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Online Gambling USA / Online Casinos Accepting Mastercard Deposits 06/2023

Best Casinos that accept Mastercard Deposits 2023

Compare our List of Reliable Casinos accepting Mastercard Deposits & Withdrawals

Last Updated on 28/05/2023

Mastercard is one of the leading facilitators of transactions in the world. It offers excellent features such as identity and theft protection, as well as a tool to locate nearest ATMs.

You also get great benefits and many card options to choose from. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about gambling using Mastercard and choosing a US online casino that accepts Mastercard. Gambling online has never been as easy as with betting sites that accept Mastercard. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about gambling using Mastercard online.

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Operators Accepting Mastercard Deposits

Credit Card
Edit Location
Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card accepted
Additional Payment Methods
Bank Transfer
Direct Debit
Wire Transfer
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Mastercard: Pros & Cons
  • Easily accessible
  • A secure payment
  • Simple to use
  • Years of experience
  • Hidden costs may occur

Mastercard offered at most casinos – So which one to choose?

Mastercard is one of the most trusted credit card companies and is one of the top payment methods. it’s also a reliable facilitator to deposit funds into your casino account at any online casino with Mastercard.
This provider is one of the most popular betting payment options. It’s widely accepted for gambling deposits and online casino withdrawals with Mastercard. Gamblers who play with online casinos that accept Mastercard deposits in the USA also experience generous limits.

There are, however, a few downsides to gambling using Mastercard. Before obtaining your Mastercard, you must pass a credit check. Additionally, some online casinos with Mastercard lack appropriate client protection.

Furthermore, few betting sites that accept Mastercard for deposits also allow Mastercard withdrawals. It can be an issue when online betting with debit cards. Online casinos with credit cards often pose the same problem.

That said, debit card casinos in the USA do have a work-around. Most PayPal casino sites will allow PayPal withdrawals, and you can affiliate your Mastercard with PayPal seamlessly. Betting sites that accept PayPal also help when online betting with VISA or online betting with American Express. The same convenience is available through Venmo betting sites as well.
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Our step-by-step Mastercard payment guide

Open an account

You can open an account at a financial institution that’s linked to Mastercard. You will, however, need to visit the branch in person. This process requires a valid ID according to the institution’s procedures. You should receive your plastic card and pin within two weeks.

Verify Your Identity

Want to register for any top US online casinos that accept Mastercard?  Above is our list of selected US online casinos that accept Mastercard deposits, that are also secure and easy. Explore the list, choose an operator carefully, and register within minutes. Using one of our recommended US online casinos that accept Mastercard brings you peace of mind.

Make a deposit with Mastercard

The best US online casinos that accept Mastercard will allow withdrawals as well as deposits, but that isn’t always the case. Many operators offer debit and credit card deposits, but not withdrawals. In that case, you can try gambling using Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or other e-wallets.

How quick will my Mastercard deposit be processed?

The best online casino payment options are reliable, secure, and convenient. Plus, a huge part of convenience is processing speed.

The great thing about gambling using Mastercard is that deposits are almost immediate. Withdrawals online can take up to five business days but should not exceed ten banking days. This processing time depends on your bank, as well as the casino.

It’s so quick and easy to use casinos with Mastercard online because it saves you the time and effort of entering your details for every transaction.

Getting verified to use Mastercard at the casino

A Mastercard can be obtained from your bank/financial institution. You will need all the documentation required for a standard debit or credit card. To verify on the website, just follow the steps and input your information as shown.

Mastercard SecureCode is based on the 3D Secure technical standard and is used to verify individual transactions. You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin), which you will then type into the required field to verify your identity.

Mastercard – Interesting facts

The mission of Mastercard is to use technology and expertise to make payments safe and secure for their clients. The company started as a small group of bankers that wanted to change the way payments and withdrawals are made. Since then, they have become a widely known, used, and respected payment option.

Mastercard started as the Interbank Card Association (ICA) in 1996. The company has innovated and developed within the world of banking, but has also made an impact on many communities across the globe.

The company talks on its website about innovating through its company culture and outreach developments. It’s incredible to look at their various awards and achievements.

Mastercard has become a massive influencer in the industry with many investors. The company has built communities alongside it. They make efforts to be environmentally, socially, and structurally sustainable. They give back to many communities in so many ways. Their goal is to instill innovation, sound governance, connection, and commitment as core values in the business.

This business started as bankers trying to make payments and withdrawals easier for their clients. It has ended up changing the world of banking as well as improving the world around them.

How does Mastercard compare to other payment options?

Mastercard is one of the more unique electronic payment options because it can’t extend credit, nor issue cards. Once linked to your bank card, it offers the broadest set of products that cover credit, prepaid, and debit card options.

It’s accepted worldwide, offered in more than 180 countries, and transactions are fast, easy, and risk-free. Alongside online shopping, Mastercard allows you to make deposits into your casino of choice within minutes. Even without having sufficient funds at the time of deposit.

One setback users have found is that credit cards allow overspending. As is the risk with any credit card, often the online casino with Mastercard will have its own gambling protection restrictions for players. There have also been complaints about how complicated withdrawals can be and how long they take to show up in your account.

Online casinos that take VISA offer much of the same convenience that gambling using Mastercard does. There are several options for those who are unwilling to get a debit or credit card, though.

For example, more betting websites with prepaid cards are becoming available each day, and online betting with Paysafecard is quick and simple. E-wallets like PayPal and Venmo, and pay by mobile options like Apple Pay, are also becoming widely available.

Mastercard VISA Paysafecard
Average deposit time Immediately Almost instantly Up to 5 business days
Average withdrawal time 2-5 business days 2-5 business days Processed within 24 hours

Keeping you safe & secure online – Operator checks

As people become more dependent on the internet, more online payment methods pop up. But are they all safe? Well, no, but no worries! Our experts have tested and checked every aspect of your Mastercard online gambling experience.

An overview of the checks our experts do on operators can be found in the ‘operator tests’ section of our site. Please be sure to pay extra attention to the section on security and licensing.

Banking online can be dangerous, but we’ve gone through every recommended operator, game, and website and chosen the best ones for you.

If you don’t have access to a Mastercard, then you’ll instead want to look for betting sites that accept PayPal or debit card casinos in the USA.

Everything you wanted to ask about Mastercard deposits

How do I make a deposit using my Mastercard?

Go to the cashier on the website of any US online casinos that accept Mastercard deposits. Type in the required information and select or type the amount you want to deposit. Confirm with the OTP (one-time pin) and your transaction will be properly verified and authenticated.

How often can I deposit into my account?

Depending on the platform you register with, it may restrict how many times a day you can deposit. But mostly, platforms will limit how much funds you deposit each day, week and month. So check out the sites’ terms and conditions to verify your limits and ensure you’re not about to go over the threshold.

Where are my deposits on my bank statement?

The name of the casino will often be used to reference your transactions. You might also have the option of making your own reference. Always ensure that the amount is correct.

Why was my deposit declined?

If your deposit was declined, it was declined by Mastercard or your bank. The most common reason for the decline is that gambling transactions aren’t allowed by your bank. Other reasons can include insufficient funds (not credit cards), and the incorrect details provided.

What’s the minimum amount I can put into my account?

The minimum deposit amount can vary depending on the platform you’re using. Generally, we found that the lowest amount many gambling sites allow is $10 to $20. The maximum limits also vary for those who are high rollers and those who are happy to stick to a smaller budget.

Mastercard credit card – A secure online payment method

Looking to play on online casinos with credit cards? Gambling using Mastercard credit cards is safe and secure for many reasons. The online casino with Mastercard has to be vetted by Mastercard themselves. The Zero Liability protection means that, as a cardholder, you’re not responsible for unauthorized purchases or deposits.

Mastercard has a global emergency assistance service if you need to report a lost or stolen card or find an ATM. You can also get an emergency card replacement or cash advance. The call center can answer general questions about your account.

Theft protection is a free benefit that comes with your Mastercard. To activate this, simply visit their website and enter your card number. This benefit offers safety and security in the following ways:

Monitoring your credit file for any changes in your spending patterns, address changes, new credit inquiries, and new accounts opened in your name. These are all possible indicators of fraud. You will receive alert notifications when this type of suspicious activity is detected. This service ensures that you can immediately take action and minimize any damage.

You can also monitor all activities related to personal information that you choose to track, such as all personal data. You also have the option to monitor important information relating to your accounts, such as account and card numbers.

The “white-glove service,” offered with all Mastercards and accounts, provides a resolution to possible identity thefts. You will be assigned a specialist to help resolve any issues related to identity theft.
There are many options for credit cards at Mastercard. You can choose from a variety of cards that have many benefits to make travel, shopping, as well as online purchases and deposits easy. They also provide various travel and lifestyle services and benefits.

If you’d like to have extra control over your gambling budget, using betting websites with prepaid cards might help.

Mastercard debit cards – As convenient as it gets

Online betting with debit cards? Gambling using Mastercard leaves you with more to consider than which online casino with Mastercard you want to use. Do you want to start gambling using a Mastercard with a debit or credit card?

Debit Mastercards are convenient because money is deducted directly from your checking account. You have a permanent electronic record of your transactions and standard Zero Liability protection.

Your debit card can be used to pay monthly bills and shop at any online or physical store that takes Mastercard. The security mentioned above is standard with all Mastercards, as is the around-the-clock global service.

The enhanced debit Mastercard has extended warranty insurance. This means you get double the usual time and duplicate coverage of the original store brand warranty for a maximum period of one year.

This card option also provides a satisfaction guarantee. It offers up to $250 per product if you become dissatisfied within 60 days of purchase and if the merchant won’t accept the return.

If you decide on a World debit Mastercard, you will receive more travel and lifestyle benefits. These benefits include complimentary travel services, hotel stay guarantee, complimentary room upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out.

You can also get daily breakfast for two, airport meet-and-greet agents, and savings on all aspects of your travel. It also provides coverage for any items purchased with this card if the item is damaged or stolen within 90 days.

Mastercard prepaid cards – Secure & easy to manage

There are many different prepaid cards for each participating store, as well as general prepaid cards. it’s easy to get, safer, and more convenient than cash, includes all standard security benefits, and makes it so easy to manage finances.

To register for a prepaid card, no credit, check, or bank account is required. You can recover any funds if your card gets lost or stolen. It also makes it easy to shop since you don’t need to wait in line for money orders or carry cash with you. You can even use it to pay bills and manage your expenses.

Different merchants offer different rewards and benefits with their branded Mastercard prepaid cards. These can include free products, mobile apps, linking to other accounts, and faster processing times. Also included are rewards programs, added security, sub-cards, lower or no maintenance fees, and cashback.

Choose the right casino for YOU & get a deposit bonus!

it’s so widely accepted that simply choosing a US online casino that accepts Mastercard doesn’t make a list much smaller.

Gambling using Mastercard has its advantages, though. Mastercard runs its own tests to check that merchants are legit and many security features with their cards. But, it’s still essential to keep a few things in mind when choosing your online casino.

Reliability and reputation

As mentioned above, Mastercard has many checks and tests to make sure it’s safe to gamble at an online casino that uses your Mastercard. The company’s reputation helps bring in new members to online casinos that accept Mastercard. However, it’s still important to check for yourself.

Read player comments and reviews on the casinos and familiarize yourself with any player experiences. Know precisely what other people find appealing or unappealing about your US Mastercard online casino of choice.

Bonuses and promotions

You could earn exciting rewards at casinos with Mastercard deposits. Some of these include welcome bonuses, game-specific bonuses (free spins, free deals, etc.), and deposit bonuses.

Payout method

It’s not all US online casinos that accept Mastercard as a payout option. Make sure you know what the payout options are for the Mastercard online casino or Mastercard mobile casino that you choose.

If the casino you’re interested in doesn’t have options for gambling using Mastercard, check if they take e-wallets. Gambling using Venmo or Paypal is an easy way to draw funds from your Mastercard with an online casino, as well as deposit funds to your account.

Many betting sites will also offer online betting with pay by mobile options. If you can bet with Apple Pay, you can deposit funds to the Mastercard casinos in the USA.


Many Mastercard casinos in the USA have data encryption technology to protect their players. The best would be to choose an online casino with Mastercard that relies on P128-bit SSL Data Encryption. This is recognized as one of the highest levels of protection.

It’s vital to know what your casino is doing and using it to protect your personal information. Mastercard gives you extra security with their various security benefits such as anti-theft security and the Zero Liability policy.

Conclusion – convenient, safe, secure & widely accepted

Gambling using a Mastercard is safe and reliable. It offers so many different types of cards and benefits and can earn you some great bonuses when gambling using your Mastercard. The security level on your card is extremely high. Your personal information is continuously monitored and protected.

It’s so easy to find the right US online casino that accepts Mastercard using the recommendations above. You can be assured they’re safe as they have been tested by editors and by Mastercard itself. The dedication to your safety and comfort makes gambling using Mastercard one of the best options around. For other payment method reviews, take a look at our guides to online betting with VISA and online betting with American Express.

Mastercard deposits FAQ

💰 Are Mastercard payments legit online?

If you’re interested in using online gambling sites, you should know which payment methods are accepted and aren’t as reliable. At GamblingGuy, we researched a selection of popular deposit and withdrawal methods, including online casinos that accept Mastercard to help you decide if it’s trustworthy to use.

🔒 How do I know the casino is safe?

Choosing the right US online casino that accepts Mastercard for you can be difficult, and sometimes one can struggle to find a legit online casino with Mastercard. The casinos recommended in this article (and on this website) go through various checks and tests.

🤑 Can I get a Mastercard bonus?

There are particular Mastercard no deposit casinos available in the USA. Only a few casinos offer this option, so we recommend you look through our website to determine if bonuses are accepted with Mastercard payments. Some promotions often come with goodies like free spins, passes to certain premium games, and features for specific games.

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