Pennsylvania Casinos and PA Gambling Online 2021

Online gambling in the USA is not limited to finding the latest betting sites in New Jersey open to customers to visiting an established favourite operator.

Since the change in Pennsylvania gambling laws in 2017, Pennsylvania online gambling has become a brand new frontier for new PA online casinos. In this comparison, we will build on our experience of finding the best NJ online casino sites and take a look at the candidates to determine the best PA gambling sites, so that you can make an informed choice.

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Our top picks: Best Online Casinos in Pennsylvania

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The Very Best Online Casinos in Pennsylvania – Full Comparison

Now that online gambling on US-based casinos is finally available and the plethora of new NJ online casinos are being joined by the best PA gambling sites, the importance of finding a reputable operator cannot be underestimated. As those who have experienced playing online slot machines in New Jersey or NJ online poker sites will know, the quality of an operator is crucial to a positive gaming experience. You want to be able to play without having to worry about payouts, fraud, or legitimacy, and to find an operator with a reputation for reliability and excellent service.

The Pennsylvania gaming Act opened up the playing field and the question is no longer: is online gambling legal in Pennsylvania?, but rather: which casinos are the new best PA gambling sites? Our comparison, which has been specifically designed for all users, has the express objective of answering that question once and for all.

5 Most Important PA Casino Operator Checks

You may be concerned about the safety of online gambling or the legitimacy of a specific Pennsylvania online gambling site. We compiled a list of the five most important steps for you to add to your gambling knowledge on the best PA gambling sites.

  1. Does it have a good reputation and a history of honest dealing? The best PA gambling sites will generate feedback and reviews from users and experts. These should be easy to find online and should give you useful insights into the character of the operator and whether you can trust them with your money.
  2. Does it have a duly issued operator license from the proper authority? The Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board regulates Pennsylvania online gambling.
  3.  Most reputable sites have confirmation of their registration at the bottom of the landing page. Consider it a red flag if they don’t boast about and display their authorization.
  4. Ownership should not be a mystery. It is all part of their reputation management, which is part of marketing and corporate image. If the owners are difficult to determine, they may be hiding something. The best PA gambling sites are always transparent about ownership.
  5. Do they have a responsive and professional customer care function? You should be able to see information on how to contact them and how to raise complaints easily. You can also get an idea about how they treat player complaints through online reviews.
  6. Ease of banking. It should not be a roller coaster ride to deposit your money or to withdraw it. If the operator has a bad track record, it should, again, show up in complaints and reviews. The best PA gambling sites are those that prioritize your peace of mind.

Editor’s Recommendation – The Out & Out Winner!

The pennsylvania gambling expansion to online platforms created a brand new playing field for gamblers. Our recommendation out of those sites is Fanduel. Partner to New Jersey-based online casino, Betfair, Fanduel meets all the requirements listed above for reputable sites.

FanDuel is definitely one of the best PA gambling sites. They have a solid selection of gaming tables. Their sportsbook offers a $500 risk-free bet. Their banking options include any legitimate method except for cryptocurrency. The site design is clean and intuitive even to somebody who is not all that experienced at gambling.

Customer service is available in the form of 24/7 email support and on-call agents are available for queries, including banking issues, promotions, and technical problems. Live chat is available for most hours and users are never left without some access to assistance. This, again, marks FanDuel as one of the best PA gambling sites.

Our Operator Assessment Strategy Explained

Our assessments of the gambling sites in PA is focused on user experience. We play a variety of games, place bets on sports and peek into nooks and crannies.  We get to experience the interface, banking system, and customer service just as you would.

To score well in the ratings, Pennsylvania online gambling operators need to do well in user feedback, customer service, and reputation, licensing, banking, the usability of the site, bonuses, and variety of gaming options. Competitive betting lines that test your skills and reward you for strategic betting are a great plus. So too is the availability of impressive mobile versions.

Finding the No1 Casino in PA for YOU!

Choosing the best PA gambling sites for safe and responsible gambling is essential. If you are shopping around for a great Pennsylvania online gambling operator, or not entirely happy with your current casino, then finding a new provider is absolutely worth doing.

Our goal at is to allow you to learn the essentials you need about operators based on thorough and objective test reports, independent comparisons, and a selection of guides. The unique characteristics of the American market and the best online casinos in Pennsylvania are closely scrutinized so that users like you end up becoming online gambling experts.

It’s important to ensure the operator you spend your money on is the best PA gambling site in terms of service and odds. You may not have the time to determine this by yourself. This great tool makes all the information accessible to you in a clear and understandable report.

Check These Top GamblingGuy Comparison Tools

So our aim here is to help you find those leading Pennsylvania online gambling sites that met our standards and wowed our experts. We lead you through the best casino sites and help you settle on the site that suits your betting style like a glove.

Our analyses explore the integrity of the Pennsylvania online gambling sites. You want to be sure to be giving your money to an operator that has tonnes of integrity. We explore the variety of games and betting options and how this could influence your betting approach and gambling strategies. Do they add value with a satisfactory range of betting options?

The best Pennsylvania online gambling sites offer more than just a casino or sports betting in Pennsylvania or a handful of casino games – it should not be one or the other.  What alternative offerings are featured? Are those alternatives well designed and attractive in themselves, or just incidental to the main attraction?

We combine all of this in our convenient Pennsylvania online gambling wiki-guide, with all there is to know about the best NJ gambling sites and Pennsylvania sites at your fingertips, whether they be casinos near Pittsburgh or the cream of Philadelphia gambling.

Which PA Operators Are Our Panel Experts Favorites?

When looking for the best PA gambling sites, our experts prefer casinos with a good selection of gaming tables, a large sportsbook with great bonuses and odds, slick design, and ease of use. Banking options should be generous and uncomplicated. A site may be great on all of these aspects, but offer weak customer service. That will likely be a dealbreaker for us.

With all of these characteristics on offer in one place, it is no wonder that our experts prefer to do their Pennsylvania online gambling on the Fanduel site. We are not fanatical though, as we believe there are several sites that run head to head in terms of the qualities and features that we like. Each of those will have their fans who will tell you they are the best and why they say so.

Sites that fall into that category include Unibet Casino, Fox Bet Casino, Betrivers Casino and Sugarhouse Casino. The best PA gambling sites are those that make customers their priority and we found that with each of these. The other important requirements, like authorisation, banking ease and reputation, are also at a high or acceptable leave for all of these.

Online Or Offline Casinos – Which is Better for Honing Skills?

While Pennsylvania online gambling is legal, operators are required to be associated with a brick and mortar casino. This may leave you to wonder: why go to the online casino at all? What are the factors to consider?

One factor to consider is the opportunity to upskill. Land-based casinos do not offer a practice mode. You’re betting hard cash from the start and you may be out of pocket before you find your feet. A wonderous world of bright lights and stars is created around your eyes and ears, leaving you oblivious to the outside world and the rules of budgeting, odds, and the consequences of actions – all without an option to practice.  Pennsylvania online gambling sites, on the other hand, like pretty much all online casinos, do offer you that opportunity.

However, that’s not to say online casinos are always preferable. There is a social aspect to gambling that many people enjoy, and it’s absolutely worth considering land-based casinos for this – and other – benefits. Ultimately, many users decide a mix of visiting a land-based casino along with visits to the best PA gambling sites may offer a practical solution.

5 of the Best Tips for Success at the Casino Table

Pennsylvania online gambling sites have opened up great opportunities for gamblers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Here we list five ultimate tips to succeed in online gambling.

Make the game your own.

Choose one or two games that you understand well and that you enjoy playing. Dive deep into the background, rules, and features of the game. Know more about the game than the operator does. Then work out a system to increase your success rate based on the knowledge you gained. 

Delay gratification

It can often seem that online slot machines in Pennsylvania with high RTP values are preferable, as these usually (though not always; remember, RTP is calculated over thousands of spins) pay out more frequently – but for smaller amounts. You could consider adding variety to your gaming experience by choosing a max; perhaps one casino game with a low jackpot and another with a high pot to balance small and frequent wins with those scarcer large bonuses. Look at the two games as if they are combined – two halves of a whole – and consider using your knowledge of how they each work to bet wisely and within your budget rather than focusing solely on high-RTP slots.

Hunt those bonuses.

Make sure to keep an eye on the regular offers, promotions, and gifts to lure you in. When you know your two games and you can play them the latest betting sites in Pennsylvania with new welcome bonuses, you control the action. 

Take the long view

There are going to be days when all your knowledge, preparation, and strategy will not mean a thing. You will have bad days – don’t panic, but also don’t try to fix it by betting recklessly. Stick to the limits that make up your strategy for daily, weekly, or monthly betting. No bad day is all that bad if you honor your own rules and live to gamble another day. 

Quit when you win

Luck doesn’t strike twice. The banker is not in the habit of losing.  That big win is not an indication that the slot is nicely warmed up now and ready for bigger things. It is the most common mistake to make in a casino on any game or table. Don’t get swept up in the excitement, or it will not last.

Make these tips the foundation of your gambling strategy and who knows – one day you build a palace on that foundation.

Conclusion – A Long Awaited Source of Entertainment

The legalization of online casinos in PA and NJ alongside the introduction of sports betting in NJ has provided a long-awaited source of entertainment for those living in these states.

The gambling age in PA is a mature 21 and there is no exception to this rule for the online variety.  Once you’ve cleared the age limit hurdle though, the great offerings by the likes of Fanduel, Ubinet, Poker Stars, Betrivers, and plenty more are sure to meet your betting and gaming needs. In addition to our comparison criteria for website selection, we delved into the benefits of online betting to allow you to choose the best PA gambling sites in an informed way.

We believe that online makes it much easier for you to bet what you budgeted in your own space and on your terms. The casino is in your house and under your control. You are unlikely to get any better deal than that!

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