Paysafecard Online Casino India

The meteoric rise of online gambling has warranted the rise of online payment options for operators. However, not all payment providers are equally trustworthy. An unlicensed payment provider could potentially wipe out your bank account and leave you penniless. The rise of Paysafecard online casino India can largely be attributed to its dependable brand name in the e-wallet arena. All you need to do to start transacting using Paysafecard is to create an account on Paysafecard. It provides a host of bonus features and rewards to loyal customers. Paysafecard, with its strong commitment to security and ease of use, remains one of the most affable payment providers in the market today with a plethora of Paysafecard online casino India available.

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Our Step by Step Guide to Paying with Paysafecard

  • Creating a Paysafecard account

To use Paysafecard’s services, create a Paysafecard account. The registration on the website is absolutely free, and you need not pay any hidden costs or surcharges.

  • Setting up the Paysafecard account

After this, you’ll have to enter a few basic information like name, date of birth, address and confirm on the particulars.

  • Verification mail

A verification mail will be sent to your newly registered email id. Once you verify your email account, you will be able to access all the features that the operator has to offer.

  • Linking the Paysafecard account

After the verification, you will have to link the account with your bank of choice. This can be done by furnishing your debit/credit card details onto the Paysafecard website. And voila, your Paysafecard account is also set to make Paysafecard casino deposit India.

  • The preferred choice of operator

After you have decided on your choice of Paysafecard Online Casino India, you can browse through the payment options and choose Paysafecard as your mode of payment.

How to Withdraw Money

If you are withdrawing money from the Paysafecard online casino India, here’s a step by step guide:

  • Withdrawal page

Every Paysafecard online casino India website has a withdrawal page. Go to that page and click in the withdrawal button.

  • Choose Paysafecard

A list of the modes of payment supported by the casino will pop up. Choose Paysafecard, since you will be playing at casinos that accept Paysafecard 2021 and enter the amount you want to be withdrawn out.

  • Verification and money transfer

The transfer process will initiate after a verification process (in case of some casinos), and the money will be transferred to your account.

How Long Must I Wait for Deposits and Payouts?

It is important to remember that all e-wallet providers do not offer their services for free. The user charges on Paysafecard are, however, some of the lowest charges on the market right now. The first year of use is free of cost. Paysafecard does not offer withdrawal features on accountless Paysafe accounts operated through Paysafecard gift card casino India. It is possibly the only significant disadvantage they have when it comes to e-wallet providers. Most other Paysafecard online casino India, however, allow you to withdraw to the Paysafecard linked to an account.

The average time the transaction takes to process withdrawals is not merely determined by the payment provider. The Paysafecard online casino India  or the sportsbook you are transferring from, are to be taken into consideration while calculating transfer times. Since Paysafecard is an e-wallet provider, deposits are processed almost instantaneously on the Paysafecard online casino India. An excellent way to assess the transfer time would be to check the terms and conditions of the Paysafecard online casino India you are playing at. Delays while processing withdrawals can be quite tedious, and an estimation based on prior experience would place the average processing time at around three days across most casino operators.

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Verification Requirements – Whats The Criteria? 

Here are the steps you need to follow to verify your account before you deposit on Paysafecard online casino India:

  • After you have signed into your Paysafecard, you will notice a button with the words ‘verify your account’.
  • To verify you need to click on that button and you will be redirected to the page assigned for verification.
  • After this, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your photo ID. Make sure the photograph on the ID is clearly visible, and the name and other details are legible.
  • You will also need to upload proof of residence like an electricity bill or a bank statement.

The operator additionally uses two-factor authentication, as required by the second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) to potentially increase the security of the account. The process entails using the free Paysafecard app in addition to the login details for authenticating.

You would need to install the app on your smartphone and connect your Paysafecard account by logging into the app. Then you would need to log in from the website using the login details and subsequently confirm the message that pops up on your app.

The History of Paysafecard

The company, with its headquarters in Vienna, has gained a lot of traction in the e-wallet segment since it was initially launched in 2000. Initially, they were operating only for Austria, and only Austrians could avail the Paysafecard services. By the following year, they had expanded into Germany, and this progressive growth has since been maintained rigorously over the years. The rapid growth and expansion led to the company getting EU funding in 2005.

Currently, they operate in 43 countries around the world and have a large customer base of around 1 billion customers owing to the significant boost given by the prepaid payment solution that the company offers. The roughly 4000 online stores sell prepaid Paysafecard E-vouchers which can be used to deposit requisite amounts in your Paysafecard account.

The e-voucher has been a game-changing strategy by the company for one significant reason, i.e. scepticism over online payments. Bettors across all ages maybe technologically handicapped or may not want betting amounts showing up on their bank statements — whatever be the reason, the e-vouchers have addressed all problems in this regard. This unique old-world strategy of keeping the customer at the table every time a decision is factored in has led to its emergence as one of the best payment providers on the market at the moment and many Paysafecard online casino India.

Compared With Other Payment Providers 

Paysafecard Online Casino India games are all the rage these days and to engage in online betting you need to deposit and withdraw money from the operator of your choice. This calls for a safe and reliable operator, and Paysafecard is one of the most reliable payment providers in this regard. Since phishing is a potential threat, the website uses an encryption and tokenisation solution to protect customer data and also has an updated Rick solution program and is PCI compliant.

In addition, Paysafecard also has an external banking partner – The Bancorp Bank, as their external banking partner. This collaboration greatly accentuates the security features of the website since they are always looked after by the bank. This unabashed approach to customer security has been at the centre of paysafecard’s operations. They have even won a host of awards for their efforts including 2018 Austrian Great Place to Work (category: New Working World and Quality of Living) and been placed at 3rd (2015), 2nd (2017) in Austria’s Leading Companies respectively. This makes Paysafecard one of the best e-wallets in the market, especially for Paysafecard online casino India.

Apart from Paysafecard, popular payment methods include debit/credit cards, Entropay bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Ideal, Mastercard and Trustly. The primary reason for Paysafecard’s overwhelming popularity among online casino users is the ease of access the company promotes. For instance, apart from the conventional way of opening an account, that all operators use, you can even open an account using a prepaid Paysafecard available at outlets across the world.

These cards come in multiple values and can be used to recharge your account. The 16 digits numerical code of the card promotes digital security while not compromising on customer satisfaction. These cards can also function as a Paysafecard gift card casino India, i.e. a card that can be gifted to someone to be redeemed at an online casino later.

Another reason for paysafecard’s overwhelming popularity is the range of currency they operate in. Almost all major international currencies can be used to operate on the website both to deposit as well as withdraw money. Since Paysafecard is an online e-wallet operator, they can process deposits almost instantaneously on the Paysafecard online casino India.

Paysafecard FAQ

When using an e-wallet, it is quite natural to have queries on a variety of things. Here’s a list of some of the commonly asked questions that might help you understand Paysafecard better:

Do I need to use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

While it is not compulsory on your part to maintain the same method for deposit and withdrawal, Paysafecard online casino India always recommend that you do. The simple logic that works in this regard is that it’s easier to keep your transactions in check if you are operating them via the same method. The process is easier as well since you need not go through verifications every time you make a transaction.

Why does an operator block my account?

There are quite a few reasons why your operator or Paysafecard online casino India might block your account. Each operator works on a set of rules and regulations explicitly made to cater to the customers while also encouraging fair play and customer safety. An operator thus might block you if you fail to furnish the requisite documents for verification, employ the use of VPN to engage in unfair betting practices or if you do not fulfil the age criterion that the operator requires. Usually blocking is used as a last resort and you can rest assured that you will not be blocked abruptly without fair warning.

Can I get a Paysafecard bonus?

Bonus depends specifically on the operator. If the casino you wish to play in has a special offer for Paysafecard users, then you can avail the. Usually, these bonuses are doled out in the form of free spins, cash backs or multiplying the game currency invested.

What should I look into when I’m deciding on a specific payment operator?

Needless to say, a payment operator deals in currency, and therefore, security and verification should be of the utmost concern while selecting a particular operator. A genuine operator should be armed with a secure authentication process apart from features like encryption technologies to ensure your payment details are safe. Apart from this, you should also look at the certificates of authentication the particular operator has which will give you an idea of how genuine and trustworthy the operator is.

Will there be restrictions on any payment methods?

Yes. In the case of Paysafecard for safety reasons and security concerns when it comes to betting on online casinos, payments made are limited to a limit of €1000. For some other modes, the limit is €250 in compliance with certain regulations. There are possibly a lot of restrictions in place, and each of these varies from one operator to the next.

How Can I Use The Vouchers and Mastercard

Paysafecard vouchers can be procured from different vendors up to a maximum value of €250. If you decided to recharge for more than the maximum account a voucher is available for, you can do so by combining 10 Paysafecard PIN up to an amount of €1000. This calculation is based on the fact that €100 are the most commonly available vouchers. Please note that the cards needn’t be bought in Euro only. The upper limit on transactions in other currencies is simply the converted value of that currency up to €1000.

In recent years, Paysafecard has also partnered up with MasterCard to allow the users to use the Paysafecard Mastercard as an alternative payment option for Paysafecard online casino India. The card has all the privileges allocated to a debit card and can be used to procure goods and services. You could alternatively even use the card to withdraw your winnings from an ATM.

Advantages of Using Paysafecard 

Here’s a list of some of the potential advantages of using the Paysafecard for your Paysafecard online casino India endeavours:

  • Supports a wide array of foreign currencies – The Paysafecard can be used across 43 countries and can be used to pay for all goods and services across a variety of currencies and for numerous Paysafecard online casino India.
  • Ease of access via the mobile app – The ingenious service that Paysafecard offers are the mobile application which can be used to track your transactions and keep your balance in check when on the move.
  • The prepaid method of deposit – The prepaid method that Paysafecard account uses to deposit money might sound inconvenient at first, but they are highly effective. Seasoned gamblers always prefer prepaid plans since it’s an efficient way of curtailing expenditure and reduces the chances of overspending.

A Couple of Disadvantages

  • It’s compulsory to buy a Paysafecard before you can actually transfer your funds
  • Paysafecards are not available for sale in all countries

What Are The Additional Fees and Charges

Paysafecard provides premium services at a very reasonable price, even for the Paysafecard online casino India. While the registration to the site itself is free, there’s no reason to assume that the services themselves are also rendered free of cost. It is vital to understand that none of the e-wallets is 100% free, and there exists no ‘completely free’ method to avoid incurring charges. The thing that Paysafecard does have going for itself is that their charges are the lowest across the board. For the first year, there are no maintenance charges that the user needs to pay. However, after 12 months, the user is charged $5 per month.

Another recurring charge is the inactive fee. This fee is levied on an account if the account has been lying unused for 12 months. Currently, the fee is $7. The fee which you are most likely to encounter is the top-up fee. The top-up fee is levied on the money that you shall be depositing into the account and is usually charged at the rate of 4%. Here’s an example elucidating the top-up fee structure: If you top up the card for a sum of $50, then $52 will be deducted from your balance, and $50 will be added to your account.

Subsequently, if you decide to use the card at an ATM, a 3% transaction fee will be levied on the transaction. If you need to convert between currencies while withdrawing or depositing, you will be charged a 2% conversion fee for the service. If you lose your card, then you are going to need a duplicate card and the duplicate card will cost you $6. These fees are levied across all Paysafecard Online Casino India sites.

Our Expert Conclusion

Paysafecard as an e-wallet has gathered quite a formidable reputation for itself, and top Paysafecard Online Casino India generally accepts this as a payment method. The limitations placed on the transactions may differ from operator to operator, but the general acceptance of the e-wallet is well-founded. With Paysafecard casino deposit India you can rest assured that your deposits are in safe hands and not prone to financial risks like phishing. Paysafecard has a steady reputation along with licences and encryptions attesting to its security. Thus, if you were to engage in a game at casinos that accept Paysafecard 2021, you can rest assure and use this operator.

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