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Online Gambling USA / Online Casinos that accept Apple Pay USA 2023

Online Casinos that accept Apple Pay USA 2023

Best Apple Pay Casinos Deposit & Withdrawal Sites

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Mark Lewis
Last Updated on 28/01/2023

Apple Pay is a new payment method in the online world. Throughout this page we will be taking a look at Apple Pay casino options. We’ll show you the best alternative payment methods for casinos and U.S. sportsbooks.

Apple Pay only works with Apple devices and is currently blocked for online casinos and U.S sportsbooks. Still, this may change soon as Apple Pay broadens its online gambling and gaming horizons such as the U.S. sportsbooks that accept PayPal.

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The best Online Casinos with Apple Pay Deposit February 2023

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PayNearMe: Pros & Cons
  • Streamlined user-interface
  • Quick payment method
  • Safe & secure
  • New-age technology implemented
  • Not widely-accepted at online casinos

Making a payment with Apple Pay – a super-quick guide

Do casinos take Apple Pay? We’ve run through the three vital steps you need to take to make seamless payments at your favorite online casino using Apple Pay.

  1. Open an account
    Make sure that your device and card issuer is compatible with betting with Apple Pay. Then: Sign in to your iCloud account. Go to the Settings App > Wallet and Apple Pay. Follow the prompts to input your credit/debit card details.
  2. Verify Your Identity
    After you enter the verification code sent to your device, you’ll receive confirmation that your card has been added. Apple Pay is now ready to use!
  3. Make a deposit with Apple Pay
    Making an easy deposit at an online casino with Apple Pay is quick and easy. Simply select ‘Apple Pay’ from the list of available payment methods. Input the amount you want to deposit. Authenticate the transaction using Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode. Your funds will now be instantly reflected in your online gaming account.

Keep in mind that when gambling using Apple Pay, you’ll still need to use an alternative method to cash out your winnings, as it doesn’t offer a withdrawal option. Gambling using Visa often goes hand-in-hand with online casinos with credit card withdrawal options.

Average wait time for deposits and payouts – speedy payouts from Apple Pay online casinos!

Once you’ve downloaded the Apple Pay app on your device and your credit/debit card has been added to your account, you can begin topping up your account at your favorite online casino with Apple Pay in a few short minutes.

Rather than betting with MasterCard or betting with Visa directly, bettors must top up their Apple Pay account using these methods. After you’ve verified the payment on Apple Pay with your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or Apple Watch, your transferred funds will be reflected instantly in your online casino gaming account.

If you’re an Apple User, Apple Pay online casinos might be a more convenient and straightforward option for you. Just remember, U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay deposits are not currently available. However, when Apple Pay online casinos open for business, deposits can hit your casino Apple Pay account within minutes.

It is worth noting that Apple Pay online casinos do not have the facility to withdraw using Apple Pay, but many other reputable payment methods will be available. We discuss our top three alternatives to Apple Pay online casinos further down our Apple Pay casino USA review.

Apple Pay casino USA verification requirements – it’s easy to get verified

Before beginning to research further into our Apple Pay casino USA reviews, we would advise setting your Apple Pay account up first. Thankfully, this whole process is simple and straightforward, meaning you will be up and ready to deposit into your Apple Pay online casinos as soon as this option becomes available to US residents.

Apple Pay uses your iCloud Account and Apple ID (your fingerprint, facial recognition, or your passcode), which you’ll need when you first set up the Apple Pay App. If your Bank still wants further verification, you’ll get a request for this before your credit or debit card betting is activated on Apple Pay.

For an Apple Card, which is only currently available in the U.S., you’ll need to verify your identity using your driver’s license or state I.D. card. You can do this by opening the Apple Pay App, selecting ‘Apple Card,’ and then selecting ‘Verify Identity.’ As we said, it’s pretty easy and user-friendly at Apple Pay online casinos!

The history of Apple Pay – all you need to know

Launched in 2014 by the iconic tech giant Apple Inc and originally rolling out in the U.S., Apple Pay has since expanded to various countries across the globe and continues to do so.

Famous for safe and reliable security measures of two-factor authentication, as well as a user-friendly interface, it’s fast becoming a favored payment method among Apple Users. Major institutions like American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and even country-specific banks have subsequently partnered with Apple Pay.

In 2016, the franchise Kohl’s became the first retail store to support Apple Pay, and many prominent online and retail stores have followed suit. This includes brands such as KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Costco, Wholefoods, and the emergence of Apple Pay online casinos.

Apple Cash is also an included feature where users can transfer cash with their devices using iMessage. In 2019, Apple Inc. revealed its latest addition to this payment service – Apple Card, a credit card created specifically for Apple users, which is currently only available in the U.S.

Over the last seven years, it would be fair to suggest that Apple Pay has gone from strength to strength, proving itself as a reputable and reliable way to transfer funds to and from user accounts. With this in mind, those of you who currently gamble using MasterCard may wish to consider depositing at your chosen sportsbook or casino with Apple Pay when this becomes a viable option.

Take a look at casinos offering other payment methods

Online casinos that accept Apple Pay USA vs. other providers – what sets it apart?

Although similar to e-wallets like Neteller or PayPal, Apple Pay USA online casinos have a few distinct advantages, like its safety aspect. Your card details are completely hidden from merchants, and payments have to be verified using your Apple ID.

Despite these stringent security measures, it’s still extremely user-friendly. In fact, making gambling deposits at an online casino with Apple Pay only takes a few moments, plus your funds are reflected instantly.

Another fantastic thing about Apple Pay casinos USA is that the service is completely free. (Though, if making use of American Express betting or other providers, your normal credit or debit card fees will still apply). Even so, there’s still a downside. Apple Pay is limited to Apple devices, and the list of U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay is still quite small, due to current US restrictions. The other disadvantage is that you can’t use this method to withdraw your winnings, so you’d still need to use a different type. Much like gambling using Venmo.

Apple Pay alternatives – PayPal – Safe, secure, and straightforward

It’s safe to assume we have all heard of PayPal, but have you considered making use of the payment provider giant for your online wagering activity? Setting up your PayPal account is exceptionally straightforward. Bettors will need a legitimate e-mail address and bank account only. Once your details are verified, you can begin making your online casino deposits and withdrawals safe in the knowledge that your transactions are safe and secure, courtesy of the highest level of encryption technology.

Our top pick for PayPal payments 2023

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Apple Pay alternatives – Neteller – Established and easy to use

Since 1999, Neteller has built its name across the transactional world and now features heavily amongst the US online gambling scene. If you’re looking to begin your gambling journey fast, Neteller’s instant deposits will serve you well. The duration in which Neteller has been on the market should provide you with some satisfaction that they are reliable and secure; however, if not, the addition of the latest encryption technology certainly will!

Our top pick for Neteller payments 2023

Apple Pay alternatives – Skrill – Accessible around the clock

Skrill was declared the best digital wallet of 2019, and it’s easy to see why. The provider offers one of the most accessible wallets around, allowing users to deposit at ease via desktop, iOS, and Android devices, with the added bonus of being able to withdraw directly from an ATM. All transactions are completed under the microscope of a specialist anti-fraud screening feature, which adds another layer of security when compared to Apple Pay.

Our top pick for Skrill payments 2023

Online gambling for real money has taken the world by storm. Nonetheless, whether you’re a professional or novice player, you want your online gaming experience to be convenient, safe, reliable, and, of course, exciting. Gambling using Apple Pay is only one of the options. In this Age of Information, it can be tedious to sift through hundreds of sites and then still have to decide on a suitable payment method.

Thankfully, there’s no need to fret. We do all of that for you right here. At Gambling Guy, we review the licensing and security of all the best online casinos in the U.S. We also compare and test the most popular payment methods such as the Apple Pay casino USA option.

This means that you can be 100% secure in the knowledge that all Apple Pay online casinos and payment methods featured here are legitimate, safe and secure. Moreover, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the payment method that suits you best. So, if you’re looking for something more than real money online casinos that accept Apple Pay USA, or just want an alternative to gambling using Apple Pay, we’ve got you covered.

Online vs. traditional gambling – choosing the right casino with Apple Pay for you

In the past decade, we’ve seen more technological advances than in the past fifty years combined. With that in mind, a whole new era of online gambling, betting, e-sports, fantasy sports and more has been brought to the forefront.

So why this steady surge of popularity, not only in the U.S but globally? It’s no secret that technology has made things easier for us in all aspects of our lives, and the online gambling industry is no exception.


Well, for starters, it’s much easier and way more convenient to gamble online with an Apple Pay casino USA. You can play slots, try your hand at poker, or bet on your favorite sporting event. All while cozied up, or even while traveling because many online casinos now offer apps that allow online betting with mobile payments. While convenient, gambling for real money in the comfort of your own home is just as exciting as being in front of a slot machine or at a table.


Some people are afraid to venture out into the world of online casinos because they think it isn’t safe. Whilst you always have to be vigilant, this is just simply not true. The top-rated and best online casinos in the U.S. are entirely reliable and secure. This is evident from our in-depth reviews that you can find at Furthermore, these top-rated online casinos also offer a variety of safe and secure payment methods like Apple Pay and others. (Which we also review and compare). So whether you’re a seasoned player, an eager novice, or just someone that enjoys trying their luck every now and again, online gambling using Apple Pay is completely 100% safe and secure.


The world of online gambling is indeed a competitive one. So, online casinos and betting sites offer a wide range of games and slots that you can pick and choose from. The sheer amount of websites and games might feel overwhelming, but that’s why we do all of that hard work for you. Only the top-rated and best Apple Pay casino USA options are featured here. This means you can spend less time trying to find your perfect game, and more time actually playing it!

There are also a variety of different payment methods available that all have different pros and cons. These vary according to the online casino or site you use. It can become irksome trying to figure out which is best for you, but we compare all of the different payment methods right here, so you can effortlessly decide what suits you, and easily discover the best U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay (or any other popular payment method for that matter).


Unlike traditional gambling, a lot of online casinos offer players sign-up or welcome bonuses. These also vary, nonetheless it’s still an excellent perk to have – just for gambling online. Gambling using Apple Pay doesn’t usually affect these. Bonuses, so you’ll still be eligible to receive them when you use this payment method. Make sure you read up on what bonuses your preferred operator offers.

Real money

Yes, real money. There’s a bit of a misconception, especially amongst skeptics or people that have never gambled online before, that you can’t win real money. This, of course, is not the case at all. Professionals and even newbies win cold hard cash all the time at many of the top-rated and best online casinos in the U.S. Once you’ve set up the app, and you’ve found your preferred U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay, you’ll be ready to play and win real money! The online gambling industry wouldn’t be as popular as it is if real money and big wins didn’t occur. So what are you waiting for?

Verdict on Online gambling vs. traditional gambling

Traditional gambling, while still a favorite pastime for many and one that is here to stay, definitely has a rival in the form of online gambling. With technology and software evolving at a rapidly increasing rate, we’re sure to see many online casinos in the U.S. and the world over, up the ante with newer software, exciting games, different offers, and payment methods.

This is especially clear when we see tech giants like Apple Inc. enter the arena. The list of U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay is sure to get longer as time goes by.

Casinos available with Apple Pay 2023

Apple Pay – still the new kid on the block

At this point in time, there are restrictions surrounding U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that Apple Pay’s popularity is increasing. once restrictions have lifted, we’re bound to see this number skyrocket. Much like online betting with prepaid cards, we can also expect to see Apple Pay to grow.

As mentioned earlier, it’s still a relatively new payment method, unlike others that have already been established in transactions like gambling using PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, or Venmo and the like. We do, however, still expect a casino with Apple Pay to be available in the near future and become a serious competitior.

Apple Pay is unique in that it was conceived by one of the biggest global tech giants, one known for its exclusivity. It’s no surprise then, in the signature style of the company, that Apple Pay would hash out its impressive security and user-friendly features by bringing this new payment method to the proverbial table.

Although still the ‘New Kid on the Block’, Apple Pay is sure to become just as popular as other payment methods. Especially if a withdrawal option is implemented as this is the biggest downside, one that impacts a player’s decision of whether or not to use it. Having said that, we hope to see this implemented in the not-so-distant future.

Conclusion – Time to find an Apple Pay online casino

There are many advantages of gambling using an Apple Pay casino USA on your Apple device. Its robust security features of two-factor authentication using your Apple ID passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition are the most striking.

Apple Pay is also incredibly straightforward to set up, and making betting deposits take a few moments before funds are reflected in your gaming account. The biggest downside is that you’d still need to find an alternative payment method to withdraw your funds, U.S. online casinos that accept Apple Pay don’t currently offer this as an option.

We at GamblingGuy can only hope restrictions are lifted to US users soon, and Apple Pay online casinos are allowed to flourish, as destined to do so.

Compare the best online casino bonuses in the USA 2023

Apple Pay Casino FAQs

💸 What casinos offer Apple Pay as a payment method?

Casinos offer a variety of payment methods to customers to try and attract newcomers to their service. You will find that most of the traditional favorites are offered, but with the introduction of e-wallets, bettors now have a wide selection of methods to choose from with various fees and waiting times. Here at GamblingGuy, we will be taking a look at which casinos offer Apple Pay and which of them have the best offer available.

🤔 How much does it cost to use Apple Pay?

Each payment method will have its own charges that are applicable to a transaction and sometimes online casinos will also have their own processing fees. However, when reviewing the Apple Pay terms and conditions we were pleased to find that there were no fees associated with your purchases, deposits, or withdrawals. To find out more on Apple Pay, be sure to review our payment method guides.

❗ Will I be excluded from any bonuses with an Apple Pay Casino?

Sometimes bonuses will only be available for specific payment methods. This is very much dependent on the online casino service that you are using but we will take a careful look at which of them do this. By using our payment method articles here at GamblingGuy, you can find out which of them are usually excluded and which of them are simply higher quality than the rest that are available on the market.

✅ How long do payments take with Apple Pay?

Another important consideration that you will need to make while browsing through the online payment methods that are available is the processing time with each payment. There will always be a wait, but sometimes that wait is a matter of seconds. In our latest payment method review, you can find out the time it takes for your Apple Pay deposit to hit your casino account, and much more.

⭐ Can anyone use the Apple Pay service?

There are always terms and conditions relative to an online service and you may just be excluded from using it, depending on your personal circumstances. Our experts take this into account while conducting our articles and you can find out all the specifics by reading through our pages. Head to our website now to find this topic covered alongside a large number of topics related to the online gambling industry.

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