US Legal Gambling News - Is Gambling Legal in the US?

Need to know the latest legal news about gambling in the US? Then look no further. Just keep reading and learn whether you can legally bet on sport and play casino games in your state!

The good news is that gambling in the US is much more free than it used to be. Many states have legalized online sports betting and there’s a move towards legalizing online casino gaming too. So take a look below to see how our news can advise you on the latest legal gambling developments across the US!

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We’ve made sure that our legal gambling news service touches on all of the key aspects of the law that you should understand before you start wagering. Here’s just a brief overview of the main sectors that we cover on our gambling news platform:

Sports betting law

It’s essential that you know where you stand in regard to the law when you bet on sport. So our legal gambling news service will cover all of the latest changes in the sports betting law in the US. After all, while everywhere from Illinois to Louisiana has legalized some forms of sports betting, the same isn’t true elsewhere in our nation. Thankfully our legal news service will cover each sports betting bill that gets put through each state’s legislature. All of this means that you’ll be the first to know which US state legalizes sports betting next.

Casino gaming regulations

Online casino gaming has slowly been legalized in a handful of states across the US. Our legal gambling news service will help you see the development of this trend so that you can spot who will legalize casino gaming next. Just because New Jersey and Pennsylvania have legalized casino gaming online doesn’t mean that other states will be so fast to join in. But our news resource will put you in the clear in regards to where you can legally wager real money on slots and table games in the US.

Other gambling legislation

It’s been fascinating to see many other activities slowly being legalized across the US. This means that our legal gambling resource will keep you on top of all of the key developments. From finding out which states are going to legalize esports to learning where you can legally play online poker, it’ll all be here. Don’t forget that our news reports will also help you understand some of the quirks of US gambling laws. For example, you’ll learn what college sports you can bet on and what the difference is between a social casino and a sweepstakes casino. Plus with news on everything from the legalities of fantasy sport to the law surrounding lotteries, you’ll know exactly what you can legally gamble on in the US.

New entrants into US gambling

The changes in online gambling laws have meant that there’s been a never-ending flow of new sportsbook and casino sites launching across the US. So we’ll be profiling each new operator on the scene to let you know where they are regulated and how they work in regard to the law. After all, while a sportsbook might be operating in West Virginia, doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to open up in Tennessee. Plus we’ll check whatever bonuses and promotions are on offer to make sure that they comply with the regulators’ guidance.

Industry overview

We won’t just go down into the nuts and bolts of the US gambling laws, but we’ll also cast our eyes back to give you a broad overview of how the whole industry is regulated. After all, many casino game developers and online sportsbooks have their roots in Europe and you’ll need to understand what’s going on there to understand what could soon be happening here. Plus we’ll give you the lowdown on all other matters to do with gambling whether it’s the minimum gambling age or just a penalty paid to an operator who’s been behaving badly. All you need to stay safe when enjoying some online gambling in the US.

We realize that talking about legal news might not be the most thrilling thing in the world. However we think that it’s hugely important that you read our legal gambling news before you try your luck. Here are a few basic reasons why:

Staying within the law:

Obviously, you will want to make sure that you don’t break the law when you bet. The current US gambling laws make it pretty easy to avoid doing so as all well-regulated gambling apps have geolocation software to make sure that you only bet from within state lines. This doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to go off and play at one of those offshore gambling sites. Doing so is not only illegal, but it’s also deeply unsafe as you’ll get absolutely nothing in terms of customer protection. So make sure that you read our legal gambling news to stay on the right side of the law. 

Your online safety:

Our legal gambling news will help you understand the ways in which you can stay safe when you wager online. This is important as you’ll obviously have to supply any gambling site you use with some potentially sensitive information when you create your account. So our legal news will help highlight what’s legally expected of you and what any gambling site has to do to safeguard your data in order to stay within the law. Such a topic might not sound fascinating, but it’s a good idea to stay on top of how a gambling site is handling your personal information. 

Keeping your money secure:

You’ll obviously be wagering with real money when you bet on sports and play casino games. As a result, you’ll need to read our legal gambling news to understand what kinds of payment options are legally open to you. The US is kind of complicated when it comes to using credit and debit cards for deposits and withdrawals. Check out our legal gambling news for more about this important matter.

Knowing which bonuses to trust:

Our legal gambling news platform can’t miss out on the all-important topic of bonuses as these are those special offers that commonly tempt you into signing up with a particular gambling site. As such our legal news will quickly identify a bonus that’s anything from dodgy in its own right or whether it has been put on by an operator who is acting illegally. All of which should help to keep you safe by guiding you towards those bonuses that have only been put on by gambling sites that are fully licensed and regulated in the US. 

Wagering with confidence:

 You’ll know that the US gambling laws have changed quite fast in a short space of time. This is why we’ve made sure that our legal news has stayed up to date with the latest developments. After all, you’ll want to play with confidence and you can’t really do this if you’re wondering whether your chosen gaming site should be licensed by the NJDGE or the NYSGC. Thankfully our legal gambling resource will be constantly updated to make sure that you can feel confident about matters involving the law so that you can enjoy wagering with confidence. 

We wanted to create a resource of legal gambling news you could trust and the only way to do that was to build a team of experts to power this platform. Our experts have many years’ experience in everything from sports betting to casino gaming, and they are perfectly placed to understand what you are looking for as a player.

This means that each news report featured here will be concisely written in a way that walks you through the legal minefield so that you can instantly understand what you can and cannot do. Plus our experts will be on hand to identify when any exciting new changes might be coming to the online gambling laws in your state.

Such expertise is entirely necessary as the gambling laws in the US aren’t always completely clear cut. You only need to take a look at the sports betting laws in New York to see that things might not always be instantly understandable.

Thankfully our experts will be on hand to help you see whether you can do anything from bet on esports in New Hampshire to play casino games in West Virginia. So while you don’t have to be an expert to win big on a slot game, it definitely helps when it comes to reporting the latest legal gambling news.
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There are plenty of decent sites in the US who’ll give you a good dose of legal gambling news. However, we believe that we have the edge over our rivals. Here are a good few reasons why:

  • Accurate information:
    There is no point in giving you the latest legal gambling news unless we know that it is 100% accurate. After all, it would take just one small mistake and it could bring about some disastrous consequences. This is why we triple check each news story we publish for accuracy. Plus we’ll make sure that these news reports are based on authoritative sources. This is important as there is no shortage of misinformation about legal gambling on the internet. However, we’re determined that each legal news story we report is completely true.
  • Constantly updated:
    The gambling laws in the US have been seeing some momentous changes over the past years. While many of these changes have been a long time coming, when they get into motion, they can change the entire gambling landscape incredibly quickly. This has meant that we have had to work hard to make sure that our online gambling news stories can keep up with all of the legal developments. As a result, you’ll be first to see when the next state legalizes casino gaming and we’ll be the first to tell you when the first legal sportsbooks open up in your state.
  • Easily understandable:
    It’s fair to say that not many people truly enjoy reading through online gambling legislation. After all, any piece of legal text is likely to be very dry and seemingly written in an alien language. This is why we’ve made sure that our legal gambling news does a good job of clearly communicating any changes in the law in a way that everyone can quickly understand. This means that you will always be able to know exactly what you are legally allowed to do in your state. Obviously, we’ll pay close attention to any of the smaller technicalities of the gambling law, but we just want to help you not get hung up on the legalities so that you can truly enjoy legal online gambling in your state.
  • Relevant to your needs:
    Every news story featured in our legal gambling news resource will be relevant to our readers’ needs. We realize that this might be a tough task as there will be sports fans in Florida reading this as well as casino gaming enthusiasts up in Washington. But we want you to stay safe when you gamble online, and the only way we can do this is by putting ourselves in your shoes to see how the law could affect and protect you regardless of whether you want to bet on sport or play casino games.

You should know that we’ll never stop updating you with the latest information about legal gambling in the US. It could be a minor change to the sports betting law in New York, or an amendment to the casino gaming legislation in Michigan, whatever happens, you’ll be the first to know about it. We’re not holding our breath for Utah to legalize online gambling, but if it happens, we’ll be here to report it.

Just to remind you that we don’t report the legal gambling news just out of idle curiosity. Such information is hugely important for your online security. Plus you’ll want to make sure that you are acting legally when you wager online. So make sure that you stick with us to stay updated with the latest legal gambling news in the US!

🏈In which states is sports betting legal?

Read our legal news to see where the law permits you to enjoy betting on sport. After all, there have been some big changes in the law recently that have dramatically opened up the number of US states where sports betting is legal. All of which will be covered in our constantly updated legal gambling news platform.

❓What is the latest sports betting news?

We’ve got all of the sports betting news you need right here, and we’ll keep you topped up with legal news too. All of this is important as you shouldn’t bet on sport unless you know that you are doing so in a completely legal and safe manner. Thankfully our legal gambling news will quickly identify whether you can enjoy safe and legal sports betting in your US state.

🎰Which are the legal casino gaming states?

There have been some big changes in how casino gaming is regulated in the US recently. On the whole, more US states than ever before have legalized online casino gaming, meaning that you have a fun and safe way to play slots and table games. But you’ll need to read our legal gambling news to see whether online casino gaming has been legalized in your US state yet.

👀Where is legal for playing casino games near me?

While there have been significant moves to legalize casino gaming in many US states, the sad fact is that the states with legal online casino gaming remain in the minority. However, things do move fast and so it would be a good idea to check out our legal gambling news to see who the latest US states are to legalize online casino gaming.

🏀Which states allow sports betting?

Check out our legal gambling news to get the latest on those US states who have just legalized online sports betting. While New Jersey and Pennsylvania were among the first, there have been several more states who have given people the right to legally bet on sport. So read our news to see which states have legalized sports betting and who could be the next to do so.

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