Online Poker for Real Money in New Jersey 2021

Where to find the best NJ Poker Sites and Rooms online?

In this comparison, we will tell you everything you need to know when playing New Jersey online poker. We independently review the top NJ online poker sites to bring you only the best available providers.

The topics of our review will cover why this comparison might be helpful for you, as well as how we compare the operators. We aim to give New Jersey poker players everything they need to find the best operator for them.

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Our top picks: The best New Jersey Poker sites

BetMGM Bonus
BetMGM Highlights
  • Many daily/weekly tournaments
  • Limits are flexible
  • Variety of poker games
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
VIP Preferred
BetMGM Review
***** Visit Site
PartyPoker Bonus
PartyPoker Highlights
  • Multi-Layered poker bonus that gives users a chance to play a wide range of games
  • Great selection of poker games with all of the classics available
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
40% up to
PartyPoker Review
***** Visit Site
Unibet Sport Bonus
Unibet Sport Highlights
  • $10 sign up bonus
  • 100% deposit bonus up to $500
  • Awesome slots and table games
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Unibet Sport Review
***** Visit Site
Borgata Casino Bonus
Borgata Casino Highlights
  • Poker section needs to be downloaded on the site
  • Variant poker options
  • Weekl tournaments on offer
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
VIP Preferred
Borgata Casino Review
***** Visit Site
888 Casino Bonus
100% up to $1500
888 Casino Highlights
  • No deposit poker bonus
  • Play on the go with the 888Poker app
  • Guaranteed poker prize pools
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
100% up to
888 Casino Review
***** Visit Site
Caesars Casino Bonus
Caesars Casino Highlights
  • Site only offers video poker
  • In partnership with WSOP that offers more specialized poker
  • Tournaments in conjunction with WSOP
Accepts Players in:
New Jersey
New Jersey
Credit Card
Bank Transfer
VIP Preferred
Caesars Casino Review
***** Visit Site

Best Online Poker in New Jersey – An in Depth Comparison

When signing up for any type of online gambling site, it’s useful to compare providers. This helps you to get an idea of which websites have the best ratings in areas that are important for you. You can look through the top sites to find essential criteria to look for in a provider, or can compare sites by individual criteria. We have comparisons of the best betting sites in New Jersey.

This can be especially useful for players who are new to New Jersey online poker. Beginners can improve their understanding of what makes a good poker site. Veteran players can also benefit from these comparisons, by finding the best NJ online poker sites to suit the preferences they’ve already established.

Keeping You Safe & Secure With Trusted Operators

  • Determining the legality of the website. Some players may be wondering, is online poker legal in NJ? The answer is yes. New Jersey was one of the states to lead the legalization of online gambling. You can now find many NJ online poker sites, all operating completely legally within the State.
  • Ensure that the provider you use has a proper gambling license. All legitimate bookmakers, casinos, and poker sites will be regulated by a governing body. The sites will have a license issued by its associated State or country. These licenses establish the standards and regulations for sites to adhere to. You should only bet on a site that has a proper gambling license.
  • See if the site has a proper verification process when creating an account. Most NJ online poker sites will require that you send some form of identification before you can make a payment with your account. This will usually be either a valid driver’s license or passport. Sometimes you will also need to give proof of address, such as a utility bill. This is to help the provider prevent the creation of multiple or fraudulent accounts. It also helps to protect minors from illegally signing up for the site.
  • Read reviews of the provider from customers or independent operators. This will help you to get a completely objective opinion on the site. Customer reviews especially can be enlightening, as people won’t hold back if they have an issue. Independent operators like will always give an honest review of the pros and cons of a site. We’ll only ever recommend legitimate New Jersey online poker rooms with proper security.
  • Look at what software the site uses for encryption. The best NJ online poker sites will always use proper encryption software across the whole site. It’s usually straightforward to find out what security the site uses for data protection and storage.

Editor’s Recommendation – How We Rank the Best Operators

For each comparison, you’ll find our editor’s recommendation for the best operator. These recommendations are the highest rated online poker sites. Our editor will make their choice based on vital criteria for top-level New Jersey online poker providers.

All our recommended sites are fully secure and reliable. Part of the criteria for our operator test involves looking into the licensing, regulation, and encryption of the websites. The best operators will also have various payment methods. These sites also have the most generous promotions for new and existing customers.

Our Top10 Evaluation Process

Our team of experts has evaluated all of the NJ online poker sites that you’ll find in our comparisons. The objective reviews use set criteria that cover all of the provider’s areas. This allows us to have parameters for our tests and give a good overall view of the poker site.

  • Welcome offers and promotions. We look at the quality of the promotions from the operator, both upon sign up and for continuing players.
  • Encryption and security. We’ll look at the encryption software and data protection used. This includes aspects such as account verification.
  • Size of the operator. This criterion looks at the number of players the site has. However, it’s expected that sites may have a smaller player base, since online poker in NJ is relatively new. This means there are many new NJ betting sites and new NJ online casinos that are still excellent online gambling providers. Due to the recent changes in the law, there are also a lot of new PA betting sites and new PA online casinos to choose from.
  • Betting limits for games and tournaments. This is an essential factor when it comes to online poker, NJ. Players need to know what size stake they can play with. This is also true for other games like online slot machines in Pennsylvania.
    Mobile app. NJ poker apps are becoming increasingly popular, so many sites will offer a downloadable poker client.
  • Customer service. Our experts will look at the different ways to contact the site, and whether assistance is available 24/7. They will also assess the quality of the service available.
  • Payment methods available. With newer NJ poker websites, there’s an increasing number of ways to pay. Some NJ online poker sites will offer payment via cryptocurrencies, or give extra E-wallet options.
  • Fees and limits for withdrawal and deposit. When playing online poker with real money in NJ, most deposit methods will be free. However, less popular payment methods may have fees attached. Withdrawals may sometimes have fees if they are under or over a specific amount.
  • Live tournaments. One of the best parts of New Jersey online casino poker is playing against others in real-time. We’ll find out whether the provider supports live tournaments and how frequent they are.
  • Licensing and regulation. Is the site fully licensed and allowed to operate in New Jersey? This criterion will look into what standards that the site is required to maintain to keep its license.

Finding the Right Poker Table for YOU!

Using our operator comparison is an excellent way to find the best New Jersey poker site for you. Our comparison tool will show you the best new NJ online casinos that our team of experts recommends. If you’re a beginner to New Jersey online poker, then these will be some great sites for you to try out and get started.

If you’re already an NJ poker online player, but aren’t 100% happy with your current operator, then this is the place for you to search. You can use our tools to look for sites that have high ratings for the areas that might have let you down with your last operator. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a simple way to find it, with all of the best online poker NJ sites to choose from.

Mark These GamblingGuy Pages in Your Favorites

Casino Comparison

This is the primary area for the website. Here’s where you can compare all the top poker sites in NJ. You’ll be able to look at the best NJ online poker providers for the different criteria we review. For example, find the websites that offer the most NJ poker tournaments. You will also find many New Jersey online casino poker games to try at some of the best NJ online slots sites. You also have the option to compare some of the best betting sites for Pennsylvania.

Bonus comparison

This area of our site will display the most lucrative bonuses that are currently available at various NJ online poker sites. Bonuses may include bonus cash to play with or tournament entry tickets. Whatever the bonuses are, they will be the best available for any specific time. All of the promotions we recommend will be for the top New Jersey online poker providers.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

In the Reviews section, you’ll find the operator criteria reports that we use for our comparisons. These are the independent reviews conducted by our team of experts, using the set criteria. You can read about New Jersey internet poker providers in more detail. Find more information about the quality of service across all areas of a site.


We recommend all different types of games and slots, all of which have been thoroughly tested. When assessing any kind of game, we’ll look at game fairness, RTP percentage, and the quality of graphics and gameplay. If you want to take a break from tournaments, you could try out some of the New Jersey online casino poker games that we suggest. You can also take a look at some of the best PA online slots sites.


In this area of our site, you can look through the various payment methods that our recommended sites have available. When playing at poker sites for real money, you need to be sure that the provider has the most convenient payment methods for you. The range of payment methods offered is one of the main criteria when reviewing a website.


Alongside the comparisons we provide, we also want to build a community of skilled online gamblers. In the strategy section, you can find tips and strategies posted to the site by other users. This is an excellent way to get in touch with other New Jersey online poker players. Make friends, find people to play with, and exchange tips and strategies to improve your game on new PA betting sites.


These are our tips for everything you need to know about New Jersey online gambling. Find out how you can make the most out of any online gambling site. This will include tidbits of information, such as getting the best out of a bonus offer, or explaining what RTP percentage is.

Use These Pointers to Identify Your No1 Operator

What payment option is best for you? This is a good starting point to go from. If the provider doesn’t offer your ideal payment method, then there’s not much point in going into any more detail.

  • Is the site available for NJ players? Make sure that you’re looking at NJ online poker sites when making your comparisons.
  • What sign-up offers is the provider offering? If you’re signing up for a new poker site, then you want to make the most of it. Most of the best promotions are for new players, so find out if the welcome bonus is decent.
  • Do you prefer live tournaments? If you want to play live, then find a site that offers plenty of live games.
  • What kind of stakes do you want to play? This is particularly important for poker players. Do you want to play micro-stakes or lower risk games, or find sites offering big buy-in high-roller tournaments?
  • Do you prefer to play at night? If you’re someone who enjoys playing your games in the evening, then take a look at the hours for the customer service team. You’ll probably want to find a provider that operates a 24/7 live chat.
  • What extra features do you want to have access to? Do you want new PA online casinos that offers more than just poker? Have a look at whether the site offers other casino games. If you’re an amateur player, then you may want to use a provider that also provides strategy guides.

Our Expert Panel Tell Us The Top Features To Look For

When searching for their favorite online gambling sites, our experts have their own top features of a website. Here are their priorities when it comes to finding their ideal online gambling site.

Many of our experts particularly enjoy live and in-play betting. This means that they want to use sites with an excellent live streaming service. They also look for the number of betting markets a site offers for in-play betting.

This goes for our New Jersey online poker players too. They are particularly interested in sites that offer live tournaments, as this allows them to test their skills against other players. Most NJ online poker sites offer live tournaments, and it’s a feature enjoyed by many players. You should look further into what variation of buy-ins they offer, and how frequently the tournaments are.

Interesting Facts About Online Poker in New Jersey

Some players may still be unsure about whether Online Poker in New Jersey is legal. The answer to this is yes. NJ online poker sites were made legal in 2013, and now the state has become somewhat of a hub. Players have much more opportunity when playing online, for poker in particular. This is a similar situation to Pennsylvania online gambling.

Players can join many more tournaments, given that they can play from the comfort of their own home. Online poker has also inspired many more amateur players to enjoy the sport. The betting limits for online poker have a massive range, so it can accommodate safer bettors and micro-stakes players. This isn’t to say that you can’t also find high-roller tournaments.

The obvious downside to online poker is that it’s much harder to incorporate the skills of the traditional game. It’s much harder to use bluffs and read people’s faces when you can’t see them. Some online poker rooms will offer video chat poker, but this is one area of the game that can’t compete with a live casino.

Five Golden Tips for Poker Success 

  1. Beginners should start with playing low-stakes poker. When you’re starting out, it’s best not to risk too much. Starting off with lower-stakes games will also often pit you against other amateur players. This gives you the chance to practice your skills while also controlling your losses.
  1. Bluffing isn’t as big as it is for land-based casino poker. When playing online, especially in low-stakes games, most players will be concentrating on their own hand. Try to get the best value out of the hand you have.
  1. Study the game. The best poker players, online or offline, know the game of poker inside out. If you want to become a great player, then you have to do your homework. This is when you can check out our Strategy section to learn the skills and strategies used by other players.
  1. Never play when you’re tired. Online poker games can go on for a long time, so you want to start out feeling fresh. When you’re tired, you won’t be able to concentrate on the game and play at your best.
  1. Play as much as possible. The main factor in becoming a great poker player is practice. The more you play, the more familiar you’ll become with the game and the various strategies available to you. Try to set a routine for yourself as to how often you will play.

Conclusion – Making Sure You’re Playing at the Top Table

At, we can help you find the top NJ online poker sites, but can also make sure that they’re the best provider for you. If you’re a more experienced player, then you’ll already know what you’re looking for from a site. However, if you’re new to the scene, go through our checklist to work out what features of a site you want to prioritize.

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to search through our comparisons to find the New Jersey online casino poker sites that have the highest ratings for what you’re looking for, whether its online slot machines in Pennsylvania or live tournaments with big jackpots. Make sure to also check out any current bonuses available, to make sure that you’re getting the most out of signing up for a new site.

Find the New Jersey online poker provider that gives you the best way to play.

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