ThriveFantasy Daily Fantasy Sports USA Review 2022: Is ThriveFantasy scam or legit?

Read our expert review in 5 minutes. Is ThriveFantasy safe?

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  • Easy to navigate and a joy to use
  • Immense selection of fantasy sports betting options
  • Prize pools suitable for all kinds of players
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In this ThriveFantasy review, we’re going to be checking out an operator that’s trying to throw a new spin on the fantasy betting world with a variety of innovative features – and seeing if they’re worth your consideration.

Of course, not all new ideas are necessarily good ones. The purpose of this kind of analysis is therefore twofold. Not only are we checking that ThriveFantasy betting comes up to our incredibly high standards across all the important things which make any bookmaker good, bad or ugly, but also whether its unique points are great ideas, or just gimmicks.

ThriveFantasy: Pros & Cons
  • Amazing fantasy betting market variety
  • Great for eSports fantasy fans
  • Suitable for casual bettors and high rollers
  • Head-to-head mode creates innovative betting scenarios
  • Could use more payment options
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ThriveFantasy Review: DO NOT Sign Up Before Watching This

Video: ThriveFantasy Review: DO NOT Sign Up Before Watching This 🤯

ThriveFantasy Review: DO NOT Sign Up Before Watching This 🤯

ThriveFantasy Bonus Offers - 100% bonus bet

The only promotion permanently advertised at the time of writing is the ThriveFantasy deposit offer for new customers. This offers to match your initial deposit with a 100% bonus bet. However, it’s not just ThriveFantasy sign up offers available here. In addition, there’s also promotions offered on an ongoing, frequently changing basis, so keep an eye out for that ThriveFantasy bonus code.

Top 5 expert tips – How to use your ThriveFantasy bonus code today

When it comes to ThriveFantasy sign up offers, we don’t just want you to enjoy this bonus but to make the most out of it as well. With that in mind, we’ve selected five expert tips to help you understand how the bonus works – which is as simple as making a relevant deposit – as well as ensuring you squeeze every last once of value from it:

Consider your deposit amount

Similar to many betting promotions, the bonus amount is dictated by how much you deposit up to a limit. The limit here is $100 and that means that if you deposit over that amount, the bonus you get will still be $100. The minimum deposit as standard is $20. Consider carefully and remember only the first deposit counts.

Remember your accounts are connected

The ThriveFantasy app, available on Android and iOS, are one of the best things about this operator. They’re also all connected, meaning if you’ve used this welcome bonus on the desktop, for instance, you couldn’t use it again on your phone.

Be on the look for other ThriveFantasy promo code possibilities

Really simple this one: keep your eye out for any new offer, ThriveFantasy bonus code or upcoming competitions to make the most out of them.

Take advantage of free tickets at the same time!

You also get free NFL tickets with your deposit: two for $100, and six for $500, but only if you deposit that amount all at once. If you were going to deposit that amount anyway, then this is a no brainer.

Never go over your limits

Never let any sportsbook bonus, including this one, make you gamble irresponsibly or beyond your limit.

Frequently Asked Questions – All about the ThriveFantasy bonus

Are there any wagering requirements attached to the ThriveFantasy sign up offers?

Yes, your deposit match is subject to a 4x wagering requirement, which is extremely competitive.

Are there any time limits attached to the ThriveFantasy sign up offers?

The only time limit we could find was a 45 day limit on “unconverted pending bonus” amounts dormant in your player account. This can be removed after that period.

Is there any ThriveFantasy promo code I need to know?

Not for the welcome offer at the time of writing.

Can this ThriveFantasy review check out any other promotions?

Because the other bonus offers are not permanent, we cannot analyze any other specific bonuses right now – except to say that their reputation is good and terms generally fair.

Is ThriveFantasy free to sign up to?

Yes, you can sign up to ThriveFantasy at no cost – as is the case with many US sportsbooks. But you must deposit to receive the welcome offer.

ThriveFantasy Sports Bonus

  • Bonus intro: All you need to do is place a deposit as a new customer and your first deposit will be matched up to $100. There’s no ThriveFantasy bonus code, nor any other hidden steps. It really is as simple as that.
  • Reality Test: Wagering the bonus – The way it works is as easy as the concept. You register with the site, add your bank details, and deposit your funds. Wait a few days, you’ll receive the bonus and can then play with it as usual on, as far as we can tell, any markets you wish.
  • Bonus withdrawal – Withdrawing your bonus is the same as withdrawing any other kind of funds from ThriveFantasy. All it requires from you is to wager your bonus amount four times before beginning the withdrawal process.
  • Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus – There are only three key things you really need to remember when it comes to this promotion. One is that it’s strictly for new customers, meaning existing customers can’t sign up again to utilize it. Other than that, there’s a 45-day time limit for dormant bonus amounts and the 4x wagering requirement to consider as key terms.
  • Conclusion/Verdict on bonus – Any decent ThriveFantasy reviews must surely recognise this bonus for its simplicity and value. It’s a bonus almost everyone who uses this site can enjoy and an ideal way to get started with this bookmaker.
100% up to $100
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Usability, Look & Feel - An impressive design

It’s the design of ThriveFantasy which really gives the first impression that you’re looking at something unique. It’s slick, modern and easy to understand, but it’s the intricately thought-out layout which really hit this ThriveFantasy review as something extra special. Like the welcome offer, it’s simplicity itself, explaining its core concepts of traditional fantasy and head-to-head betting perfectly. On top of that, it’s remarkably easy to find the sports and competitions that work for your interests and budget.

Part of its excellence is surely due to the fact that ThriveFantasy – while being plenty varied in the world of fantasy betting – sticks to that betting product solely. There’s no ThriveFantasy casino or poker room taking up space. This means all the wonderful options have plenty of room to breath. It’s arguably even better on mobile where the technical performance is even more impressive in its sturdiness.

Payments - A small but trusted selection

Just like you’ll find in our FanDuel Casino review, at GamblingGuy, we never underestimate the importance of having a reliable selection of payment options. Here, things are kept simple but effective. Options include PayPal, Echeck and credit card. Once you’ve deposited, you can enter competitions for all kinds of great cash prizes. The ThriveFantasy withdrawal time is as you would expect: the process takes minutes and is without confusion. Plus, there are no unusual fees that we could find.


The only caveat to this is that, unlike a traditional sportsbook, all payments here are final, however winnings can be easily withdrawn. We also know some people may prefer to have more payment options but having a small but trusted selection keeps things safe and gives peace of mind that there’s no ThriveFantasy fraud. More options would be better but this is something that remains a relatively minor criticism for our ThriveFantasy review.

Customer Service - Social media and email support

It’s important to note that ThriveFantasy – as it’s not a traditional sportsbook but a fantasy sportsbook based on competitions and prizes – doesn’t necessarily have the same standards as your ordinary bookmaker when it comes to customer service. That said, they overwhelmingly do a good job.

The site (or app) is so well-structured that we can’t imagine anyone not being able to find a ThriveFantasy promo code. In addition, all of the extra sections explaining how the different markets work, and the terms and conditions, are really well done. All of that is a vital part of customer service people often overlook.

However, if you do need to contact someone about that ThriveFantasy bonus code – or anything else for that matter – there are several social media channels and a dedicated email for any of your concerns. There’s no specified time period for replies but their reputation is generally very good. All that information can be found at the bottom of the screen wherever you find yourself through ThriveFantasy’s virtual doors.

License & Security - A trustworthy operator

Just as was the case with customer service, it’s important to understand that there are differences in license and security when you compare ThriveFantasy to a traditional sportsbook – although nothing that should be cause for concern regarding a ThriveFantasy scam. Our standards here are just the same as they would be for a BetMGM rating, we just need to understand them differently.

The licensing, for instance, doesn’t work the same way because we’re talking about competition as opposed to your standard gambling markets. All you need to know in that regard is that the following states are restricted: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, or Washington. This means that any and all citizens from other US states can legally enjoy this site. Importantly, they do need to be from the US, according to their terms and conditions as no other countries, sadly, are currently eligible.

Furthermore, ThriveFantasy has an extensive privacy policy explaining how they keep your data safe. In addition, the terms and conditions seem fair throughout and payment methods all appear safe. Their reputation is excellent – they’re the partners of the Los Angeles Chargers if you want an example of their mainstream credentials – and they even go the extra mile in providing tools to aid in responsible gaming, including self-limits and self-exclusion.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Promising signs for future offers

Just as is the case that, at the time of writing, we cannot provide you with a specific ThriveFantasy promo code for potential future promotions, we also cannot showcase any specific reward and loyalty program. However, the prizes for long0term users are all there and not just in the many fantastic competitions that are constantly held.

ThriveFantasy makes no secret of its intention of offering future and ongoing bonus offers, providing, for instance, a space for a ThriveFantasy bonus code even though none appear necessary right now. Their terms and conditions also promise “frequently” offered bonuses. We can say it all looks very promising, but sadly, as of yet, cannot provide specifics.

ThriveFantasy Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports Offer - What can you bet on?

When it comes to betting markets, ThriveFantasy is impressive on two vital fronts. The first is the actual number of competitions and sports that are available to bet on. Our ThriveFantasy review is happy to report this as exceptional. The content lobby can offer you the likes of the NBA, MLB, cricket and PGA in traditional sports. Just as impressive is its immense eSports collection. This provides fantasy betting across DOTA, League of Legends Valorant and CS:GO. This exceptional lineup makes ThriveFantasy unique, and close to peerless in eSports fantasy coverage.

Alongside that is the immense variety of contests available. You have both traditional and versus mode. The former is what you would expect from fantasy betting, where you pick between stat lines for fantasy points across tournaments and leagues to win prizes. The versus mode lets you simply pick between two players to perform best in a subcategory. Simple, effective and unique. Not only that but the attention to detail is staggering, with featured prize pools making getting involved easy. It’s worth mentioning too that the ThriveFantasy sign up offers are available across all betting options.

Prize Pools - A good variety of rewards

One of the most vital and often overlooked parts of any fantasy betting site is the prize pool. There’s a huge selection of options available here, and you can choose between contests, sports and entry fees to find the ones perfect for you. There’s traditional, veruses prize pools across all kinds of sports ranging from nothing to enter to over $100. Prizes range from $25 to tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s all without a ThriveFantasy bonus code. It’s a truly awesome selection of prize pools to enjoy.

Community & Forum - Could do with a bigger community presence

In terms of being able to find plenty of people to go up against in the prize pools, there was no shortage whatsoever here. Not only was the great number of betting options presentable but they were also practical to take part in. Another part of the community that should be highlighted is how the site communicates what’s going on really well.

That doesn’t just make things clear but also gives the site a sense of movement and life. Whether it’s the most recent prize pool or a ThriveFantasy promo code, everything is made clear and up to date. That said, we would like to see more with regards to forums and interactions between site users.

Product Summary - Worth your time

You know ThriveFantasy offers a wonderful betting product because its flaws are only reasons to get more excited in the future. There’s nothing here that makes ThriveFantasy a disappointment in any way. It’s more that you think to yourself “wouldn’t it be even more amazing if they had a loyalty program, or greater options for social interaction”.

The fact is the positives of such as the amazing eSports selections, the great welcome offer, and the fantastic versatility of betting options, completely overshadow any potential improvements we hope to see in the future. It’s a hugely enjoyable, entertaining site with room for future growth.

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ThriveFantasy Review FAQ

⚽What kind of sports markets does fantasy betting site ThriveFantasy America offer?

Just like a traditional sportsbook, the quality of a fantasy betting site is largely based on the variety of betting options they provide. This includes the number of sports and the markets within them, as well as any other kinds of betting modes or relevant options. As part of our ThriveFantasy America review, we’ll give you an overview of the kind of markets you can expect.

💰Does ThriveFantasy America offer any kind of promotional offers?

As ThriveFantasy is a fantasy betting site, that means there are some significant differences in terms of what you can expect, from the kinds of betting markets available, even to legal issues like state availability and the needs for licenses. This has naturally made people wonder whether they’ll be able to enjoy any betting promotions here as they would on a traditional sportsbook. Our investigation into this operator will cover that and plenty more.

❓Does ThriveFantasy America offer any other kinds of gaming other than fantasy betting?

Plenty of betting sites nowadays are jacks-of-all-trades. It’s not unusual to see a site that offers sports betting, casino games, poker rooms and bingo halls all in one place. But what about ThriveFantasy? Does it stick solely to fantasy betting or offer a spectrum of options? And what are the benefits of this operator either way? All that and more will be answered in our exclusive and extensive analysis.

💵What banking options are available for users of ThriveFantasy?

While it might not always be the first consideration when people are looking for a new betting site,, there’s possibly nothing more important than a practical and reliable set of banking options. If you can’t deposit or withdraw funds, you can’t enjoy anything ThriveFantasy has to offer. That’s why we’ll be covering exactly that as part of our review of the operator. 

Overall conclusion - An awesome fantasy betting option

From the ThriveFantasy sign up offers, across the broad selection of competitions and betting markets, towards future potential ThriveFantasy promo code offers, this is one review where we’ve been consistently impressed. Don’t get us wrong, there are a couple of areas where we would like to see improvements. We’d like some more permanent promotional options to go alongside the ever-rotating selection promised. We also think a few more payment options couldn’t hurt.

With that said, we still think it’s fair to consider ThriveFantasy an overwhelming success. It’s a joy to use, looks beautiful, has incredible variety allowing it to be tempting to not just all kinds of sports fans but different betting budgets as well, and is ultimately, overflowing with potential. There’s even a creative, unique streak in the way much of it is presented and in many of its betting options – particularly with their head-to-head mode. Our ThriveFantasy review found this to be an awesome option for fantasy betting fans.

ThriveFantasy DFS Bonus
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  • Easy to navigate and a joy to use
  • Immense selection of fantasy sports betting options
  • Prize pools suitable for all kinds of players

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