EcoPayz Online Casino India

The ecoPayz e-wallet is on the rise and one of the most common methods of deposit on online casinos, with there being many ecoPayz Online Casino India as well as many ecoPayz Online Casino India. As an e-wallet, ecoPayz enables users to directly transfer money into online accounts, including for online casinos, from the ecoPayz website or even app. Accepted by a vast number of online casinos, ecoPayz has emerged as a popular option for dealing with real money while gambling online.

Some of the pros and cons of using ecoPayz are:

Pro and Con
  • Good customer service
  • Low fees
  • Fast payment
  • No p2p fees
  • Easy to use
  • Request too many forms of ID
  • Unexplained account closures
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Making a Payment With ecoPayz

If you are considering betting on an ecoPayz Online Casino India you can easily make payments with your ecoAccount by following these steps:

  1. Have an ecoAccount and register with the merchant site. First, you need to pick up an operator you want to start betting on.
  2. Have funds on your account. You need to have money in your ecoAccount before you can transfer them to an ecoPayz Online Casino India or ecoPayz Online Casino India.
  3. Log in to your account on the operator’s site. After you select your operator, you need to sign in with your credentials.
  4. Go to the “Deposit” section of your ecoPayz Online Casino India or ecoPayz Online Casino India. Click on the deposit option on your operator’s site. Choose ecoPayz as the payment method.
  5. Insert the amount: You can enter here the amount you wish to fund in your ecoPayz Online Casino India. It goes without saying it cannot be more than what you have in your ecoPayz account.
  6. Login on your ecoPayz account. You would need to insert your username then and password and press the “Submit” button.
  7. Your funds are transferred from ecoAccount to your account on the ecoPayz Online Casino India or ecoPayz Online Casino India.

For withdrawal also, you need to go on the operator’s withdrawal page. Then you need to select ecoPayz as the withdrawal method. Follow step 5 and 6. Depending on the operator’s terms, your funds will transfer to your ecoAccount.

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Average Wait Time for Deposits and Payouts

The average time for deposits and payouts not only depends on ecoPayz but also depends on the ecoPayz Online Casino India or ecoPayz Online Casino India you are betting on. Some casinos have a withdrawal reverse option, where they keep the amount you wished to withdraw for a day before they release it. In such cases, the time sums up more. Every casino has its own rules on payment and withdrawals. It would be wise to check their terms and conditions and then calculate the average time.

Typically, if you complete an ecoPayz casino deposit India or India, your funds are instantly credited to your casino bankroll. But when it comes to withdrawal, funds will be credited to your ecoPayz account within 24 hours after approval. If it takes more than three days, you may wish to contact their customer support of the operator first, to check if there is some issue. If there is no problem on the operator’s side, you could then call up the ecoPayz customer care to know further.

Verification Requirements

Before you initiate verification ensure you have your photo ID and address proof. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in the ecoPayz account.
  2. Click on “Upgrade to Silver ecoAccount”.
  3. You will then be forwarded to the verification process steps where you will be instructed to verify your email address, identity, address and set up your security questions.
  4. Verify your email by clicking on the link given in your email.
  5. Next is to verify your identity. Check below for the documents which are eligible.
  6. Verify your address. Check below for the documents which are eligible.
  7. Take a selfie and upload the photo of your face.
  8. You will receive email from ecoPayz once your account is verified.

Eligible Photo ID

  • A valid copy of your passport, including the page displaying your photograph, date of birth and full passport number.
  • A copy of your national identity card displaying your photograph, date of birth and full Identity Card number.

Eligible Address Proof:

  • A copy of your bank statement.
  • A copy of a utility bill (for example — an electricity bill).
  • A copy of your certificate of residence.

The History of ecoPayz

Since its foundation, ecoPayz has successfully provided end-to-end, account and card-based payment solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide, offering an instant, safe and fast means of moving money around the world. The EcoCard platform was created in the year 2000, thus making it one of the longest established e-wallets in the world. In 2009, PSI-Pay Ltd became a prime member of Mastercard® for the purposes of card issuing, and in the same year, ecoPayz launched its own iPhone app. They were the first financial institution to do so.

In 2010 ecoPayz introduced 24/7 multilingual Customer Support to customers and businesses worldwide. The ecoPayz Business Account solution was launched in 2011 as a way to provide an immediate and cheaper means of paying salaries and expenses to staff, affiliates and individuals.

In 2013, the company embarked on a branding project to take the company to the next level. The company has significantly grown over the last one and a half decades, and now offering a tailored range of payment tools for business and customers, the name EcoCard just didn’t fit anymore. The ecoPayz brand was launched in July 2013 together with our product range, namely, ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoPayz Business Account, and ecoPayz Merchant Account.

In 2014 ecoPayz announced a new feature that lets customers get their ecoCard PIN from the secure site. The ecoAccount app was also launched in 2014 and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. EcoPayz has evolved to become a popular ecoPayz casino deposit India and there are now many online casinos with ecoPayz India.

Compared to Other Payment Providers

EcoPayz is authorized and licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, due to which there are many ecoPayz Online Casino India. Further, ecoPayz is compliant with PCI-DSS standard requirements. On top of it all, their service is fully encrypted throughout all operations, making it extremely hard for anyone to breach security. It has great features like:

  • Fraud screening
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Identity checks on all customers
  • Free and easy integration
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 customer support via telephone and live chat
  • All transactions are 100% indemnified
  • Chargeback protection
  • Disputed transaction mitigation
  • Real-time transaction monitoring

However, it has a scope of improvement. The app is slow and can improve in speed. They also ask for way too many documents for the ID, which can be frustrating at times if you want to make an ecoPayz casino deposit India.

While gambling, punters often get confused about which payment method is the best for an operator. ecoPayz is one of the safest and legit ways to fund your accounts online whether you want to complete an ecoPayz casino deposit India or withdrawal.

But is it secure and reliable? When you use your ecoAccount, your personal financial information is not shared with anyone, and your payment method is not disclosed. By using ecoPayz for an online casino with ecoPayz India, you minimize the possibility of your personal information being exposed online and adds a layer of protection against viruses, spyware and attacks from hackers. All transactions are encrypted from your browser to their website using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol or Transport Layer Security protocol, depending on your browser abilities.

The site is certified by the Certification Authority, so you can be very sure that your information is held securely. The servers which hold any sensitive information are physically isolated from all other hardware in restricted, highly secure areas. ecoPayz uses the latest security and fraud solutions with the highest standards of data security and encryption, complying with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards (PCI and DSS). Further, they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so you can rest assured your money and information is safe and secure.

ecoPayz FAQ

It is natural to have a lot of questions in mind when you use a particular payment operator. Here are the most common queries and their answers regarding ecoPayz Online Casino India.

Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

These days most casinos’ make your withdrawal method same as the deposit method, to support the Anti Money Laundering Act. This way, you too, are saved from more verification processes during withdrawals. Additionally, some casinos also use withdrawal reverse options where the punter is given a time of 24 hours to reverse withdrawals, so he/she does not need to deposit again.

Why does an operator block my account?

There are various reasons an operator can block your account. It could be because you did not provide the right information about yourself. It could be because your documents did not verify or simply because you broke their rules and regulations in one way or another.

Can I get an ecoPayz bonus?

There is no special ecoPayz bonus offered by the ecoPayz. However, you can expect ecoPayz Online Casino India to give you special bonuses for using ecoPayz. At times, there are promotions running on ecoPayz. Here are two ways of getting a promotion code: One is that ecoPayz sends an email advertising the campaign together with the code you need to use, or from a casino which is running a promotion with ecoPayz.

What should I look into when picking up on a specific payment operator?

When we are talking about real money here, you must ensure that you check the verification process. A strong verification process signals that the payment operator is good. Further, you should check if they install proper encryption technologies which are latest and robust. Hacks are easy, and you really do not want to lose your money. Also, check the authority which regulates the payment operator. Generally, a good authority like FCA gives a sort of guarantee that your money is in the right hands.

Will there be restrictions on any payment methods?

It really depends from one operator to another. Majority of the online casinos do not offer a bonus if the funds are deposited through e-wallets, even the ecoPayz Online Casino India. You may want to check the terms and conditions thoroughly before you make any payments. Also, read the detailed conditions related to a specific payment method.

How Does it Work? ecoPayz Account Levels Explained [Variable]  

At ecoPayz, you can get a range of ecoAccount levels offering you flexibility and control over your finances, ensuring there’s one that’s right for you.

You could open a Classic ecoAccount, and you can start using your online account straight away to spend worldwide or upgrade to other accounts for higher spending limits and more benefits.

Here is a table to help you understand the levels better:

Account LevelsClassicSilverGoldPlatinumVIP
Free registration and update
Transfer to merchant€1,000 per day€15,000 per day€20,000 per day€25,000 per day€30,000 per day
Up to 10 currency accounts with 45 currencies supported
Total lifetime limit€2,500No limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
ecoVirtualcards per dayNone3455
Send MoneyNoYesYesYesYes
Withdraw funds to bank accountNoYesYesYesYes
Withdrawal feeNA€5.9-10€5.9-10€5.9-10€2.9-7
Number of credit cards on the account13579
Number of credit card deposits per day246810
FX fees2.99%2.99%1.49%1.49%1.25%
Maximum account balanceX€15,000€100,000€120,000No limit


Seven Ways to Make Sure You’re on a Legitimate Website

  1. Check the browser’s address bar: When you visit a website that claims to be a ecoPayz Online Casino India, you need to check the website address at the top of your browser. Also called the URL, it tells you a lot about a website. To begin with, ensure that the web address is spelt correctly. You need to check this especially when you intend to type manually ‘ecoPayz’ into your search engine because a lot of other fraud pages pretend to be ecoPayz, but their URL address will be different. Further, check the URL connection type. If you see an “https” before the website address, it is more secure than the standard connection type, “Http”.
  2. Review search engine results: Search engines are one good way to find out the authenticity of websites. Just a quick glance at the top results of search engines like Google and Bing will show you whether a site is legal and legit. Additionally, you can also look at user reviews. A trusted casino with ecoPayz India would get good reviews. It is a good idea to check other unaffiliated reviews too. A website with positive user reviews has greater credibility than one without or with negative reviews.
  3. Check the website’s connection status: You can check the website’s current connection status from the left of the address bar at the top of your browser. It is displayed as a padlock or by the word “Secure”. So, if the ecoPayz Online Casino India has a padlock, it tells us that a website is safe. Every browser displays its security in a different format.
  4. Check the website’s grammar: A good site does not have grammar mistakes. An illegal site does not usually spend time and resources to check its grammar. The site will come out from nowhere and also look different than the normal secured sites. The overall quality will be much lower. They will not have any association with good and trusted authorities and at times, send unreal messages to lure you.
  5. Look for seals of trust: If you are looking for a casino with ecoPayz India, and want to know how to check a website is legitimate, look for seals of trust. Trust seals are reputed and well-known authorities whose job is to provide a secure platform. Look out for bodies like Norton, Google, Visa, PayPal etc. A trusted ecoPayz Online Casino India would be associated with at least one of them.
  6. Use the Google Transparency Report: If you’re really not sure on how to check if the site is legit, one easy way is to use the Google Transparency report. Go to the Google Transparency Report, then write the URL of the website you want to check on, or simply paste it the URL. Google generates a report to you, and you can know how secure the site is.
  7. ecoPayz will never ask for your password by phone, text or email: Punters need to be very careful about where they should be giving out their passwords. ecoPayz Online casino never asks for passwords by phone, text or emails. You could also report their customer service, if you get calls asking for the same. Further, you can even block such numbers.


EcoPayz is a popular e-wallet, and numerous online casinos in India will accept this payment method easily. With ecoPayz, your money is in the right hands. It is a legit and secured payment method. With proper licenses and proper encryption technologies, they ensure that your money is safe with them.

No matter if you want to gamble on ecoPayz Online Casino India or on ecoPayz Online Casino India, you can surely trust this payment provider. On the downside, the live chat is not operating at times. Also, be prepared to give a lot of documents for verification. Nevertheless, ecoPayz is one of the leading eWallets payment available in India. You may also choose other payment methods from multiple kinds of methods like Bankwire, Ecopayz, Payforit Ideal, Mastercard, and Bitcoin in Casino india etc.

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