Best Online Casinos with Bank Transfer in US 2022

Online Casinos That Accept Bank Transfer

Welcome to our latest review on bank transfer casinos. If you’re searching for a new spot to make your next bank transfer deposit then do we have a treat for you.

Below, we will run through exactly what to expect when searching, signing up and making use of an online casino with bank transfer. We cover how to make your first deposit, a brief history of bank transfers, and how they compare with other payment providers.

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Making a payment with bank transfer – As easy as 1, 2, 3…4

Once you have made your way through our extensive list of the top online casinos that accept bank transfer, it’s time to consider making your first deposit. For this, we would advise having two tabs or apps open on your device – one for your chosen bank transfer casino and one for your bank. With both tabs open, it’s time to follow the below.

Head to the cashier section

All deposits begin at the cashier section of your chosen bank transfer casino. Here, you can then filter through the payment options provided and select “OK”. In this instance, you will be selecting Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer. 

Confirm deposit amount & copy banking details

With the Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer screen opened, you will now have the option to copy your bank transfer casino’s banking details, be given an individual code, and a section to input your deposit amount. However, before you jump the gun and make your first deposit, it is time to consider how much you can afford to lose. Once established, manually enter your deposit amount and copy the transaction details of your chosen operator.

Switch tabs

Now you have the transaction details of your chosen operator copied, it’s time to head on over to your banking app or site. Once here, bettors must log in, search for the option to make a payment, and paste the details provided by your bank transfer casino. Often, you will receive an individual code from your bank transfer casino too. This must also be entered, as it makes the deposit process run that much smoother.

Double-check and confirm your details

Finally, we would always recommend confirming the details once or twice more before submitting your bank transfer payment. In turn, you lower the risk of experiencing any problems with your deposit and can now sit back, relax, and wait for the funds to hit your account!

Withdrawal and deposits with bank transfer: average time scales – safe, but slow

Using a bank transfer to deposit and withdraw from your online casino may be one of the safest methods to use. However, those looking to take advantage of this method will have to wait a little longer than those who opt to make a VIP Preferred casino deposit or withdrawal, or use an online casino with Play+ deposit.

As your bank transfer is not directly linked to your casino account, the transaction itself has to go through two vetting processes – one by your chosen online casino and one by your bank. Naturally, this will increase the time it takes to reach your account, and the whole process could take anywhere between a few hours and a few days.

It is also worth noting that, generally, deposit minimums tend to be higher for those looking to deposit by bank transfer. For example, an online casino may offer Visa, MasterCard, or e-Wallet users a minimum deposit of $5, whereas those looking to make use of bank transfer deposits may be subjected to a $50 minimum. The reverse is also true. So, with this in mind, we would suggest high-rollers may be better suited to this style of deposit and withdrawal method.

Bank transfer verification requirements – Confirm details throughout your bank transfer casino career

Throughout the bank transfer process, customers will need to confirm their identity, personal details, and, eventually, deposit amount, and recipient details. However, before any of that, bettors will need to ensure they have a US bank account.

When setting up your bank account, banks will require your birth certificate, military ID, or passport, and a minimum of two household bills to help confirm your identity. They will also require an email address, contact telephone number, a password, a memorable word, and, depending on how your bank, you may be required to download the banking app too.

Once your bank account is set up, you will be ready to make a bank transfer. The next verification process will seem a lot more straightforward than signing up to your bank. In fact, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home and requires you to verify details of your recipient and the transaction value only. In this instance, you would confirm a payment to your chosen bank transfer casino.

As we detailed earlier in our bank transfer casino review, you will need to note the banking details of your chosen bank transfer casino, input the deposit amount, and the unique ID number that is provided to help locate your transaction once it hits your bank transfer casino account. Most banks will then forward a verification code to your mobile phone, to help confirm your identity and add a second layer of security to your bank transfers.

Once confirmed, your bank will then be able to process your payment and funds will be transferred from your personal account to your bank transfer casino account within the timeframe detailed in your bank transfer casino’s terms and conditions.

The best operators supporting bank transfer

The history of bank transfer – Where it all began

For anyone who has opted to take advantage of our online casino reviews and comparisons, you will have noted that we take security extremely seriously when reviewing the available payment methods to bettors, and we are pleased to confirm that the bank transfer is about as legitimate a method as any bettor will stumble across.

The bank transfer has been around for over 150 years and has provided millions of people with the opportunity to send money freely across the globe. The first-ever telegram was made in the US long before computers were around, and involved paying a telegram station for them to then forward it to the correct recipient.

Oh how far we have come! In 2008, not only had this method been running smoothly online, but the introduction of the Faster Payment Service was also introduced. Thanks to this development, bank transfers could now be transferred to a recipient in less than two hours. Perfect for those looking to deposit and enjoy a little late-night casino action from the comfort of their own homes!

Though short-lived compared to countries across the pond, online casinos are now proving more and more popular across states where legal online gambling is available. With this in mind, bettors need a safe and secure method to make their online casino transactions, and what better method than the trusted bank transfer?

Bank transfer compared to other providers – meeting the new kids on the block

Online casino action has been available across specific states in the US for a few years now with the option to deposit via various different methods slowly increasing. Bank transfer has always remained a popular choice due to the reasons noted above. However, how does the long-standing payment veteran look when put to the test with some of the new kids on the block?

Bank transfer vs Play+

Play+ is the cashless way to play, allowing bettors to seamlessly transfer their funds over to their chosen online casino. The process is short, simple, and completely secure allowing bettors to almost instantly place their online casino wagers. However, an online casino with Play+ deposit and withdrawal options is hard to come by. Often, bettors will need to find a second method to complete their withdrawal, which, ultimately, causes a delay in receiving funds. Of course, this is something that can be avoided by making use of a bank transfer casino.

Bank transfer vs Bitcoin

Despite being one of the buzzwords for 2021, Bitcoin is still a little bit of an unknown entity for some of our readers. In short, Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows for payments to be made peer-to-peer. This means bettors can deposit from their crypto wallets to their casino accounts without the need for third-party authorization. When compared to bank transfer casinos, Bitcoin casinos are yet to solidify their position in the market, meaning the range of operators is fairly limited. To ensure you have the greatest selection of casinos at your disposal, it may be worth sticking to the ol’ faithful once more.

Bank transfer vs PayPal

Since its birth in 1998, PayPal has solidified its position as a household name and has become a popular payment method used by online casino members across the US. The ease of use and instant deposits make this method a particular favorite amongst the younger generation and those who are looking to deposit into their accounts promptly. Unfortunately, unlike online casinos that accept bank transfer, your PayPal deposits are not always guaranteed to unlock your welcome bonuses or contribute towards your online casino’s loyalty program.

Alternative casino payment options

Three essential facts about using bank transfer – Pay attention to the fine print

Now that you are fully clued up on the history of bank transfer casinos and how they compete with other popular payment providers, it’s time to leave you  with a few key facts to remember when making use of an online casino with bank transfer deposits.

Check minimum deposit value

We briefly touched on this earlier in our bank transfer casino review, but an online casino with bank transfer deposits and withdrawals may hold a higher minimum deposit value. In order to confirm whether this is true of your chosen online casino, we at GamblingGuy suggest heading straight to the payment section of your operator’s terms and conditions, or you can always check out our authentic review on your chosen online casino and head to the payments section. Here, our experts will scrutinize the methods available, offering an honest look at the fees, transaction times, and availability for you.

Some banks and casinos will charge fees

Thankfully, bettors who opt to find an online casino that accepts bank transfer will find that most fees and charges associated with your transactions are minimal to non-existent. However, there are some banks and online bank transfer casinos that will charge you for making a transaction to and from your account. The trick is to find a transparent online casino that provides all of the terms and conditions surrounding your account. Here, you will be able to see whether you can expect to find your account hit with a small fee, or not.

Opt-in to bonuses and rewards programs prior to your deposit

For those of our readers who are particularly interested in joining a bank transfer casino for its welcome bonus, ongoing promotions, rewards program, or a medley of all three – this one’s for you. As we noted previously, bank transfer casinos may request deposits to be higher in value than other payment providers. With this in mind, we think it is of the utmost importance to ensure that any bettor looking to deposit by bank transfer has opted in to the latest promotion and signed up to their chosen operator’s loyalty program. Failure to do this prior to their first deposit, could result in bettors missing out on sizable rewards – especially when considering the higher deposit that initially needs to be made!

Conclusion – Finding the right bank transfer casino for you

As we look to draw close to our latest review on bank transfer casinos, we thought this would be the opportune time to recap a few of the key attributes and considerations when signing up to an online casino with bank transfer.

By selecting a bank transfer casino, you are selecting a tried and tested payment method that is both reliable and secure. With over 150 years under its belt, you can feel safe when assuming that this particular payment method is unlikely to leave the US casino scene anytime soon. However, you may have to be prepared to make a slightly higher deposit than others in order to take advantage of it. A large quantity of online bonuses and promotions will also be unlocked by bank transfer deposits, although we would always advise reviewing the terms and conditions beforehand to confirm this to be true.

With your newfound knowledge fully equipped, there’s only one thing left to do – head on over to our detailed bank transfer casino reviews and find the perfect spot for you!

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Bank Transfer Casino FAQs

💲 Do bank transfer casino deposits incur fees?

For any of our readers who are torn between using a Discover Card casino and a bank transfer casino, please make sure you review the small print surrounding charges and fees before finalizing your decision. Both payment methods have plenty of positives, but to really see if a bank transfer casino is the right choice for you, we advise taking time to read through our detailed review focused on online casinos that accept bank transfers. 

🎰 What slots are available to play in a bank transfer casino?

When compiling our online casinos US comparisons, we at GamblingGuy ensure that everyone starts on a level playing field and is tested equally. The main focus areas we highlight are security, licensing, customer support, usability, bonuses, and gaming availability. Of course, we keep our eyes peeled for any hidden perks to joining the online operator that could help set it apart from the competition, but the previously mentioned really help to build the bigger picture. 

💯 Do online casino bank transfer transactions take a long time?

Online casino bank transfer deposits and withdrawals may be subject to fees, varied waiting times, and limits depending on your chosen online operator. With this in mind, for those of you who like to wager on the go, you may need to hunt a little harder in the hope of finding an online casino that ensures your bank transfer deposits and withdrawals are as safe and speedy as possible.

🌟 Which bank transfer online casino provides the best welcome bonus?

If you’ve been searching for the best bonuses from online casinos that accept PayNearMe but haven’t quite found the right one, then we at GamblingGuy suggest heading over to our latest review on online casinos that accept bank transfer to see if a change in payment method helps on your quest for lucrative bonuses. 

🎲 Which online casinos that accept bank transfer offer the best RTP?

When searching for the Return To Player percentages (RTP) on your favorite games, please take into consideration that this percentage relates to the likelihood that your stake will be successful, not that you will secure the jackpot – although, there’s always a chance! The most credible bank transfer casinos will make all of this information readily available to you, ensuring you have the fairest possible experience. 

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