Best Online Casino Slot Tournaments for USA Players 2022

Casino slots and especially online tournaments, are more popular than ever. With more people having access to quicker internet, it has become easier to enjoy the fast-paced action of slots from the comfort of your home.

We’ll be taking a look at the best online casino tournaments for US players and why we consider them to be the best. Our experts make sure to be objective about their comparisons so you can be informed without bias about the best live casinos online, and more.

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Enjoy Casino Tournaments? This Operator Comparison is for YOU!

Whether you already enjoy playing slots and want to take it to the next level, or if you’re starting out, then this comparison is for you.

Find out what the limits are for online casino tournaments, and it’s terms and conditions. Discover tips and tricks from gaming experts to improve your skills and learn about what aspects we look for in casino tournaments.

We’ll also walk you through how to find the best operator for you. If you’re already playing games at an online casino, then see how they compare to our recommendations. Take a look at which has the best online casino tournaments for US players right here at Gambling Guy.
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Playing It Safe With Our Top5 Operator Checklist

There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration whenever you make any kind of transaction online – especially if it involves transferring money or funds to an online casino. We’ve given you a few steps below to help you play safely.


Every online casino needs to have a license. This ensures that it’s a legit company.

It has to adhere to strict rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with players and their security. Check that the online casino you want to use has such a license.

Every gambling site should have encryption and firewall software protecting your information. If you can’t find this information mentioned on the operator’s site, then rather don’t play there.

Customer Service

Check any reviews from previous players, and see if they’ve had good experiences. It’ll give you insight into how the operator deals with any problems. If it’s shoddy, then think twice about using that provider.

Payment and Withdrawals

The process of depositing funds should be quick and seamless. The online casino should have proper payment facilities, with quick processing times when playing US online slots with real money.

Find the online casino with fast payouts and highest ratings, so you have no issues when it comes to withdrawing your winnings.


As a responsible gambler, you’ll have a budget that you’ve set aside for your gaming. Check the limits of any online casino tournaments for US players that you want to join beforehand.

You won’t want to use a gambling site that isn’t clear on its gaming limits or is vague in explaining buy-ins when it comes to games such as poker.

Transparency and clarity are what you want when it comes to limits.

Website Navigation

Is the site and process for playing games simple and straightforward?

If you struggle to navigate the site and it seems to take forever just to load, then this might not be the best US online casino to use.

The site should be dynamic and intuitive. If you struggle to find what you’re looking for, then we suggest trying another online casino.

Editor’s Choice – Best Casino Operator Revealed

If you’re looking for some serious gaming coupled with a playful atmosphere, then Harrahs Casino is the operator for you. It offers a vast amount of online games, whether you want to play the Cleopatra slot machine online, Play Hot Roll Dice Slot Machine online or play the Triple 777 slot machine online, you’ll find it at Harrah’s.

There’s a great welcome bonus on offers, as well as daily promotions and various contests. For the regular and loyal user, you can earn Caesars Rewards by playing your favorite games.

You can redeem your rewards for playing credits or use them towards more tangible things like room discounts at nearly 40 resorts and casinos around the world.

If you’re looking to boost your gameplay, then earn loyalty points and use them towards Deal or No Deal free spins or Megabucks free spins, or for whatever other game you like.

It offers many types of payment options covering most of the bases from cards, e-wallets, and EFTs. Harrahs Casino is one of our recommended operators for all your online gaming needs and also recommended as hosting some of the best online casino tournaments for US players.

This Is How Our Panel of Experts Rate & Rank Operators.

When it comes to the best online casino tournament, our panel of experts use the criteria below against which to test and rate operators.

We look for casinos that will give you the finest gaming experience and the best online casino for a tournament.


This is our starting point for any review. The strength of the site’s security is critical, and we find out whether it has the required encryption and software to protect players. At the very least, there should be an SSL certificate on the site to ensure your privacy.

Game Variety

Anyone playing slots online is going to want some variety. We explore whether the operators offer a broad enough selection of games to keep players entertained.

If you wish to play a Monopoly slot machine online or any other popular games you enjoy, your preferred operator should cater for you.

Game Quality

Similarly, we explore the software and development side of the games to ensure they’re of the highest quality. Operators need to carry the same standard throughout all its products.

Players want to have an immersive experience, whether they play Stickin Rich slot machine online or play Super Jackpot Party slot machine online.

User Experience

All operators need to make sure that the platform provides an enjoyable overall experience. We check to make sure that the site isn’t slow and clunky and that users enjoy their gaming experience.

Beware of complicated terms and conditions and instead choose a provider who is upfront with all their information for its online casino tournaments and games.

Value for Money

Online casino tournaments are popular as they require a low buy-in and could result in high payouts. The operators we review often add prizes to the pool above what the buy-in is from players.

Ultimately we explore if the operator offers value for money when it comes to tournament prizes and check to see that if an operator provides players Konami free spins for example, that they deliver as promised.


Do operators have a mobile app for players to use when they aren’t able to reach their PC’s? If so, is it user-friendly and easily downloadable?

Payment Methods

Operators need to offer a range of payment options so that players can choose one that’s most convenient for them. The operator is rated on the types of payment methods available and its processing times for payouts.

Finding Your Best Casino Tournament Operator

Are you a seasoned punter? Or maybe you’re brand new to the world of online casino tournaments? Either way, we’ve reviewed the best online casino tournament operators in the US

Our comparison has all you need to know about the best online casino tournaments for US players, and which operators host them.

Our step-by-step reviews will give you insights into the top-rated online operators, which is the best US online casino with low deposit and which online casino has the best payouts.

We go into depth about our essential criteria,, as well as reviewing any new online slots you can try.

Bookmark These GamblingGuy Favorites

Casino Comparison

We explore the various online casinos and bookmakers available, and also list any new casino sites in the USA.
With a focus on product offerings, legalities, and which are the best for online casino tournaments, you’ll find the perfect operator in no time.

Choose the right bookmaker for you, using our in-depth comparison, and before too long, you could be playing at one of the various online casino tournaments for US players.

Bonus Comparison

If you’re searching for the best bonuses and promotions, then go over to our bonus comparison. Find out which gambling sites have the most generous offers and the best welcome bonuses. Discover if you’ll get bonuses when playing online casino tournaments and what the wagering requirements are like.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

A more in-depth look at the various online casinos. Read about what games they offer and the types of promotions they have available.

Find out which of them have the best online casino tournaments, and what kind of bonuses you can expect when playing.


Variety is the spice of life. In this section, we focus on the types of games and slots available for online casino tournaments and normal gaming, exploring online slots with free spins and online slots with a no deposit bonus.
It’ll give you an idea of what games are available and which ones you might enjoy.


You’ll want the quickest and safest payment options when you’re gambling online. In this section, we show you which operator has the best deposit and withdrawal facilities, with the lowest fees.

We also check which one has online slots with the best payout and online slots with Paypal.


If you’re not sure how to gamble online or how to take part in the tournaments, then why not have a look at our strategy guide?

We show you the rules and the tricks of the trade that will get you going in the right direction. Our guide covers online casino games, sports betting, and most other forms of gambling.


Our collection of descriptions helps you better understand the terminology of gambling. It includes terminology on online gambling, sports betting, and more. This section also covers some common FAQs regarding the various betting processes and rules.

Online vs Offline Gambling: Tournament Showdown

With the digital age upon us, it’s easy to see why many people have taken their gambling online. It just makes sense to a lot of the newer punters; however, there are still people that prefer being old school and sticking to the land-based options.

Why Play Online?

Comfortable and Convenient

It’s gotten to the stage where pajamas are the go-to outfit when it’s miserable and raining out. So what better way to enjoy gambling than not having to get dressed, sitting on your couch, coffee in hand, and enjoying the best online casino tournament right at home.

Game Diversity

Online casinos have a wide variety of games, very often more than you’d get in the physical casinos. You can find everything from blackjack, poker, the wheel of fortune, and 1000’s of others.

No Travel Required

Fewer people want to travel. Many work long hours, and they don’t relish the thought of traveling just to play some slots. Online casinos give gamblers the option to stay in and still enjoy their games.

Welcome Bonuses and Rewards

Almost all online operators like to attract new players with fantastic welcome bonuses and promotions. This also includes cash-back promotions, which isn’t something that’s offered much in offline gambling.

Free Games

More online casinos are offering free play options to get players to try out the games. It means that new punters can have a taste of what’s to come without having to lay out any money upfront.

Why Play Offline?

Physical Social Interaction

For those who enjoy the company of others, offline casinos are the way to go. The atmosphere and socialization are stimulating in a casino setting.

Better Odds at Some Places

Certain offline casinos tend to give better odds at their tables inside their casinos to remain competitive.

Customer Service

When you’re physically playing at a casino, there’s a host of staff members, milling around taking care of you and helping with any problems you might have.

Ultimate Casino Tournament Gambling Tips

  • How can you improve on your gambling and sharpen those skills?
  • We give you some tips from the professionals to help you improve your game.


Every professional gambler out there will tell you that this is the most critical aspect of your gambling career. You need to be in control of your bankroll. Work out a budget and find out how much money you can afford to spend.
Stick to that budget, and don’t ever play with money you can’t afford to lose. This is the most sacred rule of gambling.
When playing in online casino tournaments, don’t do buy-ins of more than 5% of your bankroll. If you’re playing poker at a multi-table tournament, then don’t use more then 2% of your bankroll for the buy-in.
These are just a couple of tips on how to use your bankroll wisely when you’re gambling online.

Always Take Control

Don’t play when you’re tired or upset. When you’re not thinking straight due to fatigue or other reasons, you could play recklessly and without aim. You might even spend more than you budgeted. Therefore, it’s wise to only gamble when you’re clear-headed.

Become the Master

As with anything, if you want to do well at something, you need to practice. If you’re going to be a good blackjack player, then do everything possible to learn the rules of the game. Practice until you become the master at the game.
Analyze the game and how to play it successfully. When you’re ready to join the online casino tournaments for US players, go with an action plan. Stick to your strategy, and don’t get rattled if things don’t go your way.
Not all plans work out, but if you keep practicing, you’ll eventually come out a winner.

Conclusion – The Best Casino Tournament Experience

Online casino games are such an exciting way to gamble. From the slot games, with bright colors and clear sounds, to the more complex games that test your will, such as poker.

All give you an immersive experience with the high-quality games available on technologically advanced platforms.

These features are brought into the even more exciting world of online casino tournaments for US players. High-end games are no longer seen as exclusive, played by rich people in smoke-filled back rooms.

Nowadays, they’re available to the broader world at large. Take a look at our operator reviews to find out which one can transport you for a fun-filled gaming experience and which one offers the best online casino tournament.

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