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Jock MKT Review & Bonuses 2023: Honest US Ratings For DFS

Read our expert review in 5 minutes. Is Jock MKT safe?

  • Entertaining novel approach
  • Social media variety
  • Easy to learn
Jock MKT DFS Bonus
100% up to $100
Players from Virginia accepted
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T&Cs apply, 18+
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If you have an interest in all things fantasy sports-related, you’ve landed at the right place. You’ll be pleased to hear a new daily fantasy sports operator exists. Read on to learn about them in this Jock MKT review.

Our experts will, as is our habit, strive to bring you all information in our Jock MKT reviews. We’ll introduce you to the operator, taking a tour through their features such as customer service, sports markets, bonuses, and more. After finishing our review, you’ll be an expert on all things Jock MKT. Relax and come along for the ride.

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Jock MKT (Bid Ventures, Inc.)
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  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
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Safety high high
Works well
"I have been using the site for a while now. Fun and easy to use. Welcome bonus is good too!"
Fantasy land
"A really different kind of site. That said, its engaging and fun to use regularly!"
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Last Updated on 13/09/2023
Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Latest Jock MKT Sign-Up Bonus: Our $100 Offer

Normally, our team would start by searching for a welcome bonus or signup offer. We’ve seen them all before, and they are almost always used to get new players on board. Our Prophet Exchange review will demonstrate this to you. Welcome bonuses are a staple of online gambling and DFS because they work effectively. It is clear why they are used: not only does it get more users on board as a great marketing tool, but it also rewards these new customers with that little something extra with which to play.

Jock MKT didn’t want to miss out on this winning recipe, as we found a welcome bonus on offer in our Jock MKT review after some digging. We are unsure why the bonus isn’t front and center on the main page, but it does exist. They are easily forgiven, though, as it is quite an excellent offer. The offer states that Jock MKT will match your deposit with 100% in site credits.

Furthermore, they mention that they will match you up to the amount of $100, which is a generous offer in our eyes. You will receive this offer when you apply a unique code when signing up for a new account. Our Jock MKT review found that to qualify for the bonus amount, Jock MKT needs you to deposit as least $20. You can only withdraw your funds after 24 hours. One more thing, you should play 500% of the bonus amount within that 24 hours. This playthrough amount is calculated by contest joining fees and your market bids. We found that the playthrough requirement is relatively high, but the payoff is that you can withdraw the account credits, which is something out of the ordinary. Usually, operators would only allow bonus credits to be used on the site, and the credit can never be withdrawn. We like what Jock MKT has done differently in this case.

Is Jock MKT available in your state?

Check out our table below to see if Jock MKT is available in your state and to get your hands on your state-exclusive promo code to start taking advantage of their welcome offer today:

State: Bonus Offer:Bonus Code: Get Bonus:
California 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT CA
Colorado 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT CO
Florida 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT FL
Georgia 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT GA
Illinois 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT IL
Massachusetts 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT MA
Maryland 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT MD
North Carolina 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT NC
New Jersey 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT NJ
New York 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT NY
Ohio 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT OH
Texas 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT TX
Virginia 100% up to $100
Join Jock MKT VA

Usability, look & feel - Uncluttered and straightforward

The guys at Jock MKT have focused on their platform’s user-friendliness, which is clear to see starting from their website. The design is simple and minimalistic, making it much easier to navigate. During our Hollywood Casino review, we also focus on the look of the platform, something we normally do in most reviews. Back to our Jock MKT review, the main color scheme is crisp, with a white background offset with black and green graphics. The response time on the website is quick, and it is not cluttered. We like the design.

As with most operators, they have an app that you can download for Apple and Android devices. The app is advertised on the main page, so you cannot miss it. It, too, is nicely designed with the same color schemes. The players’ graphics are nice (photos), and the app is responsive. It is easy to take part in each phase of the process, be it the IPO or the live bidding phase. We found that the app is great to use, even for beginners in the DFS world. You don’t have to be an expert at DFS to enjoy what Jock MKT offers.

You can also access the web-based platform from the website. Our Jock MKT review team only had to scroll down a little to find the log-in link. It has the same look and feels the same as the website. All the same, functions can be found on both the app and the web-based platform, so users can choose which suits them the best. We like the simplicity of the design and the fact that there is no cluttered dashboard. The interface is not overwhelming, and novice users can use it confidently. Overall, easy to navigate and quick to learn.

Payments - small deposit for welcome bonus

Next up, our Jock MKT review will scrutinize the payment methods. Refer to our Pulsz review; you’ll see we leave no stone unturned. What are the t’s and c’s regarding deposits and withdrawals? What are the processing times? These are some questions we like to get into. First off, we were somewhat disappointed by the information divulged on the Jock MKT website, or should we say, the lack thereof. We searched far and wide for mention of deposits and withdrawal amounts. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information to give you more specifics except that they mention credit cards and PayPal in their terms and conditions.  We assume Jock MKT would have all the most popular payment methods available. It would greatly complement the rest of their DFS offer as they have a one-of-a-kind approach.


It would be an excellent idea for the team at Jock MKT to set reasonable limits on withdrawal and deposits and for turnaround times to be as quick as possible. We can mention the minimum deposit amount required for the 100% deposit bonus as this information is available on the website. Jock MKT requires you to deposit at least $20 to activate the welcome bonus when opening your account. Our Jock MKT review team feels this amount is very reasonable as a first deposit.

Customer service - comment and email system

Moving swiftly along, we would like to stop a moment to check out the customer service feature of Jock MKT. Will they be attentive to users? How important is this to them? The operator must make it easy for users to get in touch with them to resolve issues, whether technical or just normal queries about the games. We like to see helpful (and fast) operators tending to their customers’ problems.

The website was the Jock MKT review team’s first port of call when looking at the customer service offering. On their main page, you have two links to the contact page. The first is located at the top when you click “About Us,” and the second is located at the bottom of the page, under “About Us.” Naturally, we followed this link to see where it took us. They provide a comment option where you can fill in a form with your query and send it to them directly. Another avenue you can try is email, since the team at Jock MKT provides an email address for customer queries.

The Discord app also provides access to answers from the community, and you could also go the social media route as they have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We think emailing them directly would provide you with the quickest response as Jock MKT commits to respond within 10 days. We couldn’t find any phone number or live chat function, but hopefully, Jock MKT will add these options in due course.

License & security - is Jock MKT legit?

Another essential element of providing a great experience to users is ensuring that the operator is regulated. Our Jock MKT review team investigated to see if Jock MKT can be trusted. As per usual, we had a long look at their website for clues. We immediately saw that the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA) was mentioned on their main page. The FSGA is an association that lobbies and promotes competitive and legal fantasy sports and legislation. DFS is considered to be a game of skill and not gambling; thus, most gambling laws do not regulate DFS. Jock MKT’s association with the FSGA counts in their favor, showing their commitment to the core principles of the FSGA. They also show dedication to responsible gambling as they have a section on their website dedicated to this topic. You can even send them an email to exclude you from using the website for a certain period.

Is Jock MKT reliable, and can you trust them with your information? Our Jock MKT review team knows where to go looking for this answer. At the top of the website, we can see a lock icon next to the URL. This shows that the Jock MKT website has a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. Why is this so crucial? It shows us that any information you share with the website is encrypted. Remember, this will include your personal information, such as credit card numbers. We were relieved to see this as we can now tell you that the operator is safe to use.

Rewards & loyalty program - Beginner events and experience badges

We’re almost there, and we’d like to tell you some more things regarding Jock MKT. Some operators have loyalty programs and different rewards tiers for users to keep users intrigued and engaged. Our Jock MKT review team also scoured the Jock MKT website for any offers, promos, or VIP programs. We found that Jock MKT has a tiered program that will give certain users access to specific events. Users who have entered 50 or fewer events will be eligible to enter “Beginner Events.” Beginner Events are geared toward novice players, as the name suggests, and will provide a DFS learning experience to beginners. They also provide “Experience Badges” to users that have met certain requirements, indicating to others that these users are more familiar with the platform.

Fantasy sports offer

In this Jock MKT review, we took a look at how the platform operates. We want to see that it provides a user-friendly experience to players. They have done their homework as the platform is not only app-based, but you can log in on your browser as well. It provides a smooth and fast experience, and it is clear that you don’t have to be an expert at DFS to use Jock MKT. Picking your players is easy during the “Initial Player Offering” part of the auction, and when the live trading begins, it is a straightforward process to buy and sell as the bid and ask prices of players are updated in real time. It is an exhilarating experience.

Prize pools

We were impressed as they have come up with a completely different approach to the DFS scene. Jock MKT essentially acts as an exchange where you have two processes. The first process is called the IPO, and it starts about 24 hours before a game and ends 30 min before the said game. Here, you bid against other users for shares in a player. If you are the highest bidder, you will win shares in the player. Then, the live trading starts, where users can buy and sell shares in players in real time during a game, and the prices for players will fluctuate based on performance. You can sell shares in players in real time to make profits or buy players you think will improve later on. At the end of the game, each player’s rankings are calculated based on fantasy points, and shares will then pay out based on the rankings.

Our Jock MKT review team found two game types available. You can play in either market format or contest format. When you play market format, your shares will be paid in chips. You will then receive prizes based on the number of chips you have. The market format is more straightforward as shares will just pay out in the form of cash. Further good news is that all major markets are available, including the NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, MLB, and NASCAR if you are a racing fan.

Community & forum

Our Jock MKT review found numerous ways in which players can communicate with each other or get some more information on DFS stats and strategies. The easiest way for users to have a chat is to download the Discord app and chat with other users. You can also follow their social media accounts for information and links to podcasts about DFS. Jock MKT also has a dedicated daily blog with tips and strategies where you can go to get a headstart on the competition. Jock MKT is geared up for user interaction.

Product summary & conclusion

To end our Jock MKT review, we would just like to mention what a great concept the team at Jock MKT has developed. This DFS, which essentially operates like a stock exchange (hence the name), is fun to play. You can get involved during the IPO phase or focus on live trading during game time. Share prices constantly change, creating excitement, and we guarantee that users will get swept up in all the entertainment on offer. Payouts are guaranteed based on the performance of your players. There is an awesome community and many places to get information on leagues and players daily. We think that this is a fantastic idea!

DFS Bonus
Jock MKT
DFS Bonus
100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
Get Bonus

Jock MKT review FAQ

✋Is it safe to play Jock MKT?

Each state has different laws that regulate fantasy sports. Playing fantasy sports is not allowed in all US states. Our Jock MKT review looks at the safety and security provided by operators, including Jock MKT. Have a look at our reviews for information on this topic.

🏀Which sports markets are available on Jock MKT?

Some operators provide users with various markets from which to choose. Others tend to focus on a few bigger leagues. You can see which are featured on Jock MKT when you read our review.

❓How does Jock MKT work?

Depending on your operator, each has a different approach to daily fantasy sports. Jock MKT is unique in its operations, and our review details its DFS offer.

Overall conclusion - an exciting new idea to DFS

We’ve reached the end of the Jock MKT review, and what a ride it’s been. What stood out for our team? Firstly, we love the design and look of the app and web-based platforms. They are simple and easy to use, even for the beginner. Jock MKT also offers an excellent welcome bonus that is withdrawable within 24 hours if you meet certain criteria. We also like the inclusion of beginner events to give novice users a chance against other novices to learn the ropes of the DFS world.

The operator also has a welcoming community on a Discord server, where you can chat and interact with other users. Lastly, we think the idea of seeing players as assets on an exchange is fascinating. The team at Jock MKT could improve customer service options, which is the only issue we had. But overall, we love their novel approach to DFS.

Jock MKT DFS Bonus
100% up to $100
T&Cs apply, 18+
Go to Jock MKT DFS
  • Entertaining novel approach
  • Social media variety
  • Easy to learn

User Reviews for Jock MKT

4/5 – 8 User Reviews
  1. good odds

    the odds are very competitive compared to some other sites

    the bonus for regular users isn't great I think
  2. good odds and bonus
    Michael Sherr

    the odds are very fair and the bonuses set you up nicely for some winnings

    could be quicker to connect to customer support
  3. Ok

    Haven’t had any issues so far and I like the app.

  4. Fantastic!
    Ali Jitt

    My favorite spot for daily fantasy sports

    nothing at all!
  5. love it

    I’m new to daily fantasy sports but this site made it super easy to pick it up! It’s a really well designed site

  6. Quick

    Super mobile app. It has made it way easier to quickly dip in and out when I have the time.

  7. Fantasy land

    A really different kind of site. That said, its engaging and fun to use regularly!

  8. Works well

    I have been using the site for a while now. Fun and easy to use. Welcome bonus is good too!


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