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Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and casinos that offer it are abundant the world over, both offline and online. In this guide, we’ll review some of the best online baccarat operators.

We’ll compare them on criteria such as user-interface, ease of use, mobile apps, baccarat game diversity, promotions, and stake levels. Several other criteria are taken into consideration, with each of these elements contributing to the overall baccarat online player experience, as reported by our experts.

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Looking for the Best Online Baccarat? Check Out These Top Picks

Baccarat is a very popular casino game, with a rather straightforward format. This attracts a very diverse crowd of bettors, from rookies to experts.

This comparison is geared towards players of any experience level. Operators are examined objectively, using carefully chosen criteria. Criteria include the abundance, ease of access, and size of any operator promotions and bonuses. We’ve also spent a great deal of time finding some of the best online casino tournaments for baccarat.

Other criteria are the availability of mobile apps, how functional the websites are, and the diversity of online baccarat games. Cashback offers, commissions, and fees also feature in the comparison.
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Use These 5 Operator Pointers to Ensure a Secure & Fun Online Time

When choosing one of the live baccarat casinos, there are many factors to consider. The sheer diversity of options can make it quite difficult to find the right one for you. However, the most important concerns for many users are safety and security.
For gambling to be fun, it needs to be fair, so rigged games are a gambler’s worst nightmare. Additionally, depositing large sums of money at live baccarat casinos can be nerve-wracking. Also consider using a US online casino with low deposit requirements if you’re new betting real money online. It’s crucial to ensure you’re playing baccarat online with a safe operator. Follow this 5-step checklist to stay safe when playing baccarat online.


First and foremost, before you play at any live baccarat casinos, or even sign up, check the licensing. Licensed operators will display theirs prominently on their homepage. Often, they list all gaming authorities that have issued them licenses. You can then verify the license numbers online.


Licensed live baccarat casinos need to have their software, platform, and algorithms regularly audited by third-party agencies. These agencies must be independent to the casinos, and verify the fairness and transparency of the baccarat casino games.

Security features

Reputable live baccarat casinos incorporate robust security features to protect your financial and personal data. These include SSL / TSL encryption protocols, secure servers, and other advanced technology.

Software providers

Legitimate live baccarat casinos have software partnerships with reputable, well-established software providers like Net-Ent and IGT.

Social responsibility

Another stack of legitimate live baccarat casinos is social responsibility. Operators often incorporate information about gambling problems, measures to restrict minors from playing, and affiliations with gambling associations and charities.

Editor’s Recommendation – Which Operators Make the List?

Our Editor’s Recommendation is issued to the best live baccarat casinos. It requires excellence to qualify as Best Operator – an online baccarat provider needs strong results across the board.

The Best Operator must have a robust, intuitive and user-friendly platform, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. They should offer a healthy variety of baccarat casino games from the top developers in the industry.

We also require a particularly solid mobile app performance for our Editor’s Recommendation. Compatibility with all device makers, full-fledged mobile play options, and of course, live online baccarat games. We also verify player data security features, auditing partners, and licensing.

Additionally, we consider special features, such as the best signup bonuses for live baccarat casinos, promotions, deposit bonuses, and offers.

How Our Experts Find Baccarat Operators That Excel

Here at Gambling Guy, our experts work tirelessly to test live baccarat casinos. We employ an extensive array of categories in which operators must excel to get a positive rating.

We then compile these individual category ratings into an objective overall score for each of the live baccarat casinos.

  • Baccarat casino game diversity: Our experts check through the dozens of casino games most live baccarat casinos offer to find exactly how many baccarat options are available.
  • Live baccarat game selection: The most crucial part of live baccarat casinos are the actual live games. We verify the selection of live baccarat games.
  • Stability of game servers: Nobody likes their connection dropping as they attempt to place what would have been a winning bet. Our experts thoroughly test the reliability of game servers.
  • Technical security features: We vet every part of the live baccarat casinos’ security systems, ensuring they have encrypted & secure connections and servers.
  • Mobile app: We check live baccarat casinos for mobile app availability, including both iOS and Android support, support of different devices, and mobile-exclusive features.
  • UI / UX: User interface and user experience refer to the ease of use and access, graphical quality, sound, and other similar factors.
  • Licensing and auditing: We verify that our recommended live baccarat casinos are licensed in every jurisdiction. We also examine their assigned auditing partners.
  • Customer support: We assess the quality and expediency of customer support service at the live baccarat casinos. This includes how prepared and polite the staff is, and available support channels.
  • Software developers: We check the quality, reputation, and track record of software developers and providers for the software at live baccarat casinos that we review.
  • Promotions & offers: We assess the abundance, size, and ease of access to every available casino bonus and offer available at each of our chosen live baccarat casinos.

Choosing the Best Live Baccarat Casino for YOU!

Every gambler has a preferred operator, and many are still using their very first casino, despite running into problems more than once. That’s because players often prefer the devil they know, to the devil they don’t.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the live baccarat casinos that you’ve tried, you should consider looking elsewhere. There are hundreds of operators out there, and there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you.

Picking one of the live baccarat casinos can be quite a task. It’s more than just firing up some lengthy reviews and taking the top picks. You have to know what matters to you, specifically. Selecting one of the live baccarat casinos for their mobile features doesn’t make sense if you never play on mobile.

The right operator for you will have deposit bonuses that fit your style. A large bonus with a wagering requirement you’ll never meet is pointless. Any operator that doesn’t offer the stakes you want to play at won’t be a good fit.

Have a look at our operator comparison and pick the live baccarat casinos that are most appealing to you.

Most Loved GamblingGuy Site Sections

The following are the most important sections of our website, along with a brief introduction to what you can find in each of them.

  1. Casino comparison: In this section, you’ll find our detailed casino comparisons, including comparisons of live baccarat casinos. We compare casinos from the player’s perspective, and review many different games, like blackjack, online slots with the best payouts , roulette, craps, or baccarat.
  2. Bonus comparison: This section is devoted to objective bonus comparisons. If you want to know how all the bonuses available from the best operators rank against each other, check out our casino bonus comparison guides.
  3. Operator / Bonus Reviews: Our operator and bonus review section is dedicated to thorough reports from our experts. We carefully review bonus offers from prominent operators.
  4. Games / Slots: In our Games and Slots section, we take a close look at some of the most popular casino games and review online slots with real money available today. We analyze their performance, detail their statistics, rate them in several categories, and provide recommendations on some great new free slot machines to play.
  5. Payments: The Payments section is dedicated to guides including all the different operators that accept various payment platforms.
  6. Strategy: In our Strategy section, you’ll find the most effective, creative, and innovative strategies for all your favorite casino games and slots.
  7. Guide-wiki: The Guide-wiki section of the website contains a wiki-style database of educational resources and guides. They’ll help you learn everything you need to know about gambling.

Use Our Checklist to Enjoy YOUR Perfect Baccarat Casino!

It can be hard knowing exactly what you need from an operator, so ask yourself the following questions, and use the answers to guide your decisions.

  • What games are you looking to play? Roulette? Perhaps you’re looking for some new slot machines to try out. One of the biggest names in the gaming entertainment industry allows you to play Konami slot machines online with free spins. Whichever style of gambling you decide to partake in, your answer will determine the operators you have to choose from.
  • Do you enjoy live casino gambling ? Not all casinos incorporate live dealer games. This helps filter your options considerably.
  • Do you enjoy playing baccarat online for free? Several operators offer free demo play with free play money. However, many operators don’t offer free versions of baccarat.
  • Do you need your casino to have an associated sportsbook? Many casinos have sports books, while other operators focus exclusively on casino operations.
  • Are you a high or low stakes gambler? Some casinos are ideal for low stakes players, with very low minimum bets. Other casinos are well-suited for high rollers, with very high stakes games available.
  • Do you mostly play on a computer or your phone? Do you prefer playing on your browser or in a dedicated app? Several operators offer their own mobile apps, while others work right in your browser.
  • Do you need a very large first deposit bonus? If you plan to start your bankroll with a large deposit, there are several options with very sizable deposit bonuses.
  • Do you prefer smaller, regular deposit bonuses? Many operators offer regular monthly or weekly deposit bonuses.
  • How important are online slots with free spins to you? Some operators give players free spins on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • How important are graphics to you? Several operators have very sophisticated visual presentations, while others are less polished.

Which Operators Do Our Panel Experts Personally Use?

Here at Gambling Guy, our expert gamblers love to gamble too! They choose their favorite live baccarat casinos based on the same criteria they rank operators by.

Many nights will find them loading up the app for a hand of baccarat or ten at 3 in the morning. That’s why one of their favorite features in live baccarat casinos are 24-hour live dealer games.

They also enjoy having a broad range of stakes available. Ideally, they look for limits as low as 1 $ per hand, and as high a thousand. Another feature they love is solid Android and iOS apps, with both phone and tablet support.

Currently, their favorite US live baccarat casino is Golden Nugget Casino. It ticks all their boxes, and has a sweet sign-up bonus to boot. On the topic of bonuses, have a look at our guide on online slots with a no deposit bonus if you’d like a break from the baccarat table. You can now even play the Monopoly slot machine online !

Differences Between Online & Offline Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most iconic games in casino gambling. From James Bond movies to the fanciest casino floors in the world, it’s a classic card game, through and through. It’s widely available at offline, land-based establishments the world over.

Online baccarat games, on the other hand (particularly live baccarat casinos), are a relatively recent development. They have, however, grown enormously in the past couple of decades. The US online casino industry is now larger than land-based casinos.

So, what’s the best experience when it comes to baccarat? Online baccarat or offline baccarat? That depends entirely on your preferences. Land-based casinos offer an exciting environment.

They also tend to be in out of the way locations. You need to travel out there and likely even pay for a hotel. It’s not exactly a convenient experience for most people as they live prohibitively far away. Live casinos also tend to have prohibitively high minimum stakes for the casual player.

On the other hand, online baccarat operators are open around the clock, right in your pocket. You can play any time, from anywhere, in a matter of seconds. You can bet as little or as much as you like, and there are convenient digital payment platforms available.

That said, online live baccarat casinos have a few downsides. Sometimes, the selection of baccarat games can be rather limited. Many only offer live tables only within a fixed daily schedule. Finally, in many US states, online casinos are currently unavailable for legal reasons.

3 Ultimate Tips for Baccarat Success

Are you determined to make it big at live baccarat casinos? If so, we have a select few tips from our experts for you to keep in mind. Pay close attention and take these words to heart. They come from a place of considerable experience and may help you find the online casino with the best payouts for you.

Don’t Mind The Obscurities

Many online baccarat players want to get to know the game intimately. To many people, that means learning the rules in and out. And baccarat certainly has some odd, specific, and obscure rules.

The rules that determine when the dealer will start and stop dealing from the shoe are particularly obscure and complicated. If tedious, obscure rules are up your alley, by all means, go ahead and learn them.

You certainly don’t need to know them at all to win at baccarat, though. So don’t let the details bog you down.

Strategies Are A Fiction

Now, don’t get us wrong. Strategies are a tremendously important part of casino betting, and gambling in general. That’s why we devote so much space to them here at Gambling Guy. Baccarat games, though, are a different beast.

With punto banco baccarat, which is by far the most popular format of the game, strategies are pointless. People spend hours sitting around the baccarat tables, writing down results using arcane systems. None of them work. There are no recognizable patterns to be exploited.

The banker has a positional advantage when drawing the third card, giving them a slight edge. This brings us to our third, final, and most important tip.

Bet On The Banker

We can’t stress this enough, really. For shoes of any amount of decks, the banker will always have the best odds due to their positional advantage.

That means that, no matter what results have come up in the past, you should always, always, bet on the banker. The payout for banker bets also has the lowest house edge.

Conclusion – Time to Play Live Baccarat!

In summation, live baccarat casinos offer some of the most exciting gambling action you can find online today. It’s one of the most widely available casino card games around, and live online casinos have been catching on to its popularity for many years.

Finding operators is very easy, but picking the right operator is a whole other story. With so many options with such varied features, every case is unique. You’ll have to sit down and compare the advantages of each operator, and make the right choice for you. Be sure to have a look at our guide to online casino with fast payouts when you decide to start betting with real money. If you decide to take a break from table games, our list of online slots with paypal payment options are a great resource.

Check out the criteria our experts use when rating and ranking baccarat operators. Consider which elements are most important to you.

Looking for more guides? Take a look at our latest Play Hot Roll Dice Slot Machine online or online casino that accept Apple Pay guides!

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  • Play live dealer games with virtual credits
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