Bet365 USA Minimum Bets 2022: What is the Minimum Bet Wager on Bet365?

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What are Bet365 Sportsbook Minimum Bets?

Sportsbooks across the United States usually have a minimum bet amount included in their terms and conditions. Limits can vary though, with some as low as $0.01 and others around $1-$2. So how does the Bet365 minimum bet compare? Get the full lowdown here!

Our team have pulled out all the stops to focus on the all the important question – what is the size of the Bet365 minimum bet. You’ll soon have all the latest information on Bet365 minimum bets at your fingertips, along with lots of great info on minimum bets in general.

What size is the Bet365 minimum bet? 

The Bet365 minimum bet value is $0.10 across most of their markets and bet types. This minimum bet is the lowest available price for most of the sports and teams they offer, however the 10 cents limit is not actually site wide. It’s also worth noting that the minimum deposit value is different, so ensure you check out the Bet365 minimum deposit page too.

There is a slightly higher restriction of $0.20 that applies to some other markets. There doesn’t appear to be an explicit description of what constitutes a $0.10 market or a $0.20 market available on their website, although it does appear that the lower restriction is the limit that is most prevalent across all their markets.

Now whilst the $0.10 and $0.20 wagers are available and will allow you to place bets and enjoy Bet365’s offering, using the minimum bet on Bet365 may not allow you to qualify and take full advantage of all their bonuses on offer. This appears to affect Bet365 less than many other sportsbooks, the majority of their bonuses focus on boosted odds or money back guarantees however it would currently exclude you from their current new customer bonus which requires a $1 minimum bet to qualify.

Is there a cap on wagers?

Just as there is a minimum limit on their bets, there is also a maximum. However the maximum bet is enforced in a different way. Instead of limiting the initial wager than can be placed, the limit instead is enforced on the returns a bettor can expect.

Whilst there is a limit in place, it is far higher than most of their other competitors. The current limit is set at $5 million returns on any single bet. This makes it particularly attractive for those looking for higher rewards on their bets.

Keep reading the fine print

The Bet365 minimum bet terms and conditions surrounding their minimum bets appear to be relatively straightforward with many of the details similar to their competitors and other major sportsbooks. They do not however specify a value within their T&Cs.

Whilst this lack of specificity makes no real difference for you as a bettor and there is no suggestion that the Bet365 minimum bet value is likely to change any time soon, it may still be worth keeping an eye on the fine print as it could change without notice.

Why this information is important to know

Low wager, minimum bets are an extremely useful technique for all sports bettors. Whilst some may see their lower potential returns and discard the idea of researching them as an option. That would, however, be a mistake.

They have value for all bettors and despite a set minimum bet being enforced by most major American sportsbooks, it’s rare that they are all the same minimum value. That’s why our team at GamblingGuy has compiled all this information for you. You can check out the minimum bet values for the BetMGM minimum bet or the Caesars’ minimum bet.

Why should I use the minimum bet?

For bettors who want to see bigger returns from their sports betting, they often see the pathway to those returns being higher risk bets that come with higher rewards. This ends up leading to these bettors ignoring the value a minimum bet can have.

This is an oversight, when placed correctly and carefully minimum value sports bets can be greatly effective for sports bettors of all types. For those new to sport betting they can offer a number of benefits. The ability to reduce the risk allows for a casual betting experience and more enjoyment of the fun side of sport betting.

The minimum bets can also be useful for newcomers who are looking to extend their sports betting into more serious efforts. This can be daunting for those used to casual sports betting so minimum value bets can allow those newcomers to make mistakes without risking too much capital.

They can also offer value for more experienced sports bettors. If used carefully and correctly a minimum bet can be a key part of their strategy. Most successful and serious sports bettors will have a carefully determined and well budgeted sports betting strategy. These can leave little room for those wanting to try new techniques. This is where minimum bets come in. They give licence to bet more freely as they impact a set budget less and can allow bettors to see if a new technique can be developed.


Despite Bet365 offering two minimum bets of $0.10 and $0.20 they are still set below many other sportsbooks. Its low amount is welcoming for new sports betters, those with smaller budgets and even more serious gamblers. The large majority of their bonuses appear to focus more on odd boosts than wagers and therefore aren’t affected, making the Bet365 minimum bet a strong option in its field.

Have a read of our full Bet365 review to find out more about their sportsbook. For information on other sportsbooks’ minimum bets visit our dedicated minimum bet page.

Bet365 minimum bet FAQ

🏦 What is the minimum bet wager on Bet365 sportsbook?

Bet365 sportsbook minimum bet is two set minimum bets on their website. These two limits are available across all their markets and bet types. The reasons between the two limits aren’t the clearest but are shown on their bet slip.

💲 Will using a minimum bet restrict eligibility for a bonus?

Some bonuses are open to all wagers placed but there will be bonuses that have more restricted terms which may need a higher bet. Check out our operator reviews to find out more.

⚖️ Will all sportsbooks enforce the same minimum bet?

Sportsbooks will attempt to gain an advantage on each other in all ways; this includes their markets, streaming options and more. This means the specifics of all bookies will differ. You can use our reviews to find the best offering.

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