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Play Megabucks Online Slot Machine by IGT! For Free & Real Money (+Free Spins & Sign Up Bonus)IGT

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Mark Lewis
Last Updated on 02/02/2023

As one of the top slot games in the world, Megabucks provides a starting progressive jackpot win of $10,000,000, with increasing progressive jackpot values available to players that spin $3 spins. This Megabucks slot machine review will cover the most important details of this slot classic and dispel common myths about Megabucks free spins and Megabucks online slot machines that are present in some Megabucks slot machine reviews.

Megabucks free spins are not available online. Most Megabucks slot machine reviews include a list of available casinos that offer alternative versions of the Megabucks slot machine and ours does too. A Megabucks slot machine review also has to include a discussion of its famous progressive jackpot and the possibility of a Megabucks online slot machine in the future. These possibilities are what attract many online gamblers who would otherwise gamble at physical casinos.

Megabucks Slot – The World Famous Progressive Jackpot

The Megabucks slot was developed by IGT in the 1980s, released in 1982, and has become one of the world’s most famous progressive jackpot slots since then. It is available at various physical casinos in Las Vegas, including Caesar’s and Excalibur, and has a progressive jackpot system that allows the plays to accumulate across casinos, increasing the total jackpot.

This is a classic no-nonsense jackpot slot with a $1 play fee. Gamblers of all levels can enjoy this IGT slot classic, but it is currently only available as a real money progressive jackpot at physical casinos.

The price is $3 for players that want to go for the progressive jackpot, which is the main lure of this casino giant, despite its lack of Megabucks free spins. The majority of gamblers go for the progressive jackpot for its promise of a high return.

Unfortunately, for those online gamblers, there are currently no Megabucks online slot machines available that provide the kind of Megabucks jackpot that physical casinos do. Although some Megabucks slot machine reviews list a number of similar slot options, no traditional Megabucks progressive jackpots are available online. There are, however, a number of similar alternative slots with 5 or 6 reels as opposed to the classic 3.

US online slots with real money can be found at all the operators on our website, but there is no Megabucks online slot machine currently available. It’s possible that online casinos may feature this progressive slot classic on their websites in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

As there are no Megabucks sign up bonuses at any online casinos, you’ll have to search for other sign up bonuses that can help you win other slots. You can find a list of online casino sites with fast payouts here at our website as well as a host of other reviews similar to the Megabucks slot machine review. You can look for Megabucks alternatives at any of these certified online casinos.

If you want to play a Megabucks slot machine online, then you’ll have to wait for its release or play other slots that IGT has made available. There are several Megabucks variations that feature 5 and 6 reel variations. You may even find that you prefer these expanded versions to the original.

Where to Play ‘The’ Classic Megabucks Slot Machine

The top casinos offering the Megabucks slot machine are all currently physical land-based casinos, so you’ll have to go to your nearest physical betting location in Nevada to take advantage of this slot classic.

It’s not even available at the best live casinos online. As such, you won’t be surprised to know that there are no Megabucks sign up bonuses or Megabucks free spins available at online casinos. Although there are no Megabucks sign up bonuses yet available, you can still search for related slot games online. There are a host of related online slots that sport Megabucks-like features.

Online gamblers can’t yet play Megabucks slot machines online. Most Las Vegas casinos offer this classic slot, but again, you’ll have to make it out to those tried and true physical casinos that feature IGT machines to enjoy the Megabucks progressive jackpot. Not all physical casino locations in Nevada offer this generous progressive jackpot, so be sure to check the casino options before heading out to make your fortune. We provide a wealth of reviews here on our website for you to check out what your online casino options are.

The best US online casinos provide lots of slots and live casino options, with likenesses of the slot machine greats, even if they aren’t quite the same as playing them in an actual casino. They may provide a lower return, but most players find it better than having no alternative.

New US online casino sites usually provide a variety of classic and modern slots for players to enjoy. If you want to play a Megabucks slot machine online then you can check out some of the variations offered by our featured casinos. They won’t provide a Megabucks sign up bonus per se, but you can find sign up bonuses that will give you access to similar online slots. When the Megabucks online slot is released, we’ll be sure to provide you with the details.

The largest Megabucks win in history, to date, was recorded at the Excalibur by a 25-year-old software engineer who was visiting Las Vegas on holiday at the time. This record-setting spin was spun in 2003 for $39.7 million. Let’s just say whoever patents the first Megabucks online slot machine will be wealthy and won’t need to think much about retirement.

This slot classic is only available at physical casinos, so if you want to play Megabucks slot machines online then you’re out of luck, as you won’t find Megabucks free spins online either. If it was available online, Megabucks would be included as one of the online slots with the best payouts. It’s truly a casino buff’s slot dream to win a Megabucks progressive jackpot.

Megabucks is also available at Caesar’s Palace and affiliated casinos.

Megabucks Slots – How to Play

When it comes to playing new slot machines and online slots with free spins, you’ll want to know exactly how the game works. Megabucks is a very simple slot machine to play but you won’t be able to play Megabucks slot machines online. To win the progressive jackpot, players must spin three of the golden Megabucks eagles simultaneously. With only three reels this must be a simple task, one might think. However, the approximate odds are said to be somewhere around 1/(368)3, or 1/49,836,032.

Although there are no Megabucks free spins, this doesn’t deter most players because of the extremely generous progressive jackpot, which is won at least once a year on average. That’s without counting the other jackpots and payouts that the machine produces. Players continue coming back to this slot classic because of its consistent payouts.

Besides spinning that winning combination of three golden Megabucks eagles, you should know that you’ll need to play the $3 version of the slot if you want to have access to the progressive jackpot, which is the lure of the game for most players.

That being said, you can still have a spin even if you don’t plan on winning the legendary progressive jackpot.

A Quick Look at Megabucks Symbols

As a classic casino slot, Megabucks does not have bonus symbols or wilds. Most of the reels feature normal classic slot machine symbols like lucky 7’s, fruit symbols, and, of course, the golden Megabucks eagles.

For this Megabucks slot machine review, we won’t go into a lot of detail regarding the symbols for this slot, because its symbols are self-explanatory and not very sophisticated. For most players, that is the charm of this slot classic.

Megabucks online slot machines that are based on this slot classic may include a variety of symbols, but for now, it’s safe to say that the Megabucks symbols are vintage and classic designs. It would be hard for a player to be confused with the symbols presented at the Megabucks slot machine.

Your Chance to Win the $10,000,000 Jackpot

The wager lines for this jackpot are set at various jackpot values, but the progressive jackpot always resets to $10,000,000 after a jackpot win. For the purposes of this Megabucks slot machine review, the jackpot lines will differ from machine to machine, but one constant is the progressive jackpot, which is always reset to $10,000,000 after a progressive jackpot win. There are no Megabucks free spins online for real money.

The “deposit” is a mere $3 to play for the progressive jackpot. Most players find this to be a small fee for a chance to win one of the largest jackpots on the gambling market. When the Megabucks online slot machine becomes available, it’s likely that players would pay more to play the Megabucks slot machine online. A $4 or $5 fee would be acceptable, but that will be determined by the particular online casino that receives the rights to offer this slot classic online.

Some US online casinos with low deposits may offer a range of benefits to compensate for low deposit limits. They may not be as lucrative in the short term, but they can help you with investing your gambling money if you’re new to online gambling.

There are, in fact, many online resources regarding bankroll management and how to gamble online. Check out the rest of our website to find out more about beginner gambling guides and how to start betting effectively.

Where to Find a Megabucks Slot Machine

A Megabucks sign up bonus would be quite the advantage for online gamblers if they were to find such a thing. The Megabucks slot is available only at physical casino locations in Nevada and pays out at least $10,000,000 to the progressive jackpot winners.

It is won, on average, once a year, and the highest Megabucks progressive jackpot win to date was $39.7 million. Most gamblers wouldn’t know what to do with such a prize, and this particular winner is still receiving his payments which are paid out annually.

This jackpot is higher than the majority of casino tournaments for traditional table games.It would be difficult to say exactly who offers the best online casino tournament, because new tournaments are constantly being sponsored.

A Megabucks online slot machine would revolutionize online slots and it’s likely that many players would invest in a Megabucks online slot machine.

Most online casinos with the best payouts also have the most stringent withdrawal procedures. You should be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of each bet type you place, if applicable.

Similar wins are possible at online casinos but do not suffer from less stringent withdrawal limits. So, to be on the safe side, it’s best you know the withdrawal limits for the casino that you’re gambling at. To find that information, you can either contact customer service or consult the FAQ section.

This will be especially true for play at Megabucks slot machines online when they become available. Players would be able to win increasingly high amounts with such a progressive jackpot available online.

Jackpot Thrills Without Animation Frills

The animation and graphics of Megabucks slots are quite ordinary for what you would expect from a slot machine. Its no-nonsense design is part of what draws players to its progressive jackpot.

The beauty of this slot is in its single-minded focus on the progressive jackpot. The machine doesn’t waste time with Megabucks free spins or bonus rounds, so players can enjoy the majority of their time chasing the progressive jackpot.

That being said, there are some Megabucks free spins that the physical slot machine awards. It’s clear when a bonus round has been awarded, and players shouldn’t have trouble identifying a bonus round from a regular spin.

Most Megabucks online slot machines that are modeled after the Megabucks slot machine also don’t waste much time on frilly bonuses or wild symbols. Nevertheless, there are variations out there that provide bonus rounds with wild symbols.

The Megabucks Progressive Jackpot Explained

The payout rate of Megabucks slot machines is high due to its massive progressive jackpot of $10,000,000. Most sources put its RTP somewhere in the high 80’s, some at 87%, while others say 88-89%.

Players continue to feed the Megabucks slot machine because of its massive progressive jackpot. Looking for online slots with a no deposit bonus? Unfortunately, there is no Megabucks sign up bonus; its relatively high progressive jackpot value, for those that do win, is compensation enough.

Is Megabucks Mobile Supported?

Although mobile devices are more popular for online gambling than desktop or laptop devices, Megabucks is not available on these platforms, and therefore must be enjoyed simply in the form of a physical slot machine without a Megabucks sign up bonus.

There are currently no Megabucks sign up bonuses or Megabucks free spins available at online casinos or for online apps, but when the software does become available you’ll likely be able to download it on your iPad or iPhone. Many online casino apps are currently available for both Apple and Android devices.

There are many Megabucks slot machine reviews that provide access to casinos with bonuses that are similar to Megabucks sign up bonuses; or at least related bonuses. Nonetheless, they currently don’t offer a legitimate Megabucks online slot machine. Players looking to play Megabucks slot machines online will have to choose a similar alternative.

Megabucks Verdict – No Nonsense Classic Slot With a Mega Jackpot!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this Megabucks slot machine review. If you have, why not check out our other slot reviews? We offer articles on everything from online slots with paypal to the best new slot machines and online slots with free spins. We can even help you find online slots with a no deposit bonus and Monopoly Free Spins. For now, back to Megabucks.

The main attraction of the Megabucks slot machine is its progressive jackpot. If you’re trying to decide what to do with the rest of your bankroll at the end of the day, between playing some other lesser-known casino slots or Megabucks, we would suggest playing Megabucks. Although its RTP may be lower than other slots, there’s still that chance that you might strike lucky and win a Megabucks jackpot. If you’re already there at your favorite casino, then there’s no harm in giving it a go; after all, it’s only $3.

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