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Betfair Review USA 2020

Is Betfair legit or scam?

Online gambling is a fun and convenient form of entertainment. You are quickly captivated by the graphics and potential winnings. It’s bonus offers and sign up offers are also quite attractive. However, online gambling does come with its own set of risks. There are scams and frauds out there. In order to stay safe, you have to do your research,  select a reputable Betfair casino and use the right kind of Betfair promo code.

If you’re here and you’re reading this Betfair review, you are already on the right track.  Betfair USA is a relatively new arm of the company. It makes sense that you’d want to find out as much as possible before committing your money.

This Betfair review will provide you with all the information you need to decide. We’ll go over Betfair sign up offers, rewards, security, licensing, and more.

Betfair: Pros & Cons
Betfair: Pros & Cons
  • Betfair offers a variety of gambling options
  • Betfair is licensed and secure
  • Betfair offers its clients attractive Betfair bonus codes
  • Betfair Casino is currently only available in New Jersey

Bonus Offers - Will you need a Betfair promo code?

In sports betting, in general, it’s common to find attractive welcome bonuses and sign up offers. Betfair sign up offers often  come with several terms and conditions, as well as wagering requirements. But lots of people will still want a Betfair promo code.

Betfair bonus codes for new players let them beef up their bankroll with hefty deposit matching bonuses. Betfair New Jersey grants players a sign up offer of $200 risk free on the first day. This offer is valid for up to 72 hours.

There are also continuous promotions, with Betfair promo codes that occur either daily or monthly. An example is one of the current offers at Betfair Casino. This offer made use of the Betfair promo code and provided bettors with a $30 bonus. Check out what you could get with a Harrah’s online casino promo code instead.

Usability, Look & Feel

The Betfair betting website appears to be generally user-friendly. You’ll find easy ways to use a Betfair promo code here.  The graphics and colors on the homepage have a welcoming appeal. It’s relatively easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for on the website. The global web presence is professional, and account information is easy to access.

Our Betfair review found the performance and looking time of the site is adequate, and this is true for both desktop and mobile devices. The website is also secure and ensures that players who are not from the permitted locations can’t access it.

When such a person attempts to access the website, an automatic error message appears on their screen. The note explains that Betfair’s software detects that the person is trying to access the site from a country that Betfair does not accept bets from.


As with gambling at any betting site such as Betfair USA, players expect convenient options available in order to make deposits to wager. Easy and convenient methods that speed up the Betfair withdrawal times for receiving winnings are preferable.

Betfair USA is aware of this and is why it takes a versatile approach in its payment methods. Some of the deposit and withdrawal options include PayPal, ACH, Visa, and Mastercard, to name a few. All of which shows that this is one of the top betting site with PayPal.

Payment rules

Once a prospective bettor has deposited funds, they can feel secure that all these funds are held in a separate account in the name of New Jersey sports wagering license holders.
All money that a bettor deposits must originate from a payment source of which the bettor is the legal owner.

Bettors can have up to three active debit or credit cards linked to their Betfair USA account. Customers can only bet up to the amount held in their account or up to the limit set out in the Betfair house rules. Check out some other top online casinos with the highest payouts.

Customer Service

Betfair USA has an excellent way of providing potential customers with the information they require. The website provides basic information and a link to obtain even more information about a particular topic such as how to use a Betfair promo code. There is even a link that directs the prospective bettor to a page with contact information.

The page encourages you to contact customer service in the event of any problems, inquiries, and concerns. The customer service team is contactable via live chat, email, or telephonically. Alternatively, they also have a comprehensive FAQ section available allowing you to try resolving your query yourself.

By providing customers with multiple options, Betfair hopes to keep things convenient. The site also informs prospective bettors that if the contact did not yield the expected results, a grievance should be raised by means of email. Two Email addresses are provided. The turnaround time for grievance response is five working days.

The customer services site for Betfair reiterates the laws it’s bound by and talks about avoiding Betfair fraud. It also requests that the prospective bettor reads through the house rules for Betfair.

License & Security

Our Betfair reviews want to make all aspects transparent for customers and give them the privilege of being comfortable. Betfair USA is a licensed and registered online gambling provider.

It is legal in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. Betfair can be considered a trendsetter in becoming the first legal betting exchange provider in New Jersey. Betfair apps are subject to all the rules and United States Federal Regulations applicable in the respective states. This means that the brand will honour its Betfair promo codes.

Betfair makes it very clear on its site that no person, who is below the age of 21, may engage in Betfair’s entertainment sources. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the provider needs to comply with the State’s gambling laws, if Betfair is free of any legal disputes. Secondly, this rule protects minors.

In terms of suspicious behavior and Betfair fraud, it will not hesitate in taking legal action against perpetrators. This is in the interest of the general safety of their other clients who are using the provider.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Betfair has a reward program in addition to its Betfair bonus and Betfair promo codes. This is informally referred to as comp points. They can be earned from any wagering activity with the Betfair USA casino. You won’t need any Betfair promo code for this.

Every player is automatically enrolled for this benefit. As with all benefits, terms and conditions do apply. Points earned depend on the amount wagered, but once a player reaches 100 points, it can be redeemed for cash.

Betfair Casino also has a VIP loyalty club. Bettors get a month to earn tier points. These tier points will then determine at which VIP level they are. Players can redeem Betfair bonus codes on the level they are at. All players are eligible to enter.

Betfair Casino


Betfair Casino makes use of Playtech software for the online slots. Playtech is well known and has a few accolades, namely the platform of the year, and RNG Betfair casino Supplier of the year. This helps to make Betfair one of the top new NJ online casinos.

The casino also makes use of other software suppliers in the gaming industry. IGT, NetEnt, NextGen, Endemd, Microgaming, and BaraEst are some of the software suppliers. Want more options? Then read our BetAmerica casino review.

The software that Betfair utilizes gives players two options to play. The first method is through instant mode. This method of play occurs directly through the Betfair USA website. In this mode, the player can choose to use their chosen browser or Adobe flash player.

The second method involves a software download. Players can download it within a couple of minutes for Betfair free. This download works with Windows XP and above. This version of play allows the bettor to save their favorite games, giving them easy access. Check out Ocean Resort online casino for a good alternative.

Game Portfolio

When a player searches for an online casino, they generally have variety at the top of the criteria list. If a player is to register with a particular Betfair casino it needs to be enticing in terms of bonus offers as well.

Betfair casino provides clients with a diverse game library. This game library is sure to have something for everyone. Let us look at some of the games on offer:

Standard games at Betfair casino 

Betfair casino provides blackjack and roulette games. These can be played live with a live dealer. The game library at this provider seems to be constantly expanding. The slot selection at this provider features more than a 140 games from a variety of some of the leading software providers.

These slots are diverse and feature items such as penny slots, multi line slots and a few slots that encompass bonus rounds and jackpots. The blackjack segment offers clients the option between single hand or a five hand game. See how this compares with Hard Rock Casino online.

Exclusive games at Betfair casino

In the table game segment of this casino clients have access to two games that are exclusive to this online entity. These games are solitaire and poker bet. There are also more than ten other table games available such as craps, roulette variations and baccarat.

All of these games and more are available at Betfair from the bettor’s mobile device as well as laptops and desktops.

Live Casino

As mentioned in the previous section, Betfair offers clients live gaming entertainment. This feature comprises live dealers for the game, giving it a more realistic feel, even though it is online. Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat can all be played live.

All that the player has to do is download the Betfair app live gaming is high quality and is available only in GBP.


Betfair casino exposes the theoretical payout percentage for each game. This can be found in each game’s “help” file. The help file is in the options menu in the game window. If a bettor were to compare these with a different casino, they would notice that Betfair slots percentage is really good.

With regard to slot games, the maximum limit is clearly mentioned for each one. Roulette also has a variety of Betfair betting limits to suit the needs of different players. The black jack limits are very high.

Product Conclusion of Betfair casino

The quality and graphics available at Betfair casino are great. The game variety and payout rate are even more tempting. The only negative aspect is that the live games are only available in English. Other than that, it seems like a fantastic entertainment provider.

up to $10
No Deposit
Betfair Sports Betting

Betting Markets

In general, sports betting in the USA is restricted to certain States. Strict rules apply to sportsbooks where sports betting is allowed. Each individual sportsbook has its own set of options regarding betting markets. The variety of bets and wagering options differ from one sportsbook to the next. Betfair betting associates itself with reputable sportsbooks and owns FanDuel sportsbook in the USA.

Betfair, unfortunately does not have an online sportsbook in the USA. It does, however, offer its clients access to bet on simulated sports in the form of online virtual sports betting. See what we found in our FoxBet review.

Live betting & streaming

This feature is unfortunately not currently available at Betfair USA.


American odds are presented as either positive or negative. Positive odds reflect the players’ profit in terms of $100 bet. Negative odds reflect the amount of money a player would have to bet in order to win $100.

Odds are calculated pre-match for certain events and Betfair betting and betting tips and advice is offered on the site. .


Bettors need to be aware of Betfair’s house rules. The house rules state that there are maximum payout limits. Even if a bettor places a bet that exceeds these maximum benefits, the maximum limit is still applicable.

The maximum payout for Betfair betting is shown in US dollars, but will be converted to the equivalent in other currency if need be. Bettors should also note that when it comes to multiple or partly bets, which involve events that have different maximum payout amounts, the lower maximum will apply.

Soccer events are limited to a maximum of $1,000,000. Tennis maximum limit is $2,000,000, golf is $500,000. Cricket has a maximum limit of 100,000 dollars. So the maximum amount varies according to the type of sport as well as the type of tournament.

Product Conclusion

Betfair USA sports betting has many benefits to offer prospective players. The only negative aspect is that location limitations apply.

For those who are located in the proximity, Betfair USA is highly recommended for sports betting. Betfair offers variety, bonuses, and security. There is more to gain nothing to lose when choosing a gambling entertainment provider.

100% up to $200
Risk-Free Bet

Overall conclusion of our Betfair review

Betfair casino offers many benefits. Ranging from its wonderful Betfair sign up offers to its promotional and bonus offers. These are excellent marketing points for enticing customers to join, but what about existing customers?

Existing customers get access to odds, bonuses, and loyalty rewards when making use of Betfair sportsbooks. They also get tips and guidelines before matches begin. In some instances, they are able to cash out early when sporting events are doing favorably for them.

In terms of blackjack and roulette, players have access to live options. This option features live dealers giving them a complete casino experience from the comfort of their mobile devices. In terms of poker variety and versatility of buy-ins, allow almost anyone to play.

Betfair offers players a vast library of slots powered by reputable software companies. Betfair is licensed and regulated. This may mean that its pricing options are a bit more, but holistically the price is worth it. Our overall verdict is that Betfair is a legitimate gambling entertainment provider.

This is a provider that strives to meet all the standard criteria and, in some cases, exceeds it. Betfair is a quality entertainment provider with a focus on customer satisfaction.

up to $10
No Deposit

Betfair Review FAQ 

🎉 What is the latest Betfair welcome bonus?

It has become standard for bookmakers to offer new customers some sort of welcome bonus. These range from deposit bonuses to bonus spins. In some cases, it’s possible to receive a no deposit bonus. These are few and far between though. Our Betfair review will cover the current bonuses on offer on the provider’s platform. Stay in the loop with

🏇 What sports can I bet on with Betfair?

Bookmakers continue to expand their coverage of domestic and international sporting events. With the top online bookmakers, you’ll be able to bet on all types of sports. You might even be able to live stream your favorite events and matches. Our bookmaker reviews outline the sports you’ll have access to and how to go about placing bets.

🎲 Does Betfair offer odds booster promotions?

It can be that odds across different betting platforms do not diverge much. Betting odds can change slightly here and there. But, with an odds boost offer, you’ll be able to swing odds for popular events in your favor. To find out whether Betfair offers this promotions, take a look at our Betfair review.

❓Is Betfair legit?

Betfair is well known as being one of the biggest European sports betting brands. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should let your guard down when signing up to the site for the first time. After all, you will be giving the sports betting site access to your sensitive personal information and real money deposits. So be sure to read our in-depth Betfair review to see exactly how safe you will be at the site.

📱 Is there a Betfair app?

All of the best sports betting sites will give their customers some great mobile betting options. This means that you should be able to access all of these sportsbooks’ odds regardless of whether you are using a tablet or a smartphone. Take a look at our Betfair review and you’ll discover what the brand’s mobile betting options are. You’ll also learn whether there is a Betfair app for iOS or Android devices.

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