This makes eChecks safer to use. Another thing worth noting is that eChecks does not support the feature of withdrawal. This means that you will have to install another payment method to handle your withdrawals.

Security Measures Taken to Protect You and Your Money

It is essential to ensure that your payment service provider has enough security measures kept in place to prevent hackers from stealing your money. The presence of a security layer is something a good operator will always have. Casino with eCheck India is one of the safest methods of payment.

There are three distinct security checks which are necessary before any eCheck is cleared. The first one is a digital signature. The digital signature is required to prove your Identity. You are required to sign your eCheck digitally. The presence of the digital signature reduces unauthorized use of your funds.

The second security step is public-key encryption. Public key encryption ensures that the funds which are being transferred are not tampered with in any way.

The final security measure is duplicate check detection; this reduces the possibility of fraudulent checks. With these security measures in place, the security of your money is all but safe when you are using eCheck casino deposit India. 

eChecks FAQ:

Everyone had their doubts regarding eCheck Online Casino India when it was first introduced. Since then, many things have changed, but that doesn’t mean that people are not curious anymore. In this section our experts deal with answering to some of very frequently asked questions regarding online casino eCheck India:

Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

Actually, no, you are not required to have the same method for deposits and withdrawals at Online casino eCheck India. However, the operators usually recommend you to have the same techniques for deposits and withdrawals. If a punter had two different methods of payment, this could create confusion for the online casinos. This confusion will result in a lot of wasted time. Hence, to save time, always try to use the same payment service provider for both your deposits and withdrawals. However, in the case of e-checks, it will not be possible as e-checks don’t support withdrawals even at Online casino eCheck India.

Why does an operator block my account?

If you are caught misusing the offers they give or in the case when you fail to prove your Identity an operator is forced to block your account. However, these are just two instances which will get your account blocked. There are many more reasons which can get your account blocked. That’s why our experts always recommend you to read the terms and conditions of your operator thoroughly before using them.

Can I get an eCheck bonus?

Bonuses are something which your casino operator gives. An Online casino eCheck India can offer you bonuses ranging from free bets and free spins to deposit bonuses and more. You can also get discounts on using individual payment options as well.

What should I look into when I’m deciding on a payment service provider?

There are necessarily two things to look out for. First is the security which can be assured by seeing the certificates and licenses of your payment service provider. Second is how easy it is to use the interface of the operator.

Will there be restrictions on any payment methods?

The restrictions will vary from operator to operator. eCheck Online Casino India can only transfer the money you have in your account. e-Wallets, Mastercard, debit and credit cards put a cap on the amount you can daily transact.

Essential Steps to Ensure Your Money is Safe 

Making money is one of the reasons everyone likes to bet. No one would want to lose their hard-earned money. There are many things that our experts have found in their research to minimize online frauds. They claim that if you make sure to follow these steps, you can have an excellent start to your gambling career and also will help you in having a long and prosperous gambling career:

  1. The first suggestion of our experts is that you use a comparison site GambingGuy before making any decisions. A resource like GambingGuy provides you with a comprehensive comparison between the merits and demerits of Online casino eCheck India in an easy to understand manner. A website like ours will help you in making your next gambling move.
  2. The second suggestion of our experts is that you take a look at the verification process of your payment provider. A good verification process should be very exhaustive yet not very long.
  3. Next suggestion on the list of our experts is that you check the security features of your payment service provider. The safety can be assured by taking a look at all the certificates and licenses that they have. If it is from trustworthy gambling authorities, then your money is safe.
  4. One thing to always keep in mind is that not every gambling operator takes all payment service providers. Make sure that the operator you choose is an eCheck Online Casino India beforehand.
  5. You should always keep an eye out for bonuses. These bonuses can come in different ways, depending on the operator. The casino will occasionally offer you free spins, bets and hands. A sportsbook can provide you with free bets. While your payment service provider can give you discounts while making your payment. 

Choosing the Perfect Operator to Suit Your Needs 

Your gambling journey begins when you create your very first account. Ask any punter, from the top gamblers to amateurs, they all will insist on the importance of having a good payment service provider.

According to our experts, you should not only have a good operator, but you should have the right operator. Our experts define an excellent operator as one which is secure and offers a decent variety of betting options. This will ensure that you do not fall into any kind of trap in the future.

Here, we have listed the things our experts have always suggested you do to find the right operator:

  1. Certifications: It is essential for the payment service provider you choose to have a good number of certificates. A certificate is something which is provided to the operators when certification authorities verify them. These certification authorities are responsible for checking the security and fairness of the overall gambling experience that the punter will have. An authority like the United Kingdom Gambling Control Commission does not hand over certificates very quickly. So, if they certify your operator, it would guarantee the safety of your money.
  2. Security: Another one of the significant factors in choosing the right operator for you is the security features that they offer. A good operator will have multiple layers of security. An example of a good operator will be if they have a 128bit SSL secure server to route their payments via and if they add a layer of encryption in every amount which is made.
  3. Software providers for the casino: Casino in general rarely produces their games. Casinos usually hand over the game production to other companies. The game producer has direct control over the game that they are developing. This can allow them to place specific tweaks to change the odds in the casinos’ favour. To avoid losing your money look for the licenses that these game developers have. Having licensed by eCOGRA will ensure the fairness of the overall game.

In Conclusion

Overall, eChecks are an excellent payment service mode to choose if you place security above everything else. However, the lack of availability of casinos with eCheck India and Online casino eCheck India makes it harder to use as your primary mode of payment. That being said, nothing can beat the experience of using eChecks to make payments. Their unique and secure payment experience is their main selling point. Making payments via eChecks is a fast, safe and fun new alternative to pay for your gambling needs.

eChecks may not have all the benefits of an e-wallet but it rates high on its security features. However, one major issue with it is that eCheck casino deposit India does not allow you to withdraw money, so you will need a separate payment method to handle your withdrawals on the Online casino eCheck India.

You can also consider other payment service providers such as Citadel, Payforit, Neteller, Ideal, Bank Wire, Paynearme and Ecopayz etc.

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