Best Online Casinos With ACH Payments in US 2022

Online Casinos That Accept ACH Deposit

The payment method ACH, which stands for automated clearing house, is sometimes overlooked as a way of funding accounts. This is despite it having plenty of benefits for those using online casino ACH deposit to play slots and table games.

These benefits include being secure and very convenient – meaning it’s not hard to find an online casino that accepts ACH payments – yet it is sometimes passed over in favor of Visa and Mastercard. For that reason, we’ve put this guide together to tell you more about using online casino ACH deposit and withdrawal transactions and how they could help.

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Making a payment with an online casino ACH deposit – how to fund your ACH online casino account

Much of the convenience of an online casino ACH deposit or withdrawal is based around the fact it uses the same structure that you may have already used many times before to pay a simple utility bill, or even your mortgage or rent. So, with all of that in place, you wouldn’t expect for there to be too many problems.

Opening an account and verification

As with so many things, using ACH payments to fund your account is very easy, but will take some setting up before you can do it. As payments come directly from your bank account to that of the casino, you don’t need to register with any third party as you would if you wanted to open a Play+ casino payment account, or any one of a dozen other providers.

The same thing goes for the verification process, as your bank would have carried out all of the necessary checks before you got to this stage. The one thing you need to check however, is that your back uses ACH payments (many do) because as we’ve already mentioned, you might have been using this method for other transactions already.

Deposits and withdrawals

Once you’ve got all of these things set up, however, it’s head-slappingly simple to make a deposit or request a withdrawal. We’ll look at the times scales in a moment, but what you need to do consists of just a few short steps. For both deposits and withdrawals, you’ll need to go to your online casino account details (usually opened with just a few clicks in the top right-hand corner of the screen) and select the cashier option, and either deposit or withdrawal.

Deposits are as straightforward as choosing ACH as a method, and then entering your bank account number and routing number, then the amount you wish to deposit, and you are pretty much done. Withdrawals follow broadly the same process with the exception that, as you would expect, there are a few more delays.

Withdrawal and deposits with online casino ACH deposit and withdrawals: average time scales involved

Next we need to look how long it takes for these payments and withdrawals to go through, as it can be frustrating to be left waiting to get started or see your winnings arrive in your bank account.


As you would expect, deposits are processed a little faster than withdrawals and on paper, could be instant, but up to ten minutes can be normal. This is quite quick thanks to there being next to no approval problems that you might get if you were using card payments to fund your account (provided you entered your details correctly and you have enough money in your account, of course).

If you have spent more than half an hour pressing the refresh button and nothing has happened to your online casino account balance on the screen, it might be worth contacting customer support to make sure there are no gremlins in the works. That said, if there were any problems, you will likely have been already notified.


For withdrawals though, you’ll have to wait much longer than half an hour before contacting customer support. Once you’ve requested a withdrawal from an ACH online casino, there will be many of the same delays you might get with any other withdrawal method. As you know, many casinos have a ‘wait time’ of two days, and it can take 2-4 days after that before you see the money in your account.

Overall, making an online casino ACH deposit or withdrawal is straightforward and is relatively problem-free compared to other methods due to much of the groundwork being done by the banks. It has to be mentioned though, that where banks are concerned there are often fees, and while operators might not charge you themselves, one of the financial institutions involved in the process might.

ACH online casino payments verification requirements – what you need to do at an online casino that accept ACH payments

As mentioned above, as with a Discover Card casino, for instance, there is no verification procedure needed for ACH payments and withdrawals. This is because you were verified by your bank when you opened your account with them, and then also by the online casino operator when you registered. You will have needed your Photo ID,  your SSN and probably a utility bill as well to do this, so none of that would need to be done again.

However, to touch again on another point from above, as ACH in practice means transferring funds from your bank account to the online casino’s bank account, you’ll need to verify that your bank is approved to offer ACH transfers to the casinos bank. As the casino is almost certain to bank with a major player, this is quite likely, but you should check with your bank first just in case.

Our favorite ACH online casinos

The history of online casino ACH transfers – What has happened before today?

Using automated clearing house payments is nothing new, in fact you’ve almost certainly used them before at some point in your life if you’ve paid a bill, your rent, or transferred money over to a friend or relative. It’s the simple process of moving money from one account to another, and it started in the 1970s when the banking industry was disappearing under a mountain of checks.

ACH transfers was one of the first, and in many cases only, methods available for funding online gambling accounts when they first appeared. So for many operators it is the ‘original’ payment method and as such is often now seen as ‘old school’.

Security and convenience

This ‘old school’ tag does this payment method a disservice, as due to the structure behind it, and the involvement of the banks, this makes it one of the more secure transaction types in what is already a very secure industry.

This should really put to bed any ideas that ACH transfers are anything but a legitimate payment method, and that is something that we check in each and every review we carry out – the full details of which can be seen in the ‘security and licensing’ section of our objective online reports.

Overall, the status of ACH transfers as a secure and convenient method should not be in any doubt and that ‘old school’ and outdated are not the same thing, meaning that this way of depositing and withdrawing from your online casino account does not only have a strong past, but it has a great future as well.

ACH transfers compared to other providers – How do online casino ACH deposit and withdrawals stand up against the competition?

You’ve already seen that ACH transfers can have a head start on many other payment methods because all the legwork has already been done by your bank when you joined, and it is considerably easier to find online casinos that accept ACH than it is an online casino with Paynearme deposit methods supported. However, once you are all registered and signed up with your online casino – does it still have an edge over other methods you might find at your online casino?

ACH transfers vs Casino Cage

Using cash is usually seen as a universal payment method, and there is not one person reading this that will not have used cash before, so it is probably the most familiar of all methods. However, the anonymity that comes with cash also comes at a price. To use cash at cage you need to physically enter the casino and hand the cash over yourself. ACH transfers, as we’ve discussed, are just as widely used but unlike cash, you don’t have to be within a short drive of an affiliated casino to make a payment.

ACH transfers vs Credit card

Credit cards are, as we all know, really convenient and easy to use. Most of us will use them every day for one purpose or another, and the step to using them to fund online casino accounts seems like a simple and logical one. In reality, the transition might not be a smooth one, as unlike ACH transfers, credit card payments can come with acceptance issues, and some of the charges involved (a casino deposit is often seen as withdrawing ‘cash’ by card providers) can make the eyes water.

ACH transfers vs PayPal

An e-wallet is a term that has been most recently associated with cryptocurrencies but also refers to other methods like Skrill and the one we are all most familiar with, PayPal. PayPal has many similarities with ACH transfers in that we probably already have an account, and we probably use it every day to pay for everyday stuff. Where ACH transfer comes out ahead in this race is that you won’t see PayPal accepted at as many operators, and you are likely to see PayPal payments excluded from offers considerably more often than ACH transfers.

Online casino ACH alternatives

Three essential facts about using online casino ACH deposit and withdrawals – useful information for ACH online casino transfers

While most of the details have been covered above, here are three final takeaways that you can use on your search for the right online casino that accept ACH payments:

You can use ACH Transfers again and again

ACH transfers are generally accepted at online casinos US wide, and tick many of the boxes that make it an excellent payment method. One point that has not been mentioned before is that online casinos often require that you make a deposit and withdrawal using the same method (you might see it referred to in some T&Cs as a closed loop system).

As you’ve seen, ACH transfers fit this model perfectly, which means there can potentially be far fewer problems with the all-important business of withdrawing your online casino winnings and seeing them in your account.

ACH transfers shouldn’t make you ineligible for bonuses

It’s a sad fact that not all payment methods are eligible for bonuses, including those very attractive welcome bonuses that make joining a new operator worth all of the hassle of changing from one online casino to another. While some payment methods are often excluded, ACH transfers is typically not one of these, and while you should always read the T&Cs before signing up to anything, you should be very surprised if you see ACH transfers among the restrictions.

ACH payments come straight from your bank account

Unlike the various e-wallet type accounts where you have to top them up from another source, ACH transfers come straight out of your bank account, which means that while there’s no topping up to do, it’s best to keep in mind if you’re not paying attention, you could wind up transferring the money earmarked for your mortgage or rent into your online casino account.

Conclusion – Now you’ve seen the benefits of ACH online casino transfers, is it time to find an online casino that accepts ACH payments?

By now, you will have seen all the information and the benefits of using ACH transfers to fund your online casino account and withdraw any winnings when the time comes. You will have seen that it is a legitimate and secure method with the longest of pedigrees when it comes to being used with online gambling operators of all descriptions. If you are now thinking that it’s a payment method you should be using, the next step is to find an online casino with ACH deposit as an option.

The good news here is that there are usually more online casinos that accept ACH payments than there are online casinos that accept Skrill. The bad news though, is that with so many online casino operators supporting this ‘old school’ method, it could take you much longer than you want to find one that fits your needs. However, by using the extensive range of reviews available elsewhere on this site, you can easily narrow a long list of possibilities down to a handy shortlist you can use to make your final decision.

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Online casino ACH deposit FAQ

🧐 Is online casino ACH deposit legit?

Whether or not a deposit or withdrawal method is legitimate is one of the things we check out in our objective online operator reviews. In addition to this, if you check out our ACH casino transfers guide, it will tell you everything you need to know about this payment method, and you’ll have all the information to see at a glance if you should be using this method or avoiding it.

⏳ How long before I see my online casino ACH deposit show in my account

Nobody likes waiting to get started at wagering with slots, table games or even playing against live dealers, and for this reason, you are likely to opt for a payment method where this happens quickly. Rather than using a process of trial and error, it might be better to check online resources to find out which are the fastest payment methods, including our extensive guide to online casino ACH deposits. 

💭 How quickly will my ACH online casino withdrawal be processed?

While withdrawal processes will differ slightly from operator to operator, another issue that affects timescales is the method used for withdrawal. Not knowing how long it will be before you see your money in your account can be frustrating, so to find out all of the information about ACH online casino withdrawals check out our free online guide, which should tell you everything you need to know about this method. 

🤔 Is using an online casino ACH deposit the same as just using your debit card?

Operators support many payment methods in order to offer the most complete service they can to customers. However, this can cause confusion as many people do not know what is involved or how some payment methods differ from each other. To find out what you need to know about online casino ACH deposits, how they differ from using your debit card and whether you might be better off using it, check out our free online guide.

❔ Is it hard to find online casino ACH deposit casinos?

Online casinos accept a number of payment methods, some of which are more commonly used than others. However, knowing which online casinos accept which payment methods can take a long time, and to take a shortcut through all of that and get some quick answers, you could use our wide selection of in depth, objective reviews.

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