Best Online Slots 2021 - Play Top Real Money Slot Games with the best Payout

Today, the best US online casinos offer many opportunities to play a range of games and to win big.

Slots are the part that has flourished the most with the growth of online betting. Today, you can play a massive range of real money slots on the internet.

However, not all sites are created equal. Any punter looking to profit from their spins will wonder which slots have the best payout. Below, you’ll find a list of casinos featuring online slots with the best payout.

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Top Slot Payouts – Full Online Casino Guide

No two casinos are alike, and each has its unique selling points. In most cases, the main differences lie in the quality and variety of games, as well as the odds and bonuses offered. Some may offer the online slots with the best payout, but not have free spins. Others may offer free spins without the online slots with the best payout that you’d like to play.

Our comparisons ensure that you’re aware of these, and many other aspects that make up an online casino. As such, this guide can be useful to any bettor, no matter their experience level.

So, if you’re a slot lover and you run into a casino featuring new free slot machines or one with a massive number of free spins as a welcome bonus, come to Gambling Guy first to check them out.

That way, you’ll ensure you’re joining a casino that’s fair, reliable, and offers online slots with the best payout.

A Few Simple Operator Checks for a Fun & Fair Casino Experience

It’s not strange for beginners to feel apprehensive about putting their personal and financial data into a website. Before you play the online slots with the best payout it’s wise to know what you’re getting into.

We try to put you at ease and to ensure that you only experience secure, fair gambling. So, here are five steps to follow to ensure that you’re joining an operator you can trust.

Check for License and Registration

Many regulatory bodies are there to license and follow the operations of online casinos. You can use their licenses as a mark of trust – if an operator is displaying it, then they’re proving to you that betting with them is legal.

Ensure There’s an Encryption Protocol

Online casinos deal with real money and people’s banking information. For that reason, putting an SSL encryption protocol in place is critical. This security feature keeps your money safe and helps prevent data leaks.

Read the T&C

Although there are specific guidelines for every casino to follow, they set the rules when it comes to their bonuses, payouts, loyalty points, and everything else.

It’s on you to read the terms and conditions before you sign up and make deposits.

Check the Reviews

With our reviews, you can rest assured about our recommended operators. We do casino tests that deal with every aspect of their services, so you won’t have to risk anything.

Apart from professional reviews, be sure to check real-life player testimonials, too. They speak volumes, and regular members sometimes pick up what we miss out on.

Learn Betting Basics

Finally, you should do your homework. If you’re not familiar with the basics of betting, you’re relying only on chance for profit. Getting informed and making intelligent choices will lead to a much more high-quality betting experience.

Editor’s Top Pick – Top Casino Selection Process

While testing, we try not to limit our best operator category to a single casino. Instead, we acknowledge that no two operators, like no two players, are alike.

So, the editor’s recommendation varies, depending on the specific aspect of gambling on which we’re focusing.

Today, we might be looking for the highest payout online casino; on another day, it may be a fast payout casino. The same operator would not get awards for both, but they would have something in common – the exceptional quality on offer. Today, however, we’re focusing on the online slots with the best payout.

Many factors make up excellence, but with years of experience under our belts, we know it when we see it. So, rest assured that if you go for a casino from the editor’s recommendation, you’re not likely to regret it.

Expert Assessment: What We Look for in an Operator

Many aspects go into our operator tests in an attempt to ensure a well-rounded service. Whether we’re looking for online slots with the best payout or bookmakers with the fairest odds, we follow these ten criteria.

Betting Offers

Each operator features a different range of betting offers, which depend on the games and the markets they cover. For example, a live casino online will have more betting offers than one without the live category. Variety does wonders to keep you engaged.


Today, casinos use high welcome bonuses to lure in new players, and promotions to keep them coming back to play more. The conditions related to the gift can make or break the offer.

Customer Support

Helpful, attentive staff should be ready to help you 24/7, through multiple channels, and without fees.


As we discussed previously, a license, encryption, and transparent T&C are all a must if an operator is looking to earn your trust.

Payment Methods

Today, there are so many online payment methods that you shouldn’t settle for a limited number of choices. Plus, with more and more online slots with PayPal, the transactions are becoming even safer.


If there’s a sportsbook involved, then it should feature fair, high-quality odds that show that your bookmaker wants you to win.

Live Betting

Both casinos and sportsbooks today tend to offer live sections where you can pursue oh-so-exciting bets in real-time.

Mobile Version

More and more bettors play on the go, and a high-quality app or mobile website allows you to do so seamlessly.

Loyalty Programs

If an operator gives you rewards for your loyalty to their games, they show that they appreciate you as a member.

Overall Usability

Finally, it doesn’t matter that you might have found a casino with the highest slot payouts if you can’t use it properly. Design is subjective, but usability can be measured.

Finding the Right Casino Operator for You!

All our criteria go into all our reviews, that doesn’t mean they all carry equal importance for you. You may only want the online slots with the best payout, or you might want poker too! After all, gambling is a hobby, which makes it personal.

There’s more to finding the right operator than trying the one with the best grade. Since you’re here, you’re looking to play online slots with the best payout. What else matters for you? Is it security, bonuses, or flexibility?

It’s wise to make a list of casino aspects that matter to you. Then, take a look at our recommendations that offer the best online slots payout percentages and read about these aspects in relation to that operator.

That way, you’re the most likely to find the best paying online slots featured by a casino that suits your other needs as well.

The research we mentioned above will require you to look into our casino reviews. We aren’t only interested in the online slots with the best payout, there are other modules of the website that can help you enjoy a secure, successful gambling experience.

For your convenience, we have separated them into logical wholes, so you always know where to go to find what you seek.

Casino Comparison

Since you’re seeking to learn about online casino payouts, this part is now the most relevant to you. Here, we look into every major online casino in the offer and give our honest evaluation. This module is also where you go to find a place that features new slot machines, or even new online slots with the best payout, for you to enjoy.

Bonus Comparison

Bonuses are such a massive part of your online gambling experience that we figured they deserve a separate section.

Here, we focus on the bonus offers, conditions tied to them, and limits you might face. If you’re big on bonuses, check out this section after reading the review in the previous one. You might want to read this if you’re looking for free spins on the online slots with the best payout.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

Upon reading the previous two sections, you’ll likely come to several possible choices to join.

To ensure that you’re picking a website that offers not only the online slots with the best payout, but also everything else you seek, dive deeper into these titles here. That way, you won’t run into any nasty surprises once you join.


Variety is one of the most significant selling points of online casinos. There are many different variations of the online slots with the best payout, as well as table games and much more.

In these sections, you’ll learn about the libraries of the casinos you like, so you’d be sure to find everything you could want. Another thing you can read here is rules for specific games, so you can start playing with confidence.


Processing payments can be a hassle in online casinos, and security is another massive issue. Here, we check out the possible payment methods, attached fees, and limits, so you’d know what to expect.

Betting Strategies

We all know that knowing the rules of the game is a must before entering with a real money wager. However, being aware of the best strategies can make a huge difference and can help you win. From slots to cricket, we cover those approaches in this module.


Finally, as online gambling is so tempting and accessible, many will jump headfirst into it without getting informed on the basics.

Doing so, though, can lead to feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying the game as the best-case scenario. You could even end up wasting money. So don’t just jump at the first operator that offers the online slots with the best payout!

Our guide section helps you to get acquainted with the basics of gambling, the terminology, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask simple how-to questions – your pride could be what’s standing between you and enjoyment.

Fan of Spins! How to Find YOUR Best Paying Slots

Apart from the fact that you’re a fan of spinning reels and looking for the best payout slots online, what else do you want from a casino?

Let’s focus on slots first. If we assume they’re your game of interest, take a look at the variety, bonuses, and options to win big. These factors differentiate a top online casino from a mediocre one. Do they have a large variety of the online slots with the best payout? Do they offer you free spins to use on the online slots with the best payout?

Then, think about other games that interest you. Most people are interested in more than simply the online slots with the best payout. Are you looking to try your hand at online casino tournaments? Would you care for a sportsbook? Are scratch cards something you do to take your mind off of things?

Finally, consider the aspects not related to the games themselves that matter. Depending on your budget, there are US online casinos with low deposits, no deposits and those for high-rollers. There are simple, portable ones, and sophisticated, luxurious venues.

If you’re not sure, find places that offer free spins and free bets as a part of their welcome bonus. That way you can play the online slots with the best payout at that site. The experience will tell you what feels right better than anything else.

Our Expert Panels Favorite Slots Platform 

Casino enthusiasts have loved slots ever since the beginning. Today, it’s still a favorite hobby of avid casino goers.

However, with their transition online, the expectations have increased. Our experts look for only the best operators for slots. With the considerable selection out there, why shouldn’t they?

First, online slots with the best payout always get bonus points. Today, RTP is generally over 96%, and anything lower is unacceptable for serious bettors. Progressive jackpot slots are a whole other level of exciting, too, especially if they also have a high RTP.

Moreover, variety matters. Slots come in all shapes and sizes, so they cater to whichever interest is the most prominent with the player at that moment. So, no matter whether you’re humming a new Bond theme song or want to dig some gold, there should be something available for you.

Finally, smooth slots are a must. Nothing ruins the mood as quickly as a buggy slot that won’t show its animations. Our experts seek reliable, popular software providers in the slot libraries of the casinos they test to guarantee quality.

Online Vs. Offline Slots: Which to Choose?

It’s fair to say that online slots with the best payout offer more in terms of profits than land-based slots. However, there are benefits to gambling offline. So, which option should you choose?

Here at Gambling Guy, we like both types of gambling. Playing slots is much better online,  according to our experts. There are three main reasons that they feel this way.

Firstly, time management. Going to a physical casino is a time commitment, and with the advent of mobile betting, you can access online slots with the best payout even while commuting – no queue.

Moreover, the independence – no other people pushing you to raise your stakes, working hours telling you when to and when not to come, crowds limiting the games you can use. In online casinos, it’s all you and what you feel like doing.

Finally, access. In the US, you won’t find casinos on every corner. Online, they’re much more accessible, leaving you spoilt for choice. You can even join multiple casinos at once.

4 Ultimate Tips for Payout Success

Once you find the online slots with the best payout, there are four main ways you can choose among those titles and enjoy them to the max.


Depending on your budget and desire to profit, you can choose between low and high stake slots.

If you’re a beginner, though, start with those that allow you to make smaller bets. On the other hand, if your bankroll is higher, then you may access a more considerable library of options. Perhaps you could even try jackpot slots.

Structure and Layout

Beginners tend to get intimidated by higher numbers of reels and pay lines, and they choose minimal amounts. Doing so is okay at first, but after a while, try a more complex structure for higher chances of multipliers and wins.

Slots Bonuses

Online slots with the best payout are fantastic, but if they also offer bonuses, even better! Consider bonus rounds and free spins provide incredible opportunities to win even more.


As we mentioned previously, there are even machines to suit any topic that may interest you. Sometimes, if you can’t decide among several titles, this can make all the difference.

Conclusion – Time to Spin the Reels

So, now you’re aware of where you can find online slots with the best payout, as well as other aspects that are important to consider while looking for an establishment in which you’ll spin the reels.

The basics of picking a slot machine, and winning at it, should also be much more apparent to you now.

We hope that you now feel more confident in your pursuit of a casino to join by yourself. Once you find one, relax a bit – the hard work, the research, the digging, is over. You can sit back, enjoy the library on offer, and spin to your heart’s content.

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