WynnBET USA Review 2022: Is WynnBET scam or legit?

Read our expert review in 5 minutes. Is WynnBET safe?

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In this WynnBET review, we’ll take a look at this operator that offers both sportsbook and casino options to WynnBET USA customers, depending on the legislation in their particular state, and answering the question ‘is WynnBET legit?’

The answer is of course ‘yes’, whether you are using the WynnBET Casino or one of the other services, accessing via a WynnBET bonus code or one of the WynnBET sign up offers. As this operator has a reputation for generous bonus offers, we decided to take a closer look to see what else WynnBET USA has to offer.

WynnBET: Pros & Cons
  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • Impressive range of slots and games from quality software providers
  • Range of other promotions
  • Free bets and casino credits
  • No unique features to set them apart
Bet $100 Get $100 + Bet $10 Get $10 Casino Bonus
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Bonus Offer – Generous WynnBET sign up offers

Even if this is your first real search for a sportsbook or casino operator, you will already have seen several offers before you arrived here. This is because practically every operator has a bonus offer that is used to attract new customers. These offers compete with each other for new sign-ups, and as a result tend to have a large bounty involved.

The WynnBET Sign Up Offers fit this description perfectly, offering a deposit match in the casino up to $1000, and a $100 free bet for sports bettors. While you are likely to see numbers just like these elsewhere, there is one notable exception between what you could potentially unlock with a WynnBET Promo Code and what other operators have to offer.

While the wagering requirements at other operators can make it next to impossible to come out of the experience with too much in your account, the more sensible 10x requirement you’ll be greeted with here is a lot more practical and achievable. The free bet is equally simple, with $100 in bet credits provided whether you win or lose. This is a simple one-shot deal, so there are no drawn-out requirements to be met here either.

Usability, Look & Feel – This WynnBET review reports an easy-to-use site

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced user of sportsbooks and casinos, WynnBET USA has got you covered. If you are new, the intuitive design means that you can find everything you need easily, and more experienced users will find the whole layout comfortingly familiar. If you wanted to be overly critical, you could say that it was too much like the other sites you’ve visited before, but this is hardly a dealbreaker.

Placing a bet follows the simple left to right process that sees you pick your sport from the margin on the left, and you define other criteria, and they are added to your WynnBET Betting slip on the right of the screen. It really is just a matter of a few clicks, and while there is minimal WynnBET how to bet training on offer, it would be hard to imagine how somebody could not place a bet successfully.

Like so many other websites (not just online gambling ones) your account information is top right and contains all of your information, including whatever cash or bonus balances are currently active. Deposits and withdrawals are triggered from here, although they will be covered in greater detail shortly.

Overall, this WynnBET review found no loading issues either with the site in general or any of the games, which appeared in the same amount of time as they typically would elsewhere. The site was equally trouble free on mobile devices, although the WynnBET App experience would probably be superior as it is especially designed for the task. All of this adds up to a very competent  experience of the type that keeps customers happy but is unlikely to win any awards.

Payments - A variety of methods accepted at WynnBET USA

When it comes to paying money into your WynnBET USA account you will have a number of options, but these will depend greatly on which state you are in. As a general rule, however, the two standard methods of Visa and Mastercard are accepted regardless of which of the active states you happen to reside in.

Credit Card

Surprisingly, unlike many other operators, WynnBET Deposit methods do not include Discover or AMEX, however methods like PayPal are accepted at some locations but not others. WynnBET makes it clear that this is an evolving situation, so checking what is available before signing up yourself is a sensible move if you were thinking of depositing with anything except Mastercard or Visa.

While there is no maximum deposit other than those imposed by the card issuer, the smallest amount you can deposit is $10. You are able to withdraw any available funds (i.e. any that are not tied up in a current wager or subject to bonus requirements) although the WynnBET Withdrawal Time is likely to be 3-5 working days.

Customer Service – Top drawer service from WynnBET USA

It’s not hard to work out that WynnBET USA has an eye on customer service. First of all, we have a concise FAQ section that answers most of the problems that would occur normally, like asking WynnBET how to withdraw money from your account. If you don’t want to use this, the standard generic live chat will tell you pretty much the same thing.

This just leaves problems that don’t occur normally, and for that, rather than just one email address, they have one for each territory that WynnBET USA is active in. This means that either a) they get a lot of problems, or more likely, b) that they have a team for each location, which is both unusual and very welcome. This WynnBET review examined the New Jersey version of this operator, and there was also a dedicated standard rate phone number that was manned 18 hours a day, although we could not establish this was also the case everywhere else that WynnBET is active.

Overall, the experience was positive, although there appeared to be minimal support for those who were not native English speakers, either on the site or from a support point of view. We found no credible negative WynnBET Reviews, so, in conclusion, this area gets a definite thumbs up.

License & Security - WynnBET is legal and secure in several US states

Straight from the start we should establish that while, for obvious reasons, you can’t access WynnBET from anywhere, the answer to ‘is WynnBET legal in US’ is a simple yes. It is fully licensed in AZ, CO, IN, MI, NJ, TN and VA although the services on offer will vary according to state regulations, so there is no evidence of anything even close to a WynnBET scam.

Virginia (US) Lottery Board
Michigan (US)
New Jersey (US)
Colorado (US)
Indiana (US)
+ 4

You won’t find evidence of WynnBET Fraud either as both deposits and withdrawals are secure, as is any data that you provide when opening your account. This will include data such as your social security number so that minors cannot be involved with WynnBET.

Wynnbet.com is operated by WSI US LLC, a company registered in the State of Nevada with registration number NV20181723978 and Wynn Resorts Ltd trades on the Nasdaq, a further sign that WynnBET USA is a legitimate operation.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Wynn Rewards offer that bit extra for returning customers

Clearly, operators do not wish you to leave after your have played through the welcome bonus – and will usually use either a rewards program or further promotions to make it worth your while to stick around. What you have at WynnBET USA however, is not one but both of these benefits.

Firstly, you have the extra promotions which include free bets on certain days and free spin offers. There are other seasonal promotions that vary, (at the time of this WynnBET review, they were all focused on the start of the football season) but also offer enhanced rewards or free wagers.

Next, there is the Wynn Rewards program which follows the standard model of gaining points as you play, to earn tiered levels of rewards. These are most frequently WynnBET Free bets or casino credits, but these rewards can also be cashed in for benefits at Wynn resorts physical casino locations.

WynnBET Casino
WynnBET Sports Betting

Betting Markets - So many on offer

It is a common theme throughout this WynnBET review that this operator covers all of the bases as other operators, only in a more straightforward fashion, and that is the case here with the markets on offer. There are all of the markets you would expect, with the headline sports like the NFL taking centre stage and college football and basketball also enjoying a high profile.

Live events aren’t neglected either so every market you would expect to find at another general sportsbook is covered here too.

Odds - Boosted with weekly promotions

As with the markets available, there are no surprises with the odds. A sample check with two other sportsbooks found that the odds were the same across four major markets, including one for Serie A soccer.

These odds can be boosted as part of weekly promotions which, of course, will vary according to whichever events are current. But no superior or inferior odds were found aside from this.

One thing that was not standard was the ability to change odds formats, and while it is not really vital in a non-nonsense setup like this, those that prefer decimal or fractional odds might be disappointed.

Live Betting & Streaming – No live streaming just yet

As mentioned above, all the bases are covered by live betting with the ability to bet on the same markets that you could prior to the event starting. This is not uncommon across other sportsbooks so is neither outstanding nor disappointing.

While the lack of streaming of the live events that took place during this WynnBET review was not a surprise, the fact that the match was followed using an almost laughably basic graphic representation was one of the very few disappointing things we found while examining WynnBET USA.

Limits - Set your own

The fact that you can place an initial bet of up to $100 should be a fair indicator that the only practical limit WynnBET USA customers encounter is the amount of funds in their account. Of course, as part of the responsible gambling program, users can set their own limits, but none are visibly imposed by the operator.

Winners are not limited either, in fact, there is a section on the website dedicated to displaying winning betting slips, especially those from more exotic wagers.

Product Summary - A great place for all kinds of bets

Overall, this sportsbook does everything you would want it to for placing a range of standard and exotic bets. Similar to our Sugarhouse sportsbook review, all of the markets are there, and the odds are comparable with what you would find elsewhere. The bonus (detailed elsewhere) is an excellent introduction to the simple and straightforward manner in which this operator approaches the needs of the sportsbook user, ticking nearly every box on the way.

The only exception is the match representation for live betting, but this is another indicator that WynnBET is an excellent operator because that is the biggest problem this WynnBET review can point out.

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WynnBET Review FAQ

👀 Is WynnBET USA legit?

When we carry out an operator review, we know the questions that you are likely to ask, as these are the same questions we would ask ourselves. Right near the top of that list is whether or not you can trust an operator with both your data and your money. Finding the answer to that question is never easy, and will include looking at several factors before coming to a conclusion. To see exactly what we discovered about this operator, check out our WynnBET review.

📱 Does WynnBET USA have a mobile app?

With the increase in live betting in recent years, having a mobile app has gone from being a luxury for online sportsbooks and casinos to becoming a necessity. While many operator sites are mobile responsive, an app is usually better suited for the task of navigating the site quickly when you are not sat at your computer. By reading our WynnBET review, you should be able to see at a glance whether or not an app is available, as well as everything else you need to know about this operator. 

❓ Where can I find the WynnBET Bonus Code?

When an operator creates a welcome bonus, they will often also create a specific code with which to activate it. While searching for relevant codes can sometimes be a worthwhile thing to do, sometimes promo codes are not needed, and you could easily spend hours searching Google for nothing. To find out whether or not you need a WynnBET Promo Code, check out our WynnBET review.

💰 Which is the best of the two WynnBET Sign Up Offers?

Operators will typically offer more than one bonus. This will usually be one for the sportsbook, one for the online casino, and sometimes one for the poker operation if local regulations permit. Like all things, some bonuses are better than others, and what is best will normally go down to factors like personal preference and previous experience. For a full rundown of what the two WynnBET Sign Up Offers consist of, so you can make an informed choice about which one to go for, check out our WynnBET review.

💭 Can I deposit money into WynnBET using PayPal

Online casino and sportsbook operators will often support a number of deposit methods to make their services available to as many potential customers as possible. These methods will vary from operator to operator, but some major methods are accepted as standard. To discover if PayPal is one of these methods and if it accepted at WynnBET USA, check out our free online WynnBET review and rating now.

Overall Conclusion – Great WynnBET Sign Up Offers top off an excellent all-round experience

If this WynnBET review had to be hyper-critical, we could point to the fact that this operator offers nothing that is really new or unique to your online sportsbook or casino experience. To many potential users, though, this ‘problem’ could actually be the operator’s greatest asset.

Any online search will throw up a list of overblown offers and gimmicks to grab your attention, but most of them will fail to attend to the basics of simply opening an account, playing a bonus with sensible requirements, being able to place bets easily, and find the slots they want.

WynnBET is brilliant at ticking every box you need and answering key questions quickly like finding out from WynnBET how to withdraw your winnings. This is a simple and easy experience we would recommend to beginners looking for somewhere to open their first account or more experienced users who might be tired of the hype they have seen elsewhere.

New Jersey Gambling LegalWynnBET New Jersey online casino and sportsbook

Many operators will offer you a generous welcome bonus for joining up, especially if you live in the state of New Jersey. However, when you are looking for the best casino bonus New Jersey, or the biggest sportsbook bonus NJ, then these offers from WynnBET USA should be right near the top of your list. The wagering requirements for the WynnBET sportsbook and casino bonuses are much more reasonable than you are likely to find elsewhere, allowing you to make the most of your sportsbook NJ wagers on the NFL or NBA, or playing slots, table games or video poker in the WynnBET New Jersey casino.

Colorado - Gambling LegalWynnBET Colorado bonus for your WynnBET CO sportsbook

If you are looking for a WynnBET Colorado casino bonus, you are in for a disappointment. However, while there is no WynnBET CO casino bonus available due to local regulations, this is more than made up for by the WynnBET Colorado sportsbook bonus which many people might consider as the best CO sportsbook bonus available. This generous WynnBET Colorado sportsbook bonus is the same as the one that is available to WynnBET customers in New Jersey and is a simple one-shot deal that you can use for MLB or soccer wagers, or any of the other markets available including live betting.

Virginia Gambling LegalWynnBET sportsbook and casino bonuses in other states

As you now know, WynnBET is available in both New Jersey and Colorado, but with the casino available in the state of NJ but not CO. However, New Jersey is not the only state where you can access a WynnBET casino, as you can also play slots and table games in Michigan. The WynnBET sportsbook has a much wider reach than just NJ and MI. While you will find WynnBET sportsbooks active in these states, you will also find them in Arizona, Indiana, Colorado Tennessee, and in Virginia – and all have generous sportsbook bonuses available for you to claim.

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