How do you split in blackjack?

Blackjack is probably one of the most well-known card games in the world. While we can’t teach you how to count cards and get away with it, we can show you other legitimate tips and tricks.

You can use them to improve your chances of winning the next time you decide to play blackjack. Our Blackjack 101 tips and blackjack guides will come in handy for everyone.

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Increase Your Blackjack Success With This Strategy

Whether you casually play games at the casino, are a regular casino goer, or prefer to play while hanging out with your friends, we can teach you something new, such as:

  • Improve your odds of winning
  • Boost your bankroll
  • Learn how and when to split in blackjack
  • Make the most of your hand
  • Increase your wins
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Dividing Your Hand to Increase Your Chances

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what is splitting in blackjack. Splitting is an opportunity to increase your chances of winning cash by making multiple wagers in the same round. It’s crucial to understand when to split in blackjack. You need to know the right time and how to make the most of a blackjack split.

While online casino bonuses and live casino bonus offers are great for making extra cash, its also worth teaching yourself techniques to play, and hopefully win better.

In blackjack, a split is the act of dividing your hand into two different hands when you are dealt a matching pair. However, some casinos may offer additional opportunities to split your cards in blackjack. For example, if you’re dealt two Queens, you’ll have the ability to split them into two separate hands – thus doubling your chances of winning.

If you’re wondering what cards to split in blackjack, there’s no specific requirement on the value of the cards for you to split them. You can split any pair regardless of the value of the card. With that in mind, there are definitely times when it is better to split, and when it is better to stick with one hand.

Knowing When to Use Splitting in Blackjack

Often gamblers think that every opportunity to split is the best time to split and, therefore, every possible blackjack split is an opportunity to be taken. While it can make the game more exciting, a blackjack split isn’t always a good idea. There are various factors to consider, such as the value of the cards you’re splitting and, of course, whether you can afford the additional wager needed for a blackjack split to happen.

Knowing when to use a blackjack split is a crucial skill to learn if you want to be successful at the game.

If you decide to take advantage of a blackjack split, you need to make that decision right away. You’re not able to get a third card and then decide you want to split your original pair. Once the third card has been dealt, you have officially missed the opportunity to split your cards.

The most essential thing to remember is that while splitting in blackjack, it may seem fun and exciting, but your concentration is divided between multiple hands and you have extra money at risk. If this is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be best to skip splitting until you’re more confident in your Blackjack 101 skills.

Using The Blackjack Split 

When you’re in a position to use a blackjack split and choose to do so, you have to place an additional wager equal to the original bet you placed for the new hand. The dealer will then physically split the cards, so you have two separate hands in play. A new card will be dealt for each hand. Depending on the blackjack split rules of the casino, you may be able to hit or stand. Other casinos limit you to one extra card after you’ve used a blackjack split.

Keep in mind that while splitting increases the amount you can win, it also increases the amount of money you risk losing.

It’s Now a Game of Two Halves

Now that your cards have been split into two separate hands, you can proceed to play them. Each hand will be played separately.  A win or loss, on the one hand, doesn’t have any effect on the other hand. Unless the casino’s blackjack split rules state otherwise, having split your cards would not affect how you can play your cards.

How Many Times Can I Split Cards in Blackjack?

If you’re wondering how many times you can use a blackjack split in blackjack, it depends on the rules of the specific casino you’re playing at. Usually, you can use the blackjack split again if you’re dealt another matching pair. Keep in mind that each time you split your cards, your wager will increase.

For example, If you’re playing $10 hands, splitting twice turns that $10 wager into $30. If you want to limit the amount of money that you’re spending, you may want to restrict your splitting to once per game.

Typically, the maximum number of times you’re allowed to use a blackjack split is three, which means a total of four hands in play. The rules can vary between casinos, though. It’s vital to remember that this means you’ll have three times your original wager on the table.

Which Cards to Split

Knowing what cards to split in blackjack is the key to success. Two of the best pairs you can use a blackjack split on are 8s and Aces. As there’s a higher volume of cards with a value of 10 in the deck, the chances of hitting a 21 is statistically higher when you use a blackjack split on Aces.

A hand with a value of 8 is easier to play with than a hand with a value of 16. It’s not often that anyone wins with a hand valued at 16, and usually, you can only expect this to happen if the dealer goes bust.

If you are dealt a pair of 10s or face cards, which has the value of 10s, you’re better off not splitting the cards. When you consider the odds, you’re not likely to get a better value than that. If you use a blackjack split on the 10s, you put yourself in a position where you could easily be on a low value, potentially hitting again and going bust.

On the other hand, you could get a high-value card. For those who want to play it safe, we recommend that when you play blackjack, split the other cards, just not these.

For any other cards you’re dealt, you should take into consideration the cards the dealer is holding. The cards held by the dealer could affect the success of you splitting in blackjack. Should the dealer hold a 4, 6 or 5 and you have the opportunity to use a blackjack split, you should definitely take it.

Statistically speaking, starting out with those cards, the dealer has a higher likelihood of going bust, which means you’ll stand a better chance of winning the hand – or hands if you’re able to use a blackjack split. In case you’re wondering, “Can the dealer split in blackjack?”, fortunately, the answer is no.

Splitting Aces – Check the Casino Rules

Some casinos, whether land-based or online, will have their own blackjack split rules. For instance, they may not allow you to split certain cards – such as Aces. When you’re dealt a pair of Aces and opt to split them, most casinos allow you to get only one extra card. You won’t get the option to hit again.

Other casinos will give you the option to hit or stand after the obligatory card is dealt on your split blackjack hands. Make sure you understand the blackjack split rules of the casino before playing as it may affect your blackjack strategy.

Know When to Skip Splitting

If the dealer is showing a card with the value of 9, 10 or Ace, it’s not a good idea to split your cards in blackjack. The only exception will be if you have a pair of 8s.

One of the foundations of blackjack strategy is that you need to assume every card you can’t see has a value of 10. So, when the dealer’s visible card is a strong one, you want to assume you’ll likely be drawing against a hand that will beat yours.

Should you be dealt a pair of 5s, it’s best to avoid splitting cards and double down instead. The reason for this is that with a total of 10 you’re more likely to end up with a strong hand than having started with two 5s.

Know When to Split

Knowing when to split in blackjack is rarely cut and dry. If you’re dealt certain pairs, you’ll want to consider splitting or not splitting based on the cards that the dealer has been dealt. A good example is if you see the dealer’s visible card is a 2 or 3 and you have a pair of fours. You may want to weigh up the odds of building up those fours versus hitting and landing on a solid 18.

Any situation where the dealer has low cards can make deciding when to split on blackjack a little tricky.

The lower the value of your pair, the safer it is to split your cards. Splitting a pair of deuces opens you up to several possibilities, whereas splitting 7s can put you in an awkward position if your next card is a high card.

In blackjack, when it comes to scenarios like these, you may need to rely on your instincts and hope for a lot of luck.

Doubling Down After Splitting

Depending on the blackjack split rules at the casino you’re playing at, you might be forbidden from doubling down after you’ve split your cards. If you’re allowed to do so, knowing when to double down is crucial.

Doubling down is the act of doubling your bet when you’ve been dealt a nine, ten or eleven. As you have a higher chance of winning with these cards, it’s considered a small risk that could potentially boost your bankroll.

When you double down, you are dealt one extra card. You won’t have the option to hit or stand after this additional card has been dealt to you.

Doubling down puts you in a position to land on 21, but if you aren’t dealt a high card, there’s a high possibility of losing unless the dealer goes bust. For this reason, you need to be careful when doubling down. If you’re quite sure that you’ll beat the dealer, then you should go for it.

If the dealer has a weak card (for instance, any card between 2 and 6) then there’s a good chance of the dealer going bust, making it the ideal time to double down.

Knowing the Casinos Rules

Keep in mind that different casinos can enforce different rules on their games. Remember to familiarize yourself with the casino’s blackjack rules on splits. Once you know the blackjack split rules of the casino, you can adjust your blackjack strategy accordingly.

Being familiar with the rules and nuances of blackjack at your favourite casino is part of Blackjack 101. If you want to test out the rules of an online casino, look into the no deposit bonuses on offer.

Top Blackjack Splitting Rules to Be Aware Of

As you can imagine, different casinos will have different rules around splitting. Not all of these rules apply to all casinos, and the casinos that do have rules may not enforce all those listed. It’s in your best interest to be aware of the online blackjack USA split rules if you intend to try your hand at splitting.


Some casinos only allow you to split your hand once and therefore don’t allow re-splitting. Other casinos may allow you to split three times, four times or infinitely.

Re-split Aces

This rule allows for the re-splitting of Aces.

No split Aces

There are casinos that don’t allow you to split your pair of Aces at all. This isn’t a common rule, but it can happen.

Multiple draws after Aces are split

Most of the time casinos will allow just one card to be drawn after you split your Aces. There are other casinos that will allow you to choose whether or not you want to hit or stand after that card.

Split tens must be the same rank

In blackjack all face cards have the value of ten and are considered the same if you wish to split your cards. Some casinos require that the card must be the same type. E.g. if you’re dealt a Jack and a Queen you can’t split, but you can split a pair of Kings. This rule isn’t common, but it does exist.

Split any time

This rule means you’re allowed to split at any time. For example, if your first cards are Jack and 3, you won’t be able to split. If your subsequent card is a 3, you can opt to split the 3s.

Split any sixteen

This rule helps you to get rid of terrible hands and is essential if available. Any hand that makes a value of 16 can be split. If you’re dealt 8 and 6, you can split the hand.

Check Out Our Other Betting Guides & Strategies

Once you’ve got the hang of splitting in blackjack, and know when to split in blackjack, we encourage you to check the other blackjack guides we have available. The more you learn about when to split and different nuances in blackjack, the higher your odds of getting blackjack.

If you’re joining an online casino for the first time, don’t miss out on their online casino bonuses. Keep in mind, if you come across a free spin casino no deposit bonus, it won’t apply to blackjack. To replicate the feel of a land-based casino, be sure to claim a live casino bonus.

Conclusion – A Great Blackjack Skill to Perfect

Blackjack truly is a game of skill, and much like everything else it’s something that requires a lot of practice to perfect. Learning different strategies around when to split cards will help you improve your overall skill and, thus, your chances of winning.

What’s excellent about blackjack is that the blackjack split rules and knowing when to split – among other things – can easily be applied to both land-based casino blackjack and online blackjack with real money.

If you want to try your hand at USA online slots, we recommend that you play the Lobstermania slot machine online or Hot Roll Dice slot machines.

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